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Superman ZigZag EA

My strategy: Trade signals of Superman ZigZag EA are based on Highs and Lows of ZigZag indicator to determine the range. The EA sets Buy stop and Sell stop at High and Low.

Money management: It uses stop loss, breakeven and trailing stop for most of orders.

Required Brokers: Low Spread. Minimum Trailing Stop, Take profit, Stop loss are <=5 pips.

Best result with XAU H4.

Recommended balance: 500 USD corresponds to 0.1 lot.

Author: I am 41 years old. I have worked in a bank specializing in Forex for 7 years. I am a coder, too.

2017.05.12 13:52 

In testing the EA has a ZigZag indicator which is not present in the Purchased product. Despite many attempts to get the seller to rectify this there is no positive outcome. The EA in Demo places pending orders and trades. Same setting, same price feed etc with same broker in a Live account the EA does nothing - no pending orders, no real orders - nothing.

The documentation on the EA is very lacking as well.

After some effort - almost a week - got it running. Finally the vendor sent me the indicator, I put that in, restarted the terminal and all sweet. I'll report back on how it performs in live compared to the strategy tester.