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CEF Phantom Scalper

See post #2 for current settings

Professional trading system developed around our in-house price action pattern recognition algorithm. Read more about entry logic here.

  • Used and developed by professional traders
  • Programmed by professional coders




  • M1
  • M5


  • VPS
  • Low spread ECN broker
  • Stop level = 0


  • Test using every tick mode
  • Test on M1 or M5
  • Test on EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY
  • For Tick Data Suite please set trader input "Entry Order Type" to "Stop Orders"

Trader Inputs:

  • Risk Setting  - Dynamic lots based on equity percentage
  • Max Spread Cur - Max current spread measured in pips
  • Max Spread Avg - Max average spread measured in pips
  • Entry Order Type - Drop down menu. Choose between market orders and stop orders
  • Order Offset - Offset measured in pips for stop order offset
  • Trail Entry Order - If true, stop orders will trail behind price
  • Entry Trail Step - Step amount (in pips) to trail entry order
  • Sensitivity - Market movement sensitivity. Measured in Pips
  • Target Profit - Measured in pips
  • Initial Stop - Stop loss in pips
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing stop loss in pips
  • TS Activation - Number of pips into profit before trailing stop activation
  • Trailing Step - Step amount (in pips) to trail stop 
  • Correct Initial Stop Loss - If true, Initial stop loss will be adjusted for slippage.
  • Use Trading Hours - If true, trading will be limited to the GMT hours listed below
  • Hour to Start Trading - Trading activities will be allowed starting this hour (GMT)
  • Hour to Stop Trading - Trading activities will cease beginning this hour
  • Trade Comment - Trade tag -or- comment to be sent with trade orders
  • Magic Number - Serial number to identify each instance of Phantom Scalper. Keep each instance unique

Coinbert 2019.10.04 19:28 

Unfortunately this EA didn't work for me. I admit to the backtests a certain deviation from reality, but in this case the difference was extremely big. In the backtest never more than 1 loss trade in a row was booked, and that over 3 years. In the real account I had already outbid this on the first day and 3 loss trades in a row.

Also, I miss the EA that certain extra what makes it special. To open a conter trade with big rashes and to follow the SL extremely fast with trail function is simply not enough, especially not for this price.

I will continue to test the EA anyway. If you get a different picture in the long run, I will adjust my rating of course.

Version 1.3 2019.09.22
Bug Fix - Message box
Version 1.2 2019.08.10
Bug fixed in "Market Order" entry