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ATR Channel Multiframe

This is a fully multitimeframe version of the ATR Channel standard indicator, which works for any combination of timeframes.

The indicator allows viewing price channels from different timeframes in one window, and they will always be displayed in a correct time scale.

You can create and set of intervals and freely switch to a higher or lower one.

Please note: in the "From Median Price" display mode, it is easy to identify reversal points at intersections of levels from higher timeframes by levels from lower timeframes.


  • FromMedianPrice - display channels based on median price
  • ATRPeriod - ATR calculation period
  • Redraw - enable/disable automatic redraw after each candle closes
  • M1 - show/hide the 1-minute graph
  • M5 - show/hide the 5-minute graph
  • M15 - show/hide the 15-minute graph
  • M30 - show/hide the 30-minute graph
  • H1 - show/hide the hourly graph
  • H4 - show/hide the 4-hour graph
  • D1 - show/hide the daily graph
  • W1 - show/hide the weekly graph
  • MN - show/hide the monthly graph
Erdinç Yıldız
Erdinç Yıldız 2017.11.07 09:50 

Thank you, very good.