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Exp TickSniper FULL

本 EA 捕捉货币对的快速价格走势,并与走势同向开仓。 

功能上与 MetaTrader 4 版本相同。它包括止损, 止盈和一个 平均系统。

此产品的可用于实际图表的演示版本: Exp-TickSniper 演示版

此 EA 也不适于在策略测试中测试!出于一些技术原因,它必须运行在实时环境。


本系统基于 MetaTrader 4 - MetaTrader 5 接收报价的速度。本系统自动判断下单价位,接收报价的速度和距离用于加仓和盈利的移动止损。

  • OnlyModify - 该功能允许 EA 工作在持仓跟踪模式,不会开新单。
  • Timeope - 毫秒间隔,用于 EA 检查信号。数值越大,则产生更多的信号,品质也越低。
  • DistanceTickSpred - 在 Timeope 时间内,价格变化的差值,用于 EA 生成信号。
  • TakeProfitTickSpred - 当前货币对的所有仓位放置共同止盈位的差值。
  • DistanceAverageSpred - 当前货币对,相对于主仓位的加仓位差值。
  • TrailingStopaTickSpred - 当前货币对的持仓盈利移动止损差值。一旦持仓的盈利大于或等于 TrailingStopaTickSpred (点数单位), 系统开始移动止损。在那时刻,止盈位清零。 
  • LotsMartin - 根据马丁格尔原理的加仓手数。



Lots (0.01 .........) - 设置所有交易为固定手数。



DynamicLot (true - false), LotBalancePcnt (可用保证金的百分比)。

这些参数用于调整自动计算和设定手数,取决于可用保证金的大小。您可以在文章 Autolot (在当前余额基础上计算手数) 里找到更多信息。

EA 的工作时间

OpenHour (小时单位), OpenMinute (分钟单位), CloseHour (小时单位), CloseMinute (分钟单位)。

这些参数用于调整 EA 操作的时间范围。这个范围仅影响开新单。移动止损和盈亏平衡功能的运作,与此范围无关。

例如, 您希望 EA 仅在 2 p.m. 至 6.35 p.m 之间交易。则参数看起来像是:

OpenHour= 14, OpenMinute=0, CloseHour=18, CloseMinute =35。

交易将会在 14:00 至 18:35 期间执行; 其余时间所有策略产生的信号将被忽略。


StopLoss (0...) 点数单位。

这个参数是每笔持仓的止损。它是指定亏损点数值。一旦到达, 持仓将被服务器平仓。0 - 参数禁用; 并且止损等于 0。

此参数设置应不小于服务器允许的最小数值。否则 EA 将显示错误代码 130。

Ariel Agnoletto
2015.02.27 20:22 

Nice Expert, But only use 0,01 lot to U$ 1000,00.

Matthias Schneider
2014.03.10 12:14 

I'm using TickSniper for half a year now. Attached with the default settings it works out-of-the-box and generates stable and good profits all over the time. If you are more familiar with the way it works (concept of averaging, ...) you can tune the settings depending on your setup and broker. There are not much scalping EAs I would run unattended while on holiday but TickSniper is a really reliable and robust robot. It's developer could always help me patiently in a very short time with professional answers.

Konstantin V.
2013.06.04 15:57 

Super Expert. I Like it. Works perfect. First i tried a demo version, after one week i decided to buy full version.

版本 17.525 - 2017.09.11
The EA has been updated to the latest version of TickSniper PRO FULL
版本 16.979 - 2015.12.11
New parameter Slippage - slippage in points during deal opening. If a server returns a requote on a signal, the deal will be omitted.

New parameter CloseAllTradesbyOutofTime - all trades positions will be closed at the end of the trading time with Times options used.

Added parameter
ShowInfo=true - show an information block on the chart

Added a trend filter.
Algorithm for determining a trend - location of MA relatively to the price.
The MA period parameter is included into PeriodFilterMa settings.
MA is determined by TF = M1

New parameter:
HoursSleepEaAfterStopLoss=0 - hours to wait before opening a new positions after closing a deal by stop loss.

Manual Take Profit has been fixed.

Fill policy parameter TypeFilling has been added to the external parameters:
- FillOrKill
- ImmediateOrCancel
- Return
版本 16.123 - 2015.01.26
Fill policy parameter has been added to the external parameters:

This fill policy means that an order can be executed only with the specified volume. If the required volume for a given financial instrument is currently unavailable in the market, the order will not be executed. The required volume can be filled using several offers currently available in the market.

This means that a trade will be executed with the maximum volume available in the market within the value indicated in the order. In case entire order volume is not available in the market at the moment, a partial fulfillment is possible, but any portion that cannot be filled immediately is canceled.

This fill policy is used for market, Limit and Stop Limit orders and only in the Market Execution and Exchange Execution modes. In case of partial filling a market or Limit order with remaining volume is not canceled but processed further.
When a Stop Limit order triggers, a relevant Limit order will be placed with the Return fill policy.
版本 16.109 - 2015.01.12
Significantly increased the speed of the EA testing in the strategy tester.
Fixed too long stop loss received during a too high spread leap (if the spread is increased 10 times, the stop loss is too big).
Fixes reported bugs.
Added the info panel to the chart the EA is launched at.
Displayed signal volume and power.
版本 15.965 - 2014.11.12
Added parameters:
- Forced Modification of SL\TP in Market Trade
- Comments To Open Orders
- Use trade sounds

Fixed errors reported by users.

Added forced attempt of Stop Loss modification when opening a deal.

Fixed variable "Maximum number of orders for averaging".

In case of any error from the server, a comment is added in the Log.
版本 15.964 - 2014.11.07
Added ability to disable Take Profit. When TakeProfitTickSpred=0, Take Profit is not specified.

Fixed error of deal opening, if the last deal is not found in history.
版本 15.423 - 2014.04.24
- Maximum number of orders during averaging.

- Stop loss of every next deal is calculated on the basis of the open price of the last order instead of the current price.
- Signals and variables of arrays containing signals are reset on start and every new day.
- Signals are now detect only at non-rollback movements in the same direction.
版本 15.117 - 2014.01.17
Added MovingInWLUSE parameter.

Once a position becomes profitable, its stop loss is moved to breakeven.

The last deal and the timeframe are considered for averaging. Only one averaging can be used on 1 bar.

If a position is closed with a loss, it will start with initial lot.
版本 14.278 - 2013.08.27
The drawdown PercentDDMAX is calculated by all positions in the terminal. If a user open positions manually or using another Expert Advisor, those positions will be included in the calculation of drawdown.
版本 14.238 - 2013.08.23
If the Trallingstop is less than the minimum level for modification allowed on the server, the minimum allowed value will be used.
版本 14.208 - 2013.08.20
Amended the autolot function for brokers that have symbols with suffixes. For example, EURUSD.m.
版本 14.158 - 2013.08.15
New inputs:
- SpreadToNotTrade - spread limit. If the spread exceeds this value, new deals won't be opened. 0 means the option is disabled.
- PercentDDMAX - maximum drawdown by all symbols of the current account. If this value is reached, new deals will not be opened using signals. An exception is averaging deals.
- StoplossTickSpred - number of spreads for the stop loss.
版本 14.138 - 2013.08.13
Updated TrailingStop funciton.
When using initial trailing stop and a set of signals for modifying the stop loss, the initial stop loss is reset and the TrailingStop function starts working instead.
版本 14.28 - 2013.08.02
Changed the structure of defining Take Profit and Trailing stop (TrailingStopaTickSpred and TakeProfitTickSpred).

To decrease the number of requests sent to the server, the parameters accept the current spread value only when the main deal is performed.
版本 13.723 - 2013.07.24
The EA has been updated for the terminal's build. Added condition for trading time: if parameters remain unchanged, the EA works 24 hours.

The EA is best suited for working at VPS server.