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Super Sniper

Super sniper is the indicator that you're looking for

This indicator has an active signal that also able to send push notification to your mobile MetaTrader 4 (see the screenshot for tutorial), so you won't miss any signal during active market.

The signal is very simple, "down arrow" for sell and "up arrow" for buy.

There are several options as below

  • _SEND_NOTIF_TO_MOBILE: to enable push notification to your mobile MetaTrader for signal
  • _ALERT_SIGNAL: to enable alert signal
  • _SHOW_EMA_TREND: to show the "EMA" trend indicator
  • _SHOW_DOP: to show the daily open price
  • _SHOW_CSM: to show the currency strength index
  • _CSM_POS: CSM indicator position
  • _EMA_METHOD: EMA method
  • _maxBar: maximum bar to show
  • _EMA_COLOR: EMA color
  • _ARROW_UP: arrow up signal color
  • _ARROW_DOWN: arrow down signal color
  • _BP_FIBO_COLOR: the Fibonacci color (the indicator to put order and take profit also stop loss)
  • _BP_SELL_COLOR: the big candle down
  • _BP_BUY_COLOR: the big candle up

Integrated CSM (Currency Strength Meter) for bonus!

Jamesdelz 2016.10.31 01:49 

this guy is very helpful