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Takeprofit Stoploss Manager

This tool is developed  to make your trading risk and profit management easier.

It is able to move all of your opened transaction's take profit and stop loss on to one similar price.

How to use

  • Draw a trend line/horizontal line and name it to "tp_" as the take profit line and "sl_" as the stop loss line.
  • The EA will modify all of your orders' and pending orders' take profit and stop loss to the given line.
  • You can drag the gray box to drag the line.
  • You can see the risk in the account currency and in percentage to make your risk management and profit management setup easy.


  • Line name to set TakeProfit
  • Line name to set StopLoss
  • Font size
  • Line style
  • Box color to drag
  • Box color to close the line
  • Text Color

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