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Raptor MT4

EA uses price and indicator analysis. The main part of the transactions is carried out in the direction of the trend. EA works on 4 TimeFrame (TF). Сan work with any stock issuers. Price and MovingAvarage (MA) are analyzed at TF EA. Market conditions in each TF are analyzed separately, then the overall picture. The algorithm shown in the screenshot below, full description of the EA you can find in "COMMENTS". We recommend prior to use EA read the full description!

Sets for AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY for periods 2013-2015/2015-2017 is in attachment.


  1. Can work on any currency pairs, stocks, etc.
  2. Advisor is optimized well for any instrument
  3. Can work on accounts with any spread, commissions, delays in the execution of orders
  4. Flexible settings specifically for your needs by optimizing
  5. Do not use high-risk strategies such as Martingale, etc.
  6. Minimum deposit $ 200 at risk of 1 cent per 1 point.
  7. Full support from the creators


    • need_Comment – true - displays an error message
    • optimization_mode – when trade and benchmarks should be set to false. true toggles to «only opening TF M5»
    • EXIT_IF_INIT_PARAMETERS_INCORRECT - to make optimization faster set to "true". While in the case of incorrect parameters EA will be deinit and testing will be stoped. More about incorrect input parameters you can read in the detailed description of EA.
    • close_orders_on_weekend – closes deal on Friday before close_orders_on_weekend_minute minutes to 00:00
    • MM_invisible –true – virtual ММ. Previous levels are not remembered when restarting ЕА
    • SLIPPAGE – slippage
    • Size_of_lot – «Fix_lot» transaction opens a fixed amount specified in the «lots__» parameter. «Smart_lot_by_risk» volume is calculated dynamically, «max_risk» - max risk. Volume reduction is not carried out when reducing the amount of the capital.
    • magic_number – magic
    • trailing – StopLoss type (detailed description in attachment)
      1. Classic_SL – «SL_» parameter
      2. Trailing_SL - «SL_» and «TRSL_» parameters
      3. Breakeven_SL - «SL_», «TRSL_1», «TRSL_2»,«TRSL_3» parameters
      4. Trailing_SL_by_jumps - «SL_» and «TRSL_» parameters
    • TP_ – TakeProfit
    • Timeframe –TF, is recommended to install the TF ascending
    • tf_ma_period – MA period
    • tf_angle – min angle of inclination MA
    • tf_percent – percentage of MA
    • tf_percent_cross_price – percentage from the previous intersection of price and the current price to MA
    • quant_bars_for_scale – number of bars for scanning market in history
    • num_bar_angle_last – number of bars between which the angle is measured
    • all_ma_method – type of calculation MA
    • all_ma_price – price type МА
    • COMBO_ - signals options
    • CUSTOM_MAX_trades_per_month – min number of transactions that the robot should make a month while optimizing

Optimization method

We recommend performing optimization once every 2 - 3 months, for between 20 and 28 months. Use all parameters from the group MAIN PARAMETERS and MONEY MANAGMENT PARAMETERS to optimize. Recommendations on selection sets, test their "sustainability" and value "steps" and the limits of the scan settings, you can read in the detailed description of EA.

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