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This tool is intended for experienced traders. In wrong hands, it can blow an account VERY QUICKLY.

If you are new to trading, DON'T USE THIS TOOL ON YOUR LIVE ACCOUNT!

Even if you consider yourself very experienced, please use this tool with great care, and follow the philosophy described few lines below.

MarginTrader is a valuable assistant to manual traders who prefer to risk relatively small amounts of money for big potential gains.

Philosophy of margin level trading

  • Use a reliable broker offering:
  1. high leverage (1:300 - 1:500),
  2. microlots,
  3. low trading costs (ECN preferred),
  4. fast and accurate execution,
  5. negative balance protection,
  6. a client cabinet with instant internal transfers between accounts.
  • Keep your entire risk capital in a wallet/purse (if provided), or in a dedicated "deposit" account which you MUST NOT trade (!).
  • Transfer just a small fraction of your capital (we recommend 2-5%) to a separate "trading" account running MarginTrader.
  • Margin call (stop-out) is your risk limit, just as you would use a stop loss in a bigger account.
  • Set margin limit before entry according to your strategy.
  • If you lose, nevermind - reload, rethink and try again.
  • Hold on to gains and let them run!
  • Grab your profits and PUT THEM BACK INTO THE WALLET.

The real trick lies in exposing very small capital to the market. From psychological perspective, it's much easier to manage. You can't wipe out thousands of $$$ if the market decides to move against you - you just lose a few bucks, reload, rethink and try again! If you catch a good trade from time to time, and put at least a major portion of gains back to the wallet, you should be fine - the basic premise of Margin Trader is adding to a winning position, utilizing free margin 'created' by existing runners. With this approach, it's possible to produce exponential growth!

Perhaps you'll find it's much easier to control your trades (and yourself) trading this way, just as we did when we developed this tool for our own trading.

Suitable markets

You can trade any market and any timeframe with MarginTrader - but if you're an intraday/short timeframe trader, you want to trade markets giving the best volatility/cost ratio:

VCR = Average Daily Range / ( Spread + Commission [in points] )

The greater the result, the better. EUR/USD is usually an obvious choice, followed by JPY pairs. On some brokers, XAU/USD and the German DAX index are excellent.


MarginTrader is very easy to use. Please refer to screenshots below for detailed instructions.

Note: Although you can attach MarginTrader to as many charts and symbols as you like, you can only trade in one chart at a time.


Note: If you don't run other EAs or manual trades on your account, there's no need to change any inputs. All important settings are done with buttons and lines on the chart.

  • Close all trades on balance change:
    • If true, any trade closure (either manual or caused by margin stop-out) will close all remaining trades immediately.
    • If false, closing any trade will not affect other trades running.
  • Manage only own trades:
    • If true, only trades with preset magic number will be managed.
    • If false, all open trades in current symbol will be managed.
  • Your magic number:
    • Set a magic number different from magic number(s) used by other experts.

Display resolution

Your display device must have at least 768 pixels vertical resolution to display the control panel of MarginTrader properly. Most of modern laptops and monitors have much higher resolution, however, many notebooks still use 1366x768px screens - in fact, it's the most popular display resolution in use nowadays. If you don't see the panel entirely or distorted, please increase the height of your chart by closing the Terminal subwindow (Ctrl+T) - you don't need it as you have all balance, equity and P/L information displayed in the panel. You can also disable the Status Bar and/or enter fullscreen mode (F11) to enlarge the chart vertically.

Windows font setting

If some graphical UI elements don't display properly, please set the DPI in Windows display properties to 100% (Normal).

To get the bar timer in the lower right corner displayed in "digital" style (as shown below), please google and install free "Digital 7" font package.

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Version 1.2 - 2016.02.01
- "Close all trades on balance change" input has been set to true as default. This measure avoids opening trades after a partial entry hit its SL or TP but others still waiting for a fill (latency issue). This only happens on real accounts - in demo, all stops and take profits are filled at once. In such a situation, the EA attempts to fill up the freed margin and opens new trades. Setting the above input to true keeps the EA from further trading until another manual action.

- GUI reworked, could fix the missing elements issue, please check. If anyone still can't see the CLOSE button or other graphics, please set the new "Draw Background" input to true as a temporary workaround until we can replicate the issue on our own machine.

- Symbols with lot step other than 0.01 and 0.10 should work now.

- Improved speed of execution.
Version 1.1 - 2016.01.08
Bugs fixed:

- Rapid open/close sequence after closing an individual trade when "Close all trades on balance change" and "Add automatically" were switched on.

- On some configurations, certain GUI elements didn't display correctly.