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DeMarker Mtf

This is a fully multi-timeframe version of the DeMarker standard indicator, which works for any combination of timeframes.

Like my other multi-timeframe indicators, it implements the idea of saving the right time scale for all charts on any intervals. When switching to the higher or lower timeframe, the time scale is not distorted. For example, one value of М15 will occupy 15 bars on М1 and 3 bars on М5.

The indicator allows you to see the real dynamics and the overall ratio for all selected periods, as well as accurately evaluate the reliability of trading signals.


  • DPeriod - index calculation period
  • Redraw - enable/disable the update after closing each candle
  • M1 - show/hide M1 chart
  • M5 - show/hide M5 chart
  • M15 - show/hide M15 chart
  • M30 - show/hide M30 chart
  • H1 - show/hide H1 chart
  • H4 - show/hide H4 chart
  • D1 - show/hide D1 chart
  • W1 - show/hide W1 chart
  • MN - show/hide MN chart
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