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Uforex TopRobot EA

uForex TopRobot EA / Expert Advisor

Requirements: You need a good NDD Broker and a fast VPS to use this EA!

If you want to use this EA, your VPS needs a fast connection to your ECN Broker. Moreover not every ECN Broker is a good (fast & cheap with low slippage) Broker. Please use this Expert Advisor only, if your latency/ping to your Broker is smaller than 6ms.

Demo: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/262725

Currencies: EUR/USD and USD/GBP

Time-Frame: M30 & H1

Indicator parameters

Stoploss, TakeProfit, Risk & BreakEven Settings

  • HideSL = FALSE (default) - Show SL with FALSE or hide StopLoss with TRUE. Use TRUE only with MM-Brokers & if performance starts to get bad;
  • StopLoss = 3 - minimum stop loss distance;
  • TakeProfit = 100 - distance to the take profit level;
  • Trailing = TRUE - Use TrailingStop or not;
  • SmartTrailing = TRUE - TrailingStop will be adjusted according to price movement;
  • TrailingStop = 2.0 - Trailing Stop distance;
  • TrailingStep = 1.0 - Trailing Stop distance step;
  • Breakeven = TRUE - Stop loss of the open order will be moved to the breakeven level until the stop loss of the open order reaches the breakeven level;
  • BreakevenPips = 1.0 - Breakeven Distance;
  • Risk per trade (in %) - 6.0 - MoneyManagement in percent;
  • FixedLotSize = FALSE - Option to use fixed Lot size;

Trade Session Settings

  • Close_Friday = TRUE - Use Setting "Hour_Close_Friday" with "TRUE", otherwise "FALSE";
  • Hour_Close_Friday = 21 - No trades after 21 o'clock at Friday;
  • Starting_Hour_Monday = 2 - Trading starts Monday at 2 o'clock;
  • SpreadFilter = FALSE - Activate "MaxSpread"-Setting in Next Field with "TRUE";
  • MaxSpread = 1.7 - Highest possible spread before opening orders;
  • Slippage = 3 - Slippage Protection Level;
  • MagicNumber = 1 - You can use any MagicNumber;

You can contact me anytime, if you need more informations.

Mohamed Alghedefe
2017.08.18 14:22 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Rocci Acos
2017.07.17 22:29 

17/07: For me, still best EA in market.


Update: This EA keep working very well! satisfied.


I leave a review to be sincere and balance EA reputation. I think is GOOD. Not holy grail,but not worth to be called rubbish. Eugen is polite and patient. About the performance, its impossible to trade identically as the authour does cause broker, vps, parameters, slippage and tick data affects it. I lost some good trades because of this, but in long term, this EA can be profitable. Dont be greedy, try it on several brokers and find your best chance!

2017.07.16 00:32 

the EA works well and the author is very helpful use ECN broker+ VPS

will update ...

2017.06.27 15:35 

I recommend this EA 100%

Tested 2 Broker, very satisfied ... Low Risk, excellent EA

Thank you

2017.06.21 16:06 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

John Le
2017.06.20 05:28 

Excellent support from author. Gonna give this another test. Will update result

******Trash EA*******

Mike Geesing
2017.06.18 11:09 

Good ea, good support from seller.

2017.06.09 19:04 

This EA works EXCELLENT!! I have only 1 VPS, but 4 activations left. Thanks

2017.06.01 22:07 

First trades have been very good with FXCM

Alberto Gonzalez
2017.05.28 16:25 

Good support from the author

2017.05.27 16:01 

Update: Developer is very attentive, has taken the time to test, review and address the issues mentioned for everybody, including the bug that happened to me, time to take on the markets again!


Well unfortunately in my experience it loses money with IC Markets - Real, so it doesn't quite behaves as my backtests even though they have excellent execution and I use a 2ms ping VPS with 150 ms average execution time, my broker gives 0.0~0.1 pips spread and $5.5 commission per round trip per lot, I haven't tested it with others brokers to be fair.

The biggest loss came when one trade didn't get it SL set (a bug?), so it went way too far against me before I realized and had to close it manually before it got worse, I guess it has potential but it still has some issues to address so won't be using it at the moment.

3 Stars now as it looks promising and because I managed to purchase it when it cost a third of what it is today, will update if it gets fixed.

2017.05.26 18:13 

So far I like this EA. I would say it is worth the price.

2017.05.19 16:34 

It works perfect with the right broker. I've got outstanding results and ready to buy it.

Luciano Pacheco
2017.05.17 15:11 

Have been testing 3 different brokers.. Loss loss loss loss loss loss loss...


So far, after 2 weeks, still in Loss with this EA. Waiting for the new version, but not very confident anymore.


It´s not been trading much. Lots of errors saying not enough money and missing several oportunities due to this.


Second day had a big profit and trades were similar to the provider. It seems that its normal for this EA to have differences between accounts for some trades, even with everything else equal.


Been using it since last friday. First trade was different from signal from provider even though Im using the same set from his signal, same broker (tradeview) and fast vps (2ms). I had a trade with loss while the signal didn't .

I Will keep updating this review as this situation resolves, but Im afraid it no longer works for this broker.

Support from the Seller has been good so far.

2017.05.15 19:56 

This is complete garbage. Purchased it, and after 2 weeks of try I am deleting it, as it seems impossible for it to win more than 10€, but constantly loosing 15-20+. The only good thing is the costumer support Eugen provides, but but I wouldnt suggest you buy/rent a money hole just to get some customer support. Save your money here.

2017.05.09 03:39 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.05.02 21:48   

EA made around 24% then lost about 7% in the past 2 weeks. It is not doing well at the moment, I have turned the risk down but will continue to monitor.

2017.05.01 18:38 

Updated review: Do not use for the moment with IC markets because there are mostly losses. The seller will provide a new version.

Talal Mansour
2017.04.29 03:38 

Loss with this EA.Rabesh

2017.04.18 15:50 

Great support, great TopRobot. Striking performance. THX Eugen.

Kim Foong Chan
2017.04.13 09:10 

I have been using 3 weeks with good result using Tradeview broker. I am able to withdraw money and received it from them but they take very slow response.

you can compare my result https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/281945

Valeriy Belozertsev
2017.04.05 18:05 

На Tickmill за месяц ушел в небольшой минус.

2017.04.03 18:23 

Firstly I like to thanks author for fantastic support.

Perhaps too soon to give review regarding the result. But anyway today is the first day trading live with the EA. I've followed all his advices beforehand and I can confirm that I got exactly same result with author's signal. Nice

2017.03.29 12:57 

So far so good. am using it for a week and the results are impressive

Excellent support from the author. very supportive.

2017.03.27 11:28 

hey dosla yahximu selar bu sestim yahxikan

Thank you for EA........


2017.03.02 21:56 

I have got excellent results just like the signals.

Five stars without a doubt the strategy is very safe.

The support is great as well.

Version 1.31 - 2017.05.22
Bug fixing