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Fractals EA

Fractals EA trades Daily High Low support and resistance. It works with special trailingstop. This product takes buy_stop pending on daily high, and sell_stop pending on daily low point. Use only on real ECN broker with low spread and low commission.


  • If you prefer fix lot size, set the lots accordingly. And set risk_long and risk_short to 0.
  • If risk_long or risk_short bigger than 0 , the system use money managment. Example: risk_long 0,3:  buy_stop pending's are 0.06 lot / trade / 1000 USD equity.
  • max_stretch: If spread bigger than max_stretch, EA deletes the pending orders.
  • zz_period:  If  0, EA doesn't use Zigzag filter. Default Zigzag period 12, and this startegy works with H1 of the Zigzag indicator.
  • candle_count:  1 = yesterday, 2 days before yesterday... recommended daily candle check 1-30 days.
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