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Panel of MA Mt4

The panel shows the relative position of the price and the selected moving averages (MA) for the selected timeframes and symbols.

You can simultaneously control:

  • up to 3 symbols;
  • up to 6 periods;
  • up to 10 different Moving Averages.


  • NUM_BAR - number of the bar to analyze (set a value greater than 0 to work on closed bars).
  • timeframe_1....timeframe_6 - working timeframes (if set to "current", the timeframe will not be used).
  • symbol_1....symbol_3 - names of used symbols (if the field is left blank, the symbol will not be used).
  • weight_MIN_for_total - the "TOTAL" field shows the sum of the signals for each timeframe, for each symbol, with the signal weight taken into account. This parameter sets the minimum value for outputting the result to "TOTAL".
  • Ma_period_1...Ma_period_10 - MA periods.
  • Ma_method_1...Ma_method_10 - MA methods.
  • Ma_price_1...Ma_price_10 - MA applied prices.
Tim Eubanks
2018.03.16 13:22 

This expert has some potential.