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Double Trader for Loss Recovery Trader

Double Trader is an EA that you can use with the Loss Recovery Trader.

It will open simultaneously a sell trade and a buy trade on the selected instrument when no trades are active and keeps repeating this process.

By opening trades in both directions, you would always have one of the two directions reaching Take Profit, securing a good profit, while the other direction would be entering the recovery mode.

Once the trade that entered in recovery mode, completes the recovery, Double Trader re-opens the trades for the process to begin again.


  • Open three charts of the same instrument that you wish to trade
  • Disable Auto Trading
  • On the first chart put the Double Trader EA.
    • Set the Lot sizes/comments to be used by the trades
    • Make a note of the MagicBuy and MagicSell numbers. These are the magic numbers
  • On the 2nd chart, put the Loss Recovery Trader, select First Trade Mode: External_EA_Trade and set the Magic to be same as MagicBuy
  • On the 3rd chart, put the Loss Recovery Trader, select First Trade Mode: External_EA_Trade and set the Magic to be same as MagicSell
  • Enable Auto Trading

The Double Trader EA will open a buy and sell trades while each of the Loss Recovery EAs will take over the trades. Double Trader will open new trades when no trade is active on the selected instrument with either of these two magic numbers.


  • Lot: Lot size fixed amount
  • Auto Lot: Start Lot is calculated as % from balance
  • Lot_Percents: When Auto Lot is true
  • MagicBuy: Magic number used for the Buy Trade
  • MagicSell: Magic number used for the Sell Trade
  • Comment_Buy: Comment used for the Buy Trade
  • Comment_Sell: Comment used for the Sell Trade
  • Active_Both_Trades: If true, buy and sell trades are always active when recovery has not started
  • Use_Spread_Filter: Avoid taking trades when spread is too high
  • Max_Spread: Max acceptable spread
  • Use Time Zone 1: Enable First Time Zone Restriction
  • Time Zone 1 Start: First Time Zone Start Time
  • Time Zone 1 End: First Time Zone End Time
  • Use Time Zone 2: Enables Second Time Zone Restriction
  • Time Zone 2 Start: Second Time Zone Start Time
  • Time Zone 2 End: Second Time Zone End Time
  • Show_Comments: Show some comments on a chart
  • Text_Color: Text color
Ahmed Al Saati
Ahmed Al Saati 2016.06.06 10:49 

I purchased this product and is helping me in my trading in combining with the Loss Recovery EA and ensuring to close at least one trade in a profit while the second one go in recovery mode.

In addition to the detailed manuals which is available for the EAs, Michalis is providing excellent help and illustration with a highly committed, honest, and professional support.

Another great and helping EA Michalis!

Swen Burdack
Swen Burdack 2016.04.20 15:54 

Very good EA. Works very good with LossRecovery-EA.

The author is very communicative and helps at every stage of usage.

Very fast responsive, if you have problems/questions.

Over the top: He does some personal modifications for me.

I can recommend him at least 200% !!!!

Try out this EA (together with LossRecovery), you will be successful !

All in all I can say: Michalis, thanks a lot for all your work !

Faraz Zolnur
Faraz Zolnur 2016.02.15 13:47 

This is a great idea for forex trading... Thank you

hammiebal 2016.02.02 11:40 

Works great with Loss Recovery!!

I am now playing with the Grid settings in Loss Recovery.

Very important! Read the forum and the manual (Double trader and Loss Recovery), do not go live if you don't know what youre doing.


Pawel Czechowski
Pawel Czechowski 2015.12.18 06:45 

Using it together with LRT. Michalis gives all what you need to be profitable forex trader. Best support, best prices, best tools = 10/10.

wroger 2015.12.14 18:06 

Great combination with LRT, use on a Pamm Account. Use 3 Steps 1. normal trade,2. Grid Trades then 3. Recovery Trades. Most close in Profit with Grid..

Best EA Tool on Market...

Frederick Fung
Frederick Fung 2015.12.14 00:19 

Hi All Traders!

If youre looking to know that youre going to win from this point forth then dont hesitate to jump in and get this EA!

Here is my old Signal with 10k profit!


Here will be my new signal!


Cesar de Luna
Cesar de Luna 2015.12.11 12:13 

Wow, as soon as I saw this new EA I bought it.

It was exactly what I was looking to use the Loss Recovery EA.

Thank you!

Version 1.2 2016.02.11
Time Filters and Day Filters for opening trades
Version 1.1 2015.12.17
-Just fixed some potential bugs.