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Vwap Freeze

The previous day's vwap is used by some traders as a support and resistance point, after all it is one of the ways to consider the fair price of that asset or that pair the day before. Possible defenses can occur in this region indicating a reversal, or triggering stops starting a new, more directional movement. It is a matter of analyzing how it will add to your operational.

To avoid manually drawing the previous day's vwaps and saving time for your analysis, use the Vwap Freeze indicator, as it freezes the previous day's vwap closing value.

As an option, you can choose a different time frame from the daily to apply the same strategy, freezing the value of the vwap and for the previous day's vwap it is still possible to display a range formed by the vwaps using closing price, maximum and minimum.

The indicator works in tick volume and in real volume.

Success and good trades!

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