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NSO is an automated trading robot which uses the values of MACD and MA.

The Expert Advisor sets the order grid. Orders are created in both directions with a step that can be set in the EA properties.

As soon as the total profit reaches the value specified in the parameters, all orders are closed, while unactivated ones are removed. The orders are re-opened right after closing.


  • Lot = 0.05 - lot size
  • MagicNumber = 301185 - magic number
  • Step = 40 a step between the orders
  • Level = 10
  • ProfitMoney = 10 - profit value
  • OnMultiplier = true
  • Multiplier = 2
tutsan1 2019.01.04 12:58 

Отличный советник,как все мартины требует контроля. А так все просто и понятно. Тестирую 2 недели на центовом. Полет нормальный. И цена более чем приемлемая. Через пару месяцев отпишусь еще.

simon7806 2017.09.20 14:21 

A nice EA which is very easy to use. So far it is profitable.

lulucristina 2017.09.04 02:19   

EA closes and opens alone ??

TP / SP reset?


Travis Simpler
Travis Simpler 2017.06.25 21:45 

Paid for itself in one day, great EA.

I have a small account of $300, i set the lot 0.01 and take profit is set to $5.00. That way if the market goes against me, I can fill 2 to 3 more orders to get back into profit. As my account grows I will increase the lot size higher to gain more profit. I upload it to a server, so its always running and no worries of power outage.