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AI Generate Trading System

Next Release on May 2020 (improvement GBPUSD)

AI Generate Trading System (AIGTS) is an Expert Adviser (EA) generated by AI application. AIGTS is updated every month by a machine learning model to suit the current market conditions in order to consistently making profit. Thus, the price you pay is to purchase not only the EA but also the regularly updating service from our machine learning.

We believe there is no best trading strategy, therefore, a pair of currency will contain more than 8-10 trading strategies. Historically, some strategy can make a profit for some period of time, while others can make a profit in some other times, but when combine these strategies together, in general, will make a profit and also decrease the drawdown amount. For this reason, every month we will add winning strategies and take out losing strategies so as to make sure that the strategy is still suitable for the current market conditions.

AIGTS must be these conditions

  1. No hedge, no martingale, no grid or any other type of dangerous practices
  2. Stop loss is set for every order
  3. Limited drawdown
  4. No scalping strategy, as it does not need sophisticated trading conditions or high execution speed
  5. Passed the test on a period of more than 15 years

We uses the genetic algorithm to explore all the available strategies. Millions of possibilities were created during the week. They were back-tested for the period of 15 years. Thousands of strategies which could make profit were picked up and tested robustness for handling every condition, i.e. market slippage, wide spreads, price fluctuation, etc. The strategies which passed the test were selected to be part of the combinations. This process endured until the best EA combination was found.


  • Time frame H1
  • The minimum balance for the EA's use is $1000.
  • Use default value for settings.

Variable value
Risk Size 1.0
Recovery Loss Mode false
Strategy_selection Recommended


  • Prefix_MagicNumber: A prefix of unique number is assigned to each trade when it is opened. The EAs now track trades by their magic numbers
  • Use_MM: Money Management Mode
    • FIX_LOTS = Fix lots Size per trade.
    • BALANCE_CALCULATION (recommended) = Calculate lots size with balance formula is (balance/100,000*Risk*pip_value_factor).
      lotsize = ((balance - ReservePercentOfBalance/100 x balance) x Risk)/(100,000 x pip_value_factor)
        pip_value_factor = pip_value >= 1
  • Fix_lots: Use when Use_MM = FIX_LOTS  
Lot size should not more than  Balance / 100,000
  • Risk Size: Use when Use_MM = RISK_PER_TRADE or BALANCE_CALCULATION (recommended is 0.5 - 1.0)
  • Take Profit in USD: Auto take profit when profit up to this value
  • Take Profit at Percent of EquityAuto take profit when profit up to this percentage
  • Recovery Loss Mode: The system will open bigger position (lot size) for recover loss (Not Recommend to enable for big Account) 
  • Reserve Percent Of Balance Use with BALANCE_CALCULATION mode.
  • ShowOrderDetail: on/off Order detail in UI panel.
  • CustomComment: The comment for each order.
  • Strategy_selection: Recommend / custom

The Backtesting Statistics

The results come from 15 years backtesting with 7 pairs in same Account.

Risk And Balance Calculation Maximum Drawdown AVG Profit / Month note
Risk = 0.5, Use_MM = BALANCE_CALCULATION  11.47% 8.36%
Risk = 1.0, Use_MM = BALANCE_CALCULATION  22.93% 16.72% default settings

*note  for detail please look at Comment #344

    backtesting result please look at Comment #354 and lot size calculation for recovery mode Comment #356 

    the backtesting result can't tell the profit or Maximum Drawdown in the future.

    The live trading from this EA

    (Default Setting)

    Myfxbook : myfxbook.com/members/max38/aigtsx/5969724

    (Recovery Mode)

    - Recovery mode, I recommend these settings

    • Money Management = BALANCE_CALCULATION
    • Risk Size = 1.0
    • Take Profit at Percent of Equlity = 3
    • Recovery Loss Mode = true
    • Reserve Percent Of Balance = 75

    Minimum Deposit 3000$

    Myfxbook : myfxbook.com/members/max38/0-sukhum-master/1857565

      ajfsJJ 2020.01.16 09:12 

      I have used AIGTS for last 6months. works good for chosing some signals for me.

      Although, it has the potential risk for curve-fitting,care that risk and use updating strategies for market condition is nice.

      Ian79 2019.09.29 18:35 

      Normal settings collapsed, and rather than trying to correct the situation the author developed a "recovery" mode. Understand : useless martingale.

      There's not even a normal signal anymore, and the martingale system also collapsed. The author only rarely comes around to answer questions.

      I still want to believe in the author but things look really, really bad right now. Backtests look good, but real trading doesn't.

      Yuta 2019.08.24 06:44 

      This is a mere over-optimization EA made by "AI". The result is good in the backtest of the past price movement, but is NOT profitable in the live operation. I think this EA has poor exit strategies. So profit does not remain.

      Hani koshaji
      Hani koshaji 2019.08.18 09:23 

      In my view this is a good EA that goes in cycles.I have made some good money at times and it went into stagnation for long periods at other times. The author is supportive and adapted the EA to provide more flexibility recently which gives experienced traders more options.

      serrallonga 2019.07.23 16:47 

      Safe and stable, ideal for big accounts. I'm running on live account with low dd, slow profits but are stable.

      Great work, very professional and so far one of the best developer on mql.

      Well done!!

      3der 2019.03.04 23:43 

      i can understand a stagnation period - but it is 3 months that the robot is going only down - also not understand how is possible that in 3 brokers i have 3 different positions.

      Gianluca Bonfanti
      Gianluca Bonfanti 2019.03.01 21:22 

      also the new update of GBPUSD nothing add to the EA - generated from a curve fit strategy generator software - and the results , in real, speak for themself.

      Francisco Perez Caso
      Francisco Perez Caso 2019.02.11 21:56 

      Garbage, has created several signs and has been shown to only produce losses.

      Martin Volk
      Martin Volk 2019.01.28 19:41 

      Not worth the money

      Juarez Felipi
      Juarez Felipi 2018.12.06 14:30 

      The same as shawnnny (down).

      shawnnny 2018.12.06 02:37 

      It has always been a problem with positions opening inconsistently when compared to Author''s signal account. Especially the USDCAD, author has a good handful of 4 x BUY positions to offset the 4 x SELL that is in Drawdown. My account has 8 x SELL and 1 BUY. With yesterday's USDCAD rally, the Drawdown has now become very large. Before this USDCAD drawdown was AUDUSD which I had the same issue, many positions opened in the same direction and went into DD. Author's signal account did not have this issue either. I've been running the EA for months, while Author's signals make some money, mine has been losing money. Other users will blame it on the user problem but this EA has no parameters to be adjusted besides the lot sizing, comment and magic number. The EA is running on a reputable broker, IC Markets, and all I did from day 1 was to launch the EAs on the charts and let it do its thing. I simply cannot recommend this EA.

      Joebar 2018.11.02 10:35 


      After 5 months of use, I can finally have a clear opinion on this EA.

      I was not immediately convinced, because it is different from EAs that we used to use, but it is a positive point.

      Many EAs make a profit, but in the end, one day or another, you will lose everything or lose a lot.

      This EA is done primarily to preserve your capital.

      If you are looking for risk, and big immediate gains without thinking of the next day it is not for you ....

      This EA is designed to last over time, and work over time.

      Generally, this kind of strategy is only possible on big accounts, but this EA works perfectly on accounts with 1000 €

      Another very positive point is that Sukhum is always available to answer questions, and he is constantly working to make improvements.

      I use this EA on an account at 25 000 € and another with 1000 €, and two different brokers.

      The gains are interesting in time, and with a big account you can sleep peacefully, without waking up one morning with 25/30 or 50% losses.

      Really perfect

      Francois Samson
      Francois Samson 2018.09.07 06:19 

      Sukhum is a very nice guy and communicates quickly when you contact him. That's my 2 star rating for...

      But my review won't be as good as you expect. Sorry.

      I have rent AI GTS for one month after very promising backtests 99.9% accuracy with Dukascopy tick data starting from 2008.

      I tested on a live account on Tickmill since then. Live results have nothing to compare :

      - either with same 99.9% backtests on the same period

      - either with Sukhum's live results on Myfxbook.

      I know from backtests that some months could be difficult but I stopped the EA this morning because of very confusing results which were not corroborated with Sukhum's signal/myfxbook.

      I guess Sukhum is really willing to improve the EA but at this price (which is gigantic for Thaï purchasing power by the way...) you expect something more solid.

      Please note that on Tickmill live ECN Pro account the results of comparable trades were slightly better than Sukhum's on Myfxbook. I was trading with fixlot 0.1

      I will defintely keep an eye on future development and may be back later.

      (Hints for Sukhum :

      - As some trades are kept on a long period beware of rollover fees

      - You may want to secure a few good positive trades with trailing stops)

      iwilllonger 2018.08.25 02:43 

      perfect...great...excellent...very good EA....

      low drawdown and profiable every month....My good friend and cowboy recommneded it so I bought it... I wish it can supply 5% per month 

      Gerhard Füssel
      Gerhard Füssel 2018.08.20 12:46 

      This EA is a great investment for a long time. It's an EA for people they like to trade seriously and don't like gambling. Even it had a stagnation over the last weeks it doesn't matter, because this EA brings the profit if you are patiently which is one of the most important things in tradingbusiness. The developer doesn't stop with improving his EA, another reason for me why i bought this EA after renting and using it for 10 weeks on Real account. It's a Real 5 Star Robot for professional trading.

      Update 2019/03/29: With each new version of this EA it was more and more over optimized, so that you can no longer use it with a good feeling; a great pity. I will update if there are some positive changes.

      Frank B
      Frank B 2018.08.10 19:17 

      User didn't leave any comment to the rating

      Indy1000 2018.08.03 18:32 

      Call me picky.. But I like to see more profits than losses. So far this has not been the case.

      Author is professional and helpful however I give up on this project as this strategy is not my style.

      robinubaghs1996 2018.07.24 17:44 

      Algo does what it shows in the backtest. This is definitely an algorithm for a long term investor looking at yearly profits. You will have times where you stagnate for 3 months or not making any profit 3 month in a row, but that's fine cause solid investors look at a yearly reward. This algo is stable and a lot can be improved by running optimization tests. We are doing this constantly and try to give the developper our feedback to improve this algo even further. I recommend this algo for anyone who is serious in investing and who is ready for an algo which surived for over 20 years with NO blowouts. I haven't found an algo on this marketplace which DOES survive 20 years so really statisfied!

      Poltergeist 2018.07.24 13:43 

      AI GTS running since 2nd July 2018 on real accont. Total profit so far just 0,47%

      Unfortunatelly not the results as I was expecting by the great back tests...

      Update 28.08.2018: Profit since 02.07.2018 is now 5,64% with a DD of nearly 6%.

      Update 29.11.2018: Total profit since 02.07.2018 is now +43% with a DD of 9,2%.

      Giuseppe Cacisi
      Giuseppe Cacisi 2018.07.18 21:50 

      When I purchased this EA seemed to work. Now it's just losses, the strategies don't work like in BT. The price paid is too high and has not been recovered. I advise the developer to review his strategies and reprogram his EA from scratch.

      Marcus Nyman
      Marcus Nyman 2018.07.04 19:45 

      Terrific backtest results! The algorithm seems to be very well thought out to match today's market. Seems like Sukhum might be able to make this even more profitable by adding more pairs.

      A comfortable investment for the moment. Will update once I have got to know it's live trades in a month

      Update 2018.07.18

      Live trading match the authors account. Excellent performance!

      Gregory Clements
      Gregory Clements 2018.07.02 03:19 

      Update 19/8/18: With the addition of USDCAD and high performance on the live signal this EA deserves a high rating. Author is responsive and always looking for improvement. See my comment #97

      musallam 2018.06.30 02:23 

      I am using the EA for two weeks, so far it produces good result that deserves rating of 5 star!

      James Lloyd Mason
      James Lloyd Mason 2018.05.26 11:11 

      EA looks very promising and the developer has been extremely helpful answering questions

      Version 20.4 2020.04.22
      Currency pairs

      - Improvement and more Robustness test on EURUSD
      Version 20.3 2020.03.09
      Currency pairs
      - Improvement and more Robustness test on AUDUSD
      Version 20.2 2020.02.08
      Currency pairs

      - Add EURGBP 9 Strategies
      Version 20.1 2020.01.08
      Currency pairs
      - Improvement and more Robustness test on GBPJPY

      - Limiting Number of Pending Orders
      Version 19.11 2019.11.29
      Currency pairs
      - Improvement and more Robustness test on EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD

      - Improvement : Recovery mode to more safety
      - Fixed bug : Recovery mode lotsize calculation. It does not count up if another EA producing the DD.
      Version 19.9 2019.09.07
      Currency pairs
      - Improvement GBPUSD (Add more 7 Strategies)

      - Active Recovery mode in MM = Fix lots size.
      Version 19.8 2019.08.19
      *Improvement main structure code

      Currency pairs
      - Improvement USDJPY

      - Add Input Reserve Percent Of Balance
      Version 19.6 2019.07.08
      Currency pairs
      - Add EURJPY 11 systems

      - Add Take Profit in USD / Percent of Equity
      - Add Recovery Loss Mode
      Version 19.5 2019.05.31
      Currency pairs
      - Improve and Add EURUUSD 21 systems
      Version 19.4 2019.04.23
      Currency pairs
      - Add GBPJPY 11 systems
      - AUDUSD remove strategy xx108, xx110
      - EURUSD remove strategy xx204, xx205
      - USDJPY Strategy xx304, xx305, xx306, xx307, xx309, xx310 and xx312 are disabled to close at weekend
      - USDCHF remove strategy xx508

      - Add custom open/off for each strategy
      - Change "Risk" input to dropdown selection
      Version 19.1 2019.01.01
      - Improve USDCAD 13 systems to lower Drawdown. reduce open trade time per order
      Version 18.100 2018.10.29
      - Improve AUDUSD 12 systems to lower Drawdown.
      Version 18.91 2018.09.24
      - fixed "CustomComment" setting issue
      Version 18.9 2018.09.17
      - Added USDCHF, 10 strategies for this pair.
      - Added "CustomComment" in Setting.
      - EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and USDCHF H1 are recommended.

      - Use 6 currency pairs trade in the same account.
      And settings with Use_MM = BALANCE_CALCULATION, Risk = 1.0.
      The combining 6 pairs 10 years backtesting result MaxDD is 28.8%
      Risk 0.5 , MaxDD = 14.4%
      Version 18.8 2018.08.16
      - Added USDCAD, 10 strategies for this pair.
      - Added "ShowOrderDetail" in Setting for Enable / Disable UI Panel
      - Fixed Issue about currency trading account
      - EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY and USDCAD H1 are recommended.
      - Up-price to $1,400

      - Use 5 currency pairs trade in the same account.
      And settings with Use_MM = BALANCE_CALCULATION, Risk = 1.0.
      The combining 5 pairs 10 years backtesting result MaxDD is 32.7%
      Risk 0.5 , MaxDD = 16.4%
      Version 18.7 2018.07.13
      - Added USDJPY and 12 strategies for this pair.
      - Improved GBPUSD and added Stoploss. Updated 10 strategies for this currency pair.
      - Improved EURUSD and added Stoploss.
      - Updated user interface to show order information for each strategy.
      - EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and USDJPY H1 are recommended.
      Version 18.6 2018.06.07
      - Added EURUSD and 8 systems for this pair.
      - EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD H1 are recommended.
      - Updated User Interface for show trading each strategies order.
      Version 18.5 2018.05.04
      - Added AUDUSD and 10 systems for this pair.
      - GBPUSD, AUDUSD H1 are recommended.
      - Selling price $1250