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Skill Builder

Skill Builder is an Expert Advisor that is meant to be used in the strategy tester only. It creates a trade simulation interface on the chart allowing users to practice trading in the tester as if they were on a live chart. If desired, the user can create their own templates containing their favorite set of indicators and save the template as tester.tpl so that when they start the tester, it will be ready with their favorite indicators. Then they will be able to build their trading skills by trading what they see as if it is a live chart.

With the trading interface you are able to enter buy, sell, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop and sell stop orders. You are able to close the trade fully or partially. You have the option of using three types of trailing stops. Regular, Candle and Moving Average as well as an automatic move to break even.

There is the option to move stops to 'Lock In' pips with the click of a button or reverse your position with a single click. You need not restart the tester to change lot size, stop loss or take profit. You can enter the new lot size or other trading parameters directly on the screen as the tester runs. Once in a trade, the stop loss and take profit can be moved in any direction with the click of a mouse.

Last but not least, an important feature is the ability to control the speed of the tester. This allows you to study the chart and then decide on your trades. This gives you time to watch for emerging patterns and to closely monitor the condition of your indicators. Once in the trade, you can increase the speed and see how the trade goes.

This tool will take many days off of your time spent back testing your strategy. No more scrolling endlessly through charts looking for trades you would have taken. Get started today building your skill to be a successful Forex trader. Unlike other EA's, this EA will never cost you more than the purchase price. Invest in your Forex education and see if you have what it takes. Buy Skill Builder today!

The demo version of Skill Builder is a fully functioning version but can only be used on the EURUSD from August 1st, 2016 to August 31st, 2016. The paid full version can be used on any instrument or any period of time for which you have data.

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Version 1.2 - 2016.11.02
In this version, I have greatly improved the interface to make it more user friendly. Previously, it had separate buttons for closing or partially closing buys and sells. Now, this is done with only one set of buttons instead of two.
Also, in the previous version, you could only move the interface around through the use of tabs on each edge. This was very cumbersome. In this version you can actually drag and drop each of the four canvases to move the interface around on the chart and locate them where you like. Furthermore, I have made it record the last location in Global variables so that when you start the tester again, it will have the interface arranged the way that you left it.
Version 1.1 - 2016.10.19
I had a canvas rectangle behind the buttons that was on the same zorder as the buttons and was causing some selectibility conflicts. Also the canvas rectangle was selectable so I set it's selectability to false.

Some were having trouble seeing the text on the chart because they were using a black chart and the default black text.. I put a check in the program to detect when the chart background was black as well as the text. If the text was still black on a black chart, it will change the text to white.