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GS grid

Designed for profit in a short period of time (50% per week - signal GS gridC ) with the risk of losing the deposit.

The GS grid advisor works on a break-even strategy, set up to work on EURUSD M15.

Principle of operation

The Expert Advisor uses the Heiken Ashi indicator to open orders.

The number of open orders is limited by the Maximum orders parameter.

The transaction begins with the first open order and ends when the total profit of orders exceeds the value of the Target profit parameter.

Open orders SELL and BUY, guided by the signals of the indicator and the market situation.

In Lot Mode = LOT_MODE_Increment the order lot size will be calculated by the formula lot = lot * MathPow (Lot Increment Factor, num), where num is the order number in the SELL or BUY group.

If the total loss exceeds the size of the deposit all orders will close with a total loss and the work of the adviser will stop.

Target parameters are given in cents, and are displayed in points.


The size of the deposit should ensure the opening of orders and their possible drawdown, while being not too large, since the market situation may be such that the adviser cannot cope. The advisor algorithm is being improved in order to minimize the risk of such a situation and maintain high profitability.

In version 4.8, the trading algorithm has been improved to reduce the risk of losing a deposit.
According to the test for the period January-October 2018 with a deposit of 200USD and a lot of 0.01 Maximal drawdown = 191.94.

For Maximum orders = 11 and Fixed Lot = 0.01 recommendations: from 250USD (1: 100) or 50USD (1: 500) to 500 or 100.

A weekly cycle of work with regular withdrawal of profits is recommended. For this, there is a mode of closing deals on Friday.

The profit volume changes due to scaling the size of the initial lot of the Fixed Lot and the deposit:

For Fixed Lot = 0.01 - deposit 50USD (1: 500).

For Fixed Lot = 0.1 - a deposit of 500USD (1: 500).


Trade restrictions

To reduce the risk, there are regimes for restricting trading days.

By default, the adviser on Friday does not open new deals, but only completes open on Thursday.

You can set trading only on Monday and Tuesday.


The results of version 4.8 in the strategy tester for January - October 2018 are shown in screenshot 1.

The results of version 4.7 in the strategy tester for January - October 2018 are shown in screenshot 2.

The results of version 4.3 in the strategy tester for March - October 2018 are shown in screenshot 3.

Real-time results can be seen from the GS gridC signal.


  • Magic number = 23777 - must be unique for each chart
  • Lot Mode = LOT_MODE_Increment - lot volume mode in a group
    • LOT_MODE_FIXED - permanent lot
    • LOT_MODE_Increment - increase the lot size in the group by Lot Increment Factor
  • Fixed Lot = 0.01 - initial lot size
  • Lot Increment Factor = 1.5 - lot size lot = lot * MathPow (Lot Increment Factor, num), where num is the order number in the SELL or BUY group
  • Minimum distance between orders Ashi (cents) = 110 - the interval between orders of the group for the signal Ashi
  • Minimum distance between orders grid (cents) = 160 - the interval between orders of the group for the grid
  • Maximum orders = 11 - the maximum number of open orders
  • Target profit (cents) = 90 - target profit
  • Do not trade on Fridays = true - do not trade on Friday
  • Trade only on Mondays and Tuesdays = false - trade only on Monday and Tuesday
  • Display info = true - display the table of input parameters

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Version 5.2 2018.12.12
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм
Version 5.1 2018.12.10
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм
Version 5.0 2018.11.25
Добавлен режим ограничения типов ордеров
По умолчанию использует только ордера SELL
Version 4.8 2018.11.09
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм
Version 4.7 2018.11.04
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм с целью снижения риска потери депозита.
По тесту за период январь-ноябрь 2018 при депозите 250USD и лоте 0.01 риск равен нулю (Maximal drawdown=222.94).
Version 4.6 2018.10.26
Исправлена работа в режиме ограничения дней торговли
Version 4.5 2018.10.25
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм.
Добавлена проверка достаточности депозита.
Добавлены режимы ограничения дней торговли.
Version 4.4 2018.10.17
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм, исправлена работа на валютных парах где 1cent не равен 1point
Version 4.3 2018.10.08
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм, минимум просадки при максимуме прибыли.
Version 4.0 2018.09.22
Доработан торговый алгоритм
Version 3.9 2018.09.20
Усовершенствован торговый алгоритм.
Version 3.8 2018.09.10
Новый алгоритм, обеспечивающий текущую безубыточную торговлю.
Не исключен, но минимизирован риск потери депозита при соблюдении условий его достаточности.