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Tune It Yourself Automatic EA 4 Digits

Tune It Yourself Automatic EA for 4 Digits Account is a fully automatic Forex robot developed on the principles of Three Dimensional Indicator for Manual Trading.

User-Friendly Concept

The concept behind this EA is to help the common person independently fine-tune this robot to any Forex Broker in the world and start live trading. This EA can be fine-tuned to trade practically any currency pair with any Forex broker in the world.

Signal Processing and Filtration Methods

This Expert Advisor uses real-time price movements based on one day simple moving average. Signals are filtered through M1 and M5 timeframes, amplified and then used in special formulas for automatic calculation and prediction of price trends.

Recommended Timeframe for Loading This EA on a Chart

This robot should be used on M1 (one minute) timeframe only.

How To Best Run Backtest for This Robot

Download the full history for M1 and M5 timeframes and run backtest for at least from 01 January 2014 to enable fine-tuning as described below.

Live Trading with This Robot

  1. By default, this EA will trigger only one trading position per currency pair, for which it is fine-tuned and allowed to trade.
  2. By default, this EA will use only 1% of the account free margin for opening each new trading position.

Built-In Anti-Drawdown Module

This robot can be used to trade as many currency pairs as a user may wish at the same time. However, there is a built-in module which disables opening new trades if there is a drawdown on the account for currently opened position(s).

How to Independently Fine-Tune This EA to Your (Any) Forex Broker's Server in the World

Please see external inputs interface on the attached screenshot. Use the following external input parameters to fine-tune this EA to execute trading at best possible trading hours by your Forex Broker's server time:

  • TakeProfit = 0 (keep at zero as default);
  • TrailingStop = 0 (keep at zero as default);
  • InitialStop (Stop Loss) = 0 (keep at zero as default).


This robot is able to automatically detect change of a trend, close a current open position and open a trade in the reverse direction. Therefore, using TakeProfit, TrailingStop or InitialStop (Stop Loss) values is not recommended, because they can disrupt normal decision-making by the robot.

  • MaximumRisk = 0.01 (0.01 = 1% risk exposure; adjust per your requirement);
  • TradeAtServerTime_0Hr = 0 (start backtest for at least from 01 Jan 2014; set value to 1 to allow trading at 0.00 hr by server time; set back to 0 in case of more losses);
  • TradeAtServerTime_1Hr = 0 (set value to 1 to allow trading at 1.00 hr; set back to 0 in case of more losses; keep 1 if profit increases);
  • TradeAtServerTime_2Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_3Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_4Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_5Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_6Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_7Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_8Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_9Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_10Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_11Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_12Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_13Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_14Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_15Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_16Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_17Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_18Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_19Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_20Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_21Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_22Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • TradeAtServerTime_23Hr = 0 (same as above);
  • Timeframe = 1 (keep at 1 as default);
  • Timeframe2 = 5 (keep at 5 as default);
  • SMAPeriod = 1 (Simple Moving Average Period; keep at 1 as default).
Once you have carefully run backtest and have obtained a profitable performance curve, your robot is well fine-tuned and you can use it for live trading.
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