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ROC Multiframe

This is a true Price Rate-of-Change multi-timeframe indicator.

It shows the charts of various timeframes in a single window converting them to the time scale used to perform trades.

You are able to select both higher and lower timeframes, as well as change the main trading timeframe. You will always see all the lines of the indicator on the right scale.

Two color scheme variants are available: with color change when crossing zero, and without.

You can also define the data display style (lines or histogram) in the indicator parameters.


  • RocPeriod - price change calculation period
  • Mode - display style: line, section, histogram
  • COLORS - color scheme option
  • M1 - show/hide M1 chart
  • M5 - show/hide M5 chart
  • M30 - show/hide M30 chart
  • H1 - show/hide H1 chart
  • H4 - show/hide H4 chart
  • D1- show/hide D1 chart
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Version 1.10 2017.05.30
At the request of buyers, the color scheme of the oscillator is extended.
When the COLORS parameter is set to TWO, the indicator color will be changed at the crossover of zero.
If the COLORS parameter is set to ONE, no color change occurs.