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MultiSymbol Triple Screen Trading System


The indicator is intended for manual multi-currency trading based on the Triple Screen Strategy.

It works with any symbols located in the Market Watch window of the MT4: currencies, metals, indexes, etc.

Number of instruments can be limited by capacity of the МТ4's parameters. But if desired, you can create several windows with various set of instruments and parameters.

How It Works:

The indicator uses the modified Triple Screen Strategy for determining trend direction in the third window via Awesome Oscillator, Moving Average or Stochastic Oscillator at the trader's discretion. The oversold/overbought level is determined in the second window via Stochastic indicator. We also use Stochastic indicator in the first window, but this time we are determining the best market entry point. As a result, we obviate the necessity to move pending orders according to the market (what the classical system requires) and can enter the market at once.

Target Audience:

The indicator will be useful for those who prefer multi-currency trading.

If you use the Triple Screen Strategy, you have to analyze three time periods for each instrument. You need a lot of time to work with a large number of symbols. We created this indicator to facilitate this work. It independently analyzes all chosen instruments by three time periods. When it finds the required combination of parameters' values, it notifies a trader about a possibility to perform a trade.

The trader only needs to specify parameters which will be used by the indicator to check the possibility to perform the trade with given instruments.

Performance Capabilities:

The indicator informs the trader about the possibility to perform the trade by means of a message popping up on the screen, sending message to an e-mail or a mobile terminal, or just by a sound notification.

The indicator works with current prices (uses the zero bar).

Input Parameters:

  • myPosition - symbol location in the main window of the chart (2 - lower left end, 3 - lower right end);
  • Simbols - working symbol (comma separated, no spaces);
  • TrendAO - trend direction by Awesome Oscillator (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • TrendMA - trend direction by Moving Average indicator (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • CrossMA - price is above/below the line of Moving Average indicator (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • TrendSt - trend direction by Stochastic Oscillator (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • CrossStSig - crossing the signal line by the main line of Stochastic Oscillator (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • CrossStLev - the main value of Stochastic Oscillator is above/below the oversold/overbought level (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • TF - time period in minutes (1440=D1, 240=H4, 60=H1 etc.);
  • UseAlert - pop-up window (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • UseSendMail - sending notifications to e-mail (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • UseSendPush - sending notifications to mobile terminal (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • UseSound - sound notification (true - apply, false - not to apply);
  • UseSoundFile - sound file location.


  • green - buy signal;
  • red - sell signal;
  • orange - neutral signal;
  • gray - parameter is disabled.


Screenshots below indicate an example of trading using this indicator.

The indicator was developed for the contest of traders using manual trading based on the Triple Screen Strategy (you can see the results on the last screenshot).

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Version 1.3 - 2016.12.26
Fixed the 'possible use of uninitialized variable' error in calculation of the ThCrossMA parameter.
Version 1.2 - 2015.06.17
1. Added time period labels for each unit.
2. Changed fonts for better readability.
3. Enlarged color readings.