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Hlaiman Multi Neural EA

The Expert Advisor was created using a set of tools of the software package Hlaiman EA Generator for automated trading for the following currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD. The Expert Advisors includes 30 built-in neural network indicators trained on M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 for each currency pair (quotes from MetaQuotes-Demo). By default, one indicator is used for one currency pair and the timeframe that corresponds to the chart, on which the EA is running. The EA can use several built-in indicators at the same time (the parameters of trading filters).

Trading Tools Management Parameters

  • Lots - the number of lots for trading.
  • LotsPercentBalance - percent of the current balance.
  • LotsPercentEquity - percent of the current equity value.
  • LotsPercentFreeMargin - percent of the current margin. The number of lots is calculated by the following formula: Lots + LotsPercentBalance + LotsPercentEquity + LotsPercentFreeMargin.
  • TakeProfit,StopLoss - the Take Profit and Stop Loss parameters.
  • UseTrailingStop - the breakeven function, "0" - disabled.
  • UseChannelOnBars - the number of bars for the channel calculation, price rollback strategy, "0" - disabled.
  • UseMartingaleLot - use of the Martingale strategy, the multiplier by the lot size, "0" - disabled.
  • DelayedStops - Market Execution support (for ECN brokers).

Parameters of Trading Filters

  • AddFilter - ise other neural network indicators as filters for the main signal, generated by the indicator for the current symbol.

    Examples of values:

    • "+EURUSD60" - adds a filter of the neural network indicator trained in EURUSD with the H1 timeframe.
    • "+EURUSD60-USDCHF240" - adds a filter of the neural indicator trained in EURUSD with the H1 timeframe (as a logical addition to the main one) and a filter of the neural indicator trained for USDCHF with the H4 timeframe (logical subtraction - inversion, addition to the main one).
  • SoftFilter - the "false" value: in order to open a trade, in addition to the trade signal received from the neural network of the current tool, all the filtering neural networks must also produce the same trade signal, otherwise the deal will not be opened. The "true" value: if one or more filtering neural networks produce neutral signals, a trade will still be opened.
  • TradeTime - the time period, within which the EA is allowed to open positions.
  • MondayOn, TuesdayOn, WednesdayOn, ThursdayOn, FridayOn, SaturdayOn, SundayOn - trade permission flags for each day of the week.
  • SunStartTime - EA trading start time on Sunday (default is 23:00).
  • FriStopTime - EA trading stop time on Friday (default is 15:00).

Parameters of Trading Indicators

  • BuyOpenThreshold, SellOpenThreshold - threshold indicator values in % for opening a deal for BUY or SELL orders.
  • BuyCloseThreshold, SellCloseThreshold - threshold indicator values in % for closing a deal.
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread value, above which trading is prohibited.
  • Slippage - acceptable slippage.
  • MagicNumber - custom magic number or ID of the order.


To optimize the Expert Advisor, use the following variables: "BuyOpenThreshold", "SellOpenThreshold", "BuyCloseThreshold", "SellCloseThreshold" (threshold values). These parameters are directly proportional to the accuracy of trading signals and inversely proportional to their number. The screenshot shows the two reports of the EA testing on EURUSD H4, with different settings of threshold values of deal opening signals - 99% and 50%.

The most effective trading using neural network indicators can be in case the neural networks are trained using the quotes from the servers and account types, that will be used for automated trading. A complete set of tools for creating and training neural network indicators and Expert Advisors are available in the Hlaiman EA Generator pack. Read more about the possibilities of Hlaiman EA Generator in the user manual. Examples of indicators: for MetaTrader 4, for MetaTrader 5.

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