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The EA works on EURUSD, recommended timeframe – H1. The trading robot can work with small deposits. It does not use martingale, hedging and averaging. The product works with 5 and 4 digit quotes. A low-spread broker is recommended. It does not comply with FIFO rules.


  • MAGIC – unique number;
  • lot – lot size if MM false;
  • MM - Enabling capital management (Money Management);
  • Risk – risk per one trade if MM true;
  • Maxlot - max lot if MM true;
  • Lot_Digits - if your broker start with 0.01lot with increment of 0.01, set it to 2. If your broker start with 0.1 lot with increment of 0.1 lot, set it to 1;
  • EA_Comment - comment to display in the order;
  • ECN - True if you are using an ECN account, False if you are using a non-ECN account/Standard account. it's not a problem to set it to True on all account types;
  • MaxTrades - Maximum number of open trades at a time;
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • Max_Spread – if the current spread exceeds Max_Spread, trading is disabled;
  • Start_Hour – time to start trading;
  • Stop_Hour – time to stop trading.


  • easy to set up and manage;
  • no martingale;
  • no hedging;
  • no averaging;
  • auto definition of four and five-digit trade servers;
  • Always use of stop loss to protect capital;
  • Based on genuine 'in-house' algorithm;
  • Never need to optimize;
  • No curve fitting according to backtest results.

Recommendations to use EA:

  • recommended pair is EUR/USD H1 chart;
  • recommended broker with low spread (1 pip/10 points);
  • recommended minimum leverage 1:300;
  • recommended deposit $100.

If you have already purchased the product:

Please write a private message to me, I'll give you recommendations on how to trade on a live account.

Muhammad Farrukh
Muhammad Farrukh 2018.08.01 14:14 

No luck -

Jaldip Ramani
Jaldip Ramani 2017.06.02 13:58 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

bullish15 2017.04.19 03:13 

Did not work for me... two losses and it's going to take months for it to recover that is if it recovers. I've taken it off my charts.

mayamak 2016.12.28 20:07 

Real account results covers with backtests results and examples that is shown by developer. For now EA works about one month with nice profit. I'm using 1% depo risk. For sure it's worth to buy.

Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov 2016.07.08 08:40 

Works great with brokers with low spreads as Octa FX. Testing it on IC Markets. 5* support from the author!

UPDATE: Excellent results so far.

Boris Bugaenko
Boris Bugaenko 2015.11.20 13:53 

Весь небольшой профит,который долго зарабатывается советником в месяц, убивается за 2-3 стопа. Топтание на месте.

Dr Waleed Mahdy
Dr Waleed Mahdy 2015.11.04 12:18 


good starting sir

all points gained

good work

updating 03-11

till now this expert is good

and gained good profit


Alexey Frolov
Alexey Frolov 2015.10.29 13:06 

Хороший эксперт,не надо подбирать брокеров,тип исполнения,защищён от "слива" депозита,самое главное.

Version 1.2 2015.11.18
1. Fixed minor errors.
2. Fixed EA_Comment error.
3. Added information board with time information and account information.
4. Added parameter AutoTiming
- if True, the EA will automatically set a trading time.
5. Added parameter DST
- if it was made daylight saving time, set DST = true, else DST = false.
6. Added parameter STEALTH
- if True, the EA will hide SL/TP from the broker.
7. Modified the algorithm.