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Genki Price Action

Our indicator uses a unique price action candlestick pattern called Engulfing, this indicator represent the price action behavior on your metatrader4 chart.

The indicator seek the most valuable engulfing pattern and identify those as support and resistance levels.

Indicator parameter

  1. Bars to calculate: maximum bars to seek.
  2. Alert Option: True / False.
  3. Candle bear: color for detected bear candle.
  4. Candle bull: color for detected bull candle.
  5. Base line style: style for the base line.
  6. Base line width: size of the base line.
  7. Demand line: color for the demand color.
  8. Supply line: color for the supply color.
  9. Demand Box: color for the demand box.
  10. Supply box: color for the supply box.
  11. Buy arrow color: color for the buy arrow.
  12. Sell arrow color: color for the sell arrow.
  13. Line break style: style for the break base line.
  14. Line break width: width of the break base line.
  15. Demand line break: color for the demand break color
  16. Supply line break: color for the supply line break.
  17. Show auto fibo: true /false.
  18. Fibo style: style of the fibo line.
  19. Entry: color for the fibo entry.
  20. Stoploss: color for the fibo stoploss
  21. Takeprofit: color for the fibo takeprofit.


How does this indicator works to create a signal?

  • the indicator will detect the support and resistance level and mark down that lines as the trigger, once the price are rejected on the level, it will provide you a signal alert.

Can I get the signal into android device /email?

  • Yes, you can setup the signal alert to be deliver to your android device / email.

What is the best currency pair to use?

  • Normally it can be use on any of symbol/pair, however our suggestion to use it on GBPjpy, USDjpy, EURusd.

Which timeframe should I prefer to trade?

  • From H1 to Daily chart.

Risk Warning: All financial products traded on margin carry a high degree of risk to your capital. They are not suited to all investors and you can lose more than your initial deposit. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary

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