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Boxmaster RSIx2 MT4


  • Not martingale, not a grid, working on all symbols;
  • a good rational algorithm;
  • Work of two indicators: RSI (from older timeframe - it works as a signal filter) and RSI (from junior timeframe - it works as a signal);
  • There is a good money management system (there are several type for trailing stop loss);
  • EA can work on closed candles, and on current candles;
  • Quickly optimized (the work is maximally accelerated).
  • Current sets after optimization are in comments.


Slippage - the size of slippage;
NEED_LOGS - need or not logs about work;
RSI_TF - timeframe RSI(older) and RSI(junior)

Parameters of the indicator RSI(relative strength index) from older timeframe:
RSI_UP_Period - period of  RSI;
RSI_UP_price - type of price of RSI;
RSI_UP_level_buy_out - level buy out of RSI;
RSI_UP_level_sell_out - level sell out of RSI;

Parameters of the indicator RSI(relative strength index) from junior timeframe:
RSI_LOW_Period - period of  RSI;
RSI_LOW_price - type of price of RSI;
RSI_LOW_level_buy_out - level buy out of RSI;
RSI_LOW_level_sell_out - level sell out of RSI;

num_of_bar_for_analize - number of bar (candles) for work. Value - 0 - search for signals at current prices (significantly slows down the optimization);

Money management parameters:
MM_trailing_type - type of Money Management. Variants: TYPE_MM_NON_MM (without TP and SL); TYPE_MM_JUST_SL (SL only); TYPE_MM_TRAILING (trailing stop loss and TP); TYPE_MM_SL_TO_0 (SL trails only to the break-even price);
MM_TP_pips - TakeProfit size (in pips);
MM_TRSL_pips - Trailing StopLoss (in pips);
MM_SL_pips - StopLoss (in pips);
MM_magic_num - magic number for order;
MM_close_deal_when_opposite - allow closing the current position and opening a new one in the opposite direction when a signal appears;
MM_lot - lot size;  
MM_type_of_risk - "Fix_lot" transactions are opened with a fixed volume specified in the parameter "MM_lot". " Smart_lot_by_risk " volume is calculated dynamically, "MM_risk_percent" - max risk.
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Version 1.2 - 2018.08.24
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