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Project Neo

Strategy of Project Neo is based on support and resistance breakout. The support and resistance levels are the most important elements of technical analysis on the Forex market. They are also used for monitoring on charts various graphic shapes, strategies and patterns that are used in practice by traders to determine future price movements.

  • Resistance Level is the so called psychological level, which sellers try to control in order to prevent price from growing higher.
  • Support Level is the so called psychological level, which buyers try to control in order to prevent price from falling below it.

At the moment when the price of a financial instrument approaches these levels, if price breaks support down or resistance up, a strong momentum appears in the breakout direction, which allows to make a profit on strong price movements.

The Expert Advisor takes into account all possible types of breakouts.

The EA includes a built-in filter of false breakouts.

It was backtested and optimized using real ticks with 99,9% quality.

It uses an adaptive trailing stop, depending on the behavior of prices.

You can trade or test it on EURUSD M30 because we created this EA for this pair, but you can also trade test it with other parameters, by changing appropriate parameters in order to get best result as you like.


  • Does not use Martingale;
  • No arbitrage;
  • No grid;
  • Does not use other risky strategies;
  • Always uses stop loss to protect capital;
  • Based on genuine 'in-house' algorithm;
  • It can work with a small deposit;
  • Only pending orders;
  • Ability to work with fixed lot and MM;
  • Does not open orders with a high spread.


  • Optimized for: EURUSD M30;
  • It is recommended to use a low spread ECN broker and a VPS;
  • Use only with 5-digit quotes.


  • Trade Buy/Sell — choose the trading direction;
  • Maximum Spread — maximum Spread allowed before pending order triggers;
  • Magic — trades ID;
  • Slippage — allowable slippage before an order triggers;
  • Trade Comment — order comment;
  • Take_Profit — take profit in points;
  • Stop_Loss — stop loss in points;
  • Breakeven stop — if the price exceeds the value, a breakeven triggers (-1 - disable);
  • Breakeven_Step — stop Loss is moved to breakeven using this value;
  • Choice Trailing Stop — select one of the two modifications:
    • Modification 1 — standard trailing;
    • Modification 2 — modified trailing.
  • Trailing_Stop — trailing stop (-1 - disable, 0 - use SL);
  • Trailing_Step — trailing step, when the position is in profit;
  • Fixed Lot — fixed lot value if (Fixed Lot > 0);
  • Risk Money Management — risk-based MM if (Fixed Lot = 0);
  • Protection_from_losses — forced position closure;
  • Adaptive trading — adaptive trailing;
  • Use time — if true, the EA trades by time;
  • GMT_mode — GMT offset of the broker server time. (0 - disabled);
  • Start time — operation start time (h:m);
  • Stop time — operation end time (h:m);
  • Trade Monday — if true, the EA is allowed to trade on Monday;
  • Trade Tuesday — if true, the EA is allowed to trade on Tuesday;
  • Trade Wednesday — if true - the EA is allowed to trade on Wednesday;
  • Trade Thursday — if true, the EA is allowed to trade on Thursday;
  • Trade Friday — if true, the EA is allowed to trade on Friday;
  • GMT_mode — GMT offset of the broker server time. (0 - disabled);
  • Stop Friday — operation end time on Friday (h:m).
Emma Madison
2017.01.12 13:41 


So far so good. An impressive EA, but the most outstanding thing is help and support in getting it up and running, his quick responses to queries.

Very smart EA that generates good profit. This EA knows where and when to open trades.

A little bit expensive but it pays itself after a few days :)

Thank you for your continuous efforts and sharing your EA's with the community!

Version 4.11 - 2017.04.12
Changed and added new order modification types.
Version 4.2 - 2017.02.09
Added hidden stop loss function.
Version 3.99 - 2017.01.13
Fixed the GMT function.
Version 3.98 - 2016.12.28
Improved position closing system.