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Ultimate Z

Recommended Pair: GBP / USD

* ALL "Ultimate" products (meaning other EA recommended for: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF) can be used on the same account and at the same time.

The risk/parameters are already set for this use with those 4 EA at once.

This is a strategy based on special custom made indicators. This EA will trade the trend.
It use many systems at the same time to calculate the best entry to enter position.

If wrong entry, the system will close the position before hit the SL.

No martingale element in this system.

This is not a "fast scalper system or a spike scalper". Work on a personal computer or VPS. (But we can recommend to use cloud VPS or regular VPS. Stability is better than a home computer.)

Recommended Time Frame: M5


The EA works with normal fixed spreads and ECN account.

The EA have an build-in news spike protection. You can run the EA 24h/7D, the EA will not open positions on news spike.

  • MaxSpread - The maximum spread (in points) allowed to open a position
  • Stop_Loss - Your Stop Loss value (in pips).
  • Take_Profit - Your Take Profit value (in pips).
  • Lots - Enter your manual / Fixed lot size. Let this to 0 if you want to use auto lot size calculation.
  • AutoLotSize - Enter your Auto lot size value. Calculation is: "Your Balance" X "Auto Lot size Value" ÷ 100 000 = your lot size.
  • MaxOrders - The maximum number of order allowed to the EA to open.
  • Magic - This Magic number is to track order opened by the expert.
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