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Apogeum PA Majors

Apogeum PA Majors is a fully automated Expert Advisor that features a custom algorithm for recognizing the Price Action, based on deviation of the standard price volatility and origination of a trend. This allows the system to trade exclusively during high-volatility periods of the market, as trend movements have a high probability to continue in such periods.

Unlike Apogeum Price Action, Apogeum PA Majors is designed for trading the major pairs, which have the greatest liquidity: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF and USDJPY. Due to this, the system produces more stable results, is less sensitive to market noise, and its use is safer and more conservative.

The system does not use toxic trading methods, such as martingale, averaging of losing positions or scalping (the profit level for each deals is medium-term). It also uses fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit values.

Apogeum PA Majors is an investment strategy, designed for long-term use with medium-term trading style. Due to this, the system operation results are less dependent on the type of client account (ECN, STP or other), level of spread, commission and slippage, which provides a greater stability in operation.


  • Comment - prefix for comments to trades.
  • GMT Offset (Broker Winter TimeZone);
  • Money Management Type - type of money management:
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot size (not recommended, since the SL value is floating).
    • Risk Level - risk level.
  • Money Management - risk per trade.
  • Supported Currency Pairs - supported currency pairs.
  • M15 - currency pairs supported on М15 (EURUSD;GBPUSD;USDCHF;USDJPY).
  • М30 - currency pairs supported on М30 (EURUSD;GBPUSD;USDCHF;USDJPY).
  • Н1 - currency pairs supported on Н1 (EURUSD;GBPUSD;USDCHF;USDJPY).
  • One Chart Mode - activate the One Chart Mode (trade all pairs from one chart on the specified timeframe).
  • Symbol Prefix - prefix of the traded pair (for example: "pro.", if the name of the pair is "pro.EURUSD").
  • Symbol Suffix - suffix of the traded pair (for example: ".pro", if the name of the pair is "EURUSD.pro").
  • Special Symbol - activate the Special symbol mode (for example: if your broker uses USDEUR instead of EURUSD, attach the EA (with the One Chart Mode disabled) to the chart and enter "EURUSD" in the Special Symbol Name field).
  • Special Symbol Name - name of the special symbol.
Katy Kan
Katy Kan 2018.08.25 15:58 

I am using EA for a ome month. I have tested a main version - Apogeum Price Action, but it was expensive for me, so I have bought Apogeum PA Majors:

1. Very good backtests results since 2000;

2. Good Live results at my account and author;

3. This is a system not for users, which want to get a crazy profit - it's a for pro-investors, which are understand all benefits of Price Action strategies.

5 stars for Apogeum PA Majors! And 10 stars for Ivan's support - he is a one of the most professional developers here!

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2018.07.25 05:19 

Great backtests on realistic conditions, proven track record on real with hard earned experience from other iterations. Poised to keep bringing profits.

2018-09-13 Update: Profits on forward testing as expected (no surprise).

2018-11-12 Update: EA handled greatly the US elections.

victor_p 2018.07.24 16:13 

Here are reasons why I have purchased Apogeum PA Majors:

1. Trusted and honest author – Ivan really one of the most professional vendors here;

2. It’s a Price Action – not a scalper or martingale, so system will be more stable at longterm and safety for investors;

3. Small risks per trade, Stop Loss and Take Profit for each trade, high Profit Factor and Expectency;

4. Very good 99,9% backtest results since 2005 – 13+ years;

5. Good Live results since January 2018, when another Price Action system had a losses.

So for now – 5 stars. Good Luck, Ivan!

Version 2.0 2019.01.06
- Updated trading strategy;
- Reoptimized settings;
- Neew currency pair: AUDUSD