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You can directly test and improve your trading skills through simulation.

Contact me if you want to add another button's feature.

Live trading available!

Main features:

  • Direct buy
  • Direct sell
  • Pending Buy (Limit/Stop)
  • Pending Sell (Limit/Stop)
  • Setup Takeprofit point and/or Stop Loss point
  • Setup a price for pending orders
  • Setup the breakeven stop loss to the plus direction (in pips)
  • Close only Buy
  • Close only Sell
  • Close all orders opened
  • Modification of SL/TP/Pending price (drag it)

Modification Mode

  • With this mode you can easily modify your stop loss/ take profit point dragging the lines.
  • With this mode you can even modify pending orders dragging the lines.
  • Click "Modified Done" once modification process is completed.

SL+ (Break even point)

  • This feature will easily set the break even point according to the SL+ input.
  • Once able to set, the stop loss will be modified to the + direction instead of minus.

Color Lines

  • Line colors can be changed as you wish on the EA's settings.

Any templates you have

  • This tools are able and suitable for any templates you have, so you can use your template and test your trading system.

With this tools you can get full feature to test your skills through simulation or have trading seminars to shows your trading skills to your attendees.

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Version 7.4 2016.09.12
- Added validation when closing all orders. You can choose only the current chart or all orders will be closed
- Fixed minor bugs
Version 7.3 2016.08.31
Whats New:
v7.3 add option for TPSL line (button) to easily pick which line are used
v7.2 input price (e.g 1.2345) to place pending at specific price, input pip (e.g 20) to place pending order at certain pip from bid/ask
v7.1 add take profit & stop loss line to move all TP SL to specified horizontal object line pos
Version 7.0 2016.04.04
update: trailing stop bug
Version 6.9 2016.03.24
update: simplify coding, adding some information on info panel tab.
Version 6.7 2016.03.10
-- adding trapping
-- re-compile the button placement
Version 6.6 2016.02.22
-- added warning box upon direct order error.
Version 6.5 2016.01.19
FIX, Price digit visualization
Version 6.3 2015.11.11
Fixed incorrect pip profit or loss calculation when opening in another pair on the order list
Version 6.2 2015.10.26
Adding space per pip for multi Pending orders and also input setting for martiangle...
Version 6.1 2015.10.20
Fix bug.
Version 6.0 2015.10.15
- Adding order list
- Fix several bugs
Version 5.0 2015.07.07
Version 5
Fixed several bugs
-- MM calculates a lot based on a specified value
-- added timer and spread
-- can be opened without SL/TP
-- reset the TP/SL via the direct button
Version 4.0 2015.06.17
Can be used as a real trading panel