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Master Scalper EA

Master Scalper EA is an Expert Advisor that uses scalping strategy to enter trades. The strategy based on Moving Averages and BollingerBands indicator. Every trade has a fixed SL and dynamic TP.

Master Scalper EA is based on the strategy of determining a trend on H4 chart and opening trades following the market movement, it is possible to open three orders at the same time. The EA uses six similar algorithms to determine exit points.

It is fully optimized for the EURUSD M5 timeframe, but you can adjust it for other currency pairs. It uses NO martiginale trading style and is very consistent since 1999 (Make a backtest for this period).

If you have any questions, please contact me before buying the product.

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Input Parameter:

  • BollingerBands_Period = the value of BollingerBands indicator.
  • MovingAverage_Period = the value of MA indicator.
  • StopLoss = Stop Loss.
  • Take_Profit = Take Profit.
  • Only_Profit - minimum value of pips in profit.
  • Risk = Percentage of equity to trade.
  • Lot - fixed lot size - Leave 0 if you use risk.
  • Slippage - the value of slippage.
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread value.
  • MagicNumber - the magic number of the EA to make sure it doesn't mix up with other EAs.
  • ECN = True if you are using an ECN account, False if you are using a non-ECN account/Standard account. It's not a problem to set it to True on all account types.
  • comment = MSE.

I recommend to use for a long period of time of your trade server.

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