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Accurate CSM

Simple and powerful CSM (Currency Strength Meter)

Currency strength meter is the indicator you need to identify the current actual trend based on a unique calculation, which is generally used as another fundamental analysis for those who are not capable of reading the fundamental clearly. Currency strength meter will read the current strength of related currency pair (Forex) where generally consist of AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF, JPY, EUR, GBP, and USD for the main major currency.


  • Easy reading by it's color
    • Red - Strongest currency
    • Orange - Strong currency
    • Silver - Weak currency
    • Blue - Weakest currency
  • Custom position: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right

How to read

  • if you trade pair GBP/USD , and the CSM indicator shows GBP (in red) while USD (in blue) that means GBP pair is strong, and you can buy
  • if you trade pair USD/JPY, and the CSM indicator shows USD (in blue) while JPY (in Red) that means JPY is strong, you can sell
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