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The Right Direction

This EA is made for GBPUSD M15. There is no Martingale and other bad stuff. Just trading the real way with a combination of standard indicators and things like that to find the right trades.

It is checking the equity to make trades higher when the account grows and grows and grows.

It might work on other currency pairs, but I have not tried it.

  • You can change the name of this EA that is showing up in the MT4 comments (just to see what trades are coming from where)
  • You can also change the Stop loss and Take profit if you like, but the default settings are the one I have found is the best right now. These settings are hidden for your broker, but they are doing their job hidden in the background.
  • You should run this EA on a VPS to make it able to do the job even if you are not there.
  • You can set the risk to trade (calculated from Stop loss). The default is set to 3 and it works fine.
  • You can also set the trading time, but the default is working with GMT and is the best setting that I found for this EA now.
  • The other one you can change (if you like) is the MagicNumber, which should be a unique number if you trade more than one EA. But if you only trade on the GBPUSD M15 you could leave it as the default setting.
  • Actually you can leave everything as default and just make it do its job.

The screenshot is showing the EA working from January 1st, 2016 until April 6th, 2016 which was the date of the release.

So try the demo in the strategy tester or rent it for a month or three. Or just get your own copy and make it work in The Right Direction!

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