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Kurochka Ryaba

The Expert Advisor applies a unique strategy of tracking market orders and modifying pending ones. The product works even with small deposits. Recommended deposit is 1 000 USD (1000 USD cent). The Expert Advisor does not use high-risk trading strategies, like Martingale, and does not apply any technical indicators. It works directly with the price (both 4 and 5-digit quotes). Two types of trailing stop can be optionally applied in the trading robot: first, trailing is performed at the bar the market order was opened at then passing to previous bars' Highs/Lows.

Testing should be performed in Every tick mode at 99.9% of the modeling quality. You will not get normal testing with less precision quality of quotes.


The used timeframe is H1. Make sure all the settings are correct before launching the Expert Advisor on a real account. Conduct a test on the quotes having the quality of 99.9% for the last year. Use the broker with the minimum spread and stop levels. If you are in doubt about choosing a broker, please contact me before making a purchase.


  • MaxRisk - maximum risk per trade;
  • Lots - fixed trading lot, if MaxRisk = 0;
  • TakeProfit - take profit in pips;
  • StopLoss - stop loss in pips;
  • ProfitClose - % return on the deposit to close market orders;
  • MaxDrawdown - % drawdown from the deposit to close market orders;
  • TrailingStart - start trailing stop;
  • TrailingStep - trailing stop step;
  • TimeModifyChannel - time modification of the price channel;
  • SteepModifyChannel - step from the price to the price channel;
  • PriceSteepOrder - step from rates for pending orders;
  • Breakeven - the number of points passed to output positions to breakeven;
  • BreakevenStep - minimum profit in points to output positions to breakeven;
  • ClosePendingOrders - remove the opposite order in case a market order is opened;
  • TimeStart - trading start time;
  • TimeFinish - trading end time;
  • The days of the week - if true, then trading is allowed;
  • Magic - magic number;
  • Com - commentary transactions;
  • ShowInfo - show/hide the information about a trade;
  • TextColor - text color.

Test results - 99.9%.

asaens15 2017.07.16 06:23 

Extremely poor performer ... works extremely well on Strategy Tester and extremely bad on demo.

Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera
Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera 2016.08.05 16:51 

The EA has potential and seems good in Backtest but in forwardtest (the important thing) the EA really is VERY LOOSER. Only 3 days and -40% in one of my demo accounts. This EA is a Garbage. This author only wants sell his products. 2 weeks ago this EA was free

Remember: Forwardtest is the most important thing to evaluate the EA,s (for example here in MQL5 or in myfxbook). I recomend to the author real signals in forward and better EA's

ygwbd123 2015.08.14 10:56 

never believe retest!!!!

Mykhailo Ohorodniichuk
Mykhailo Ohorodniichuk 2015.03.21 16:23 

хороший советник дает в месяц 10-40% прибыли. просадки небольшие. автор на все вопросы отвечает, настройки с покупкой предоставлял, регулярно обновляет

304860 2015.03.18 10:32 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sinisa Sinjori
Sinisa Sinjori 2015.03.05 12:02 

I am not sure if this is because version 1.9 (because I see here in reviews, also in comments, that some people notice 1.9 has some problems), or it is general rule of this EA, but trading results are disaster. I am talking about forward test, not backtest. Backtest looks fantastic, and this is why people buy this EA (I guess). But, stay away from it, because you will end with loosing money for sure.

Even Vladimir (author od this EA) start to monitor signals from this EA and soon delete that signal and that happened not just once. So, think about this. You can guess for yourself some things.

On the other side, Vladimir is very helpful, and his answers I got very fast, and this is why I am giving this EA 1 Star. Otherwise I will give 0 Stars. Because, it's not just loosing results the problem (I mean, you will end without your deposit after some time), but I run on some situations when EA starts to behave buggy. I said, maybe it's just this version (because some other people ask Vladimir to bring back version 1.7 - I have version 1.9), but I think there is also general problem regarding this EA. Vladimir start signals a few times - even with earlier versions - and then delete those signals pretty soon. Anyone here is enough smart to reach a conclusion.

lzntk 2015.02.26 18:52 

торгует на реале три дня,прибыль-убыток примерно одинаков,надо настраивать.поддержка разработчика на 5,поздно вечером ответил на все вопросы по настройке.

Rui Sarmento
Rui Sarmento 2015.02.25 16:08   


Please send me the source code. I sent you some questions in private message, please answer asap.


Alexey Zhuykov
Alexey Zhuykov 2015.02.20 14:02   

На версии 1.9 совсем ничего не происходит. Дайте пожалуйста попробовать 1.7

11191680 2015.02.19 19:30   

Только что купил советника, помогите пожалуйста с настройками!

dimokrat1 2015.02.19 12:49   

Дайте пожалуйста версию 1.7

Roman 2015.02.18 00:00   

Can you send me the source code please?

Thank you!

stijnbrouwers 2015.02.16 12:05   

Can you send me the source code please?

Thank you!

Gerrit Luppens
Gerrit Luppens 2015.02.13 10:02   

Hello Vladimir,

Great EA.

Can you send me the source code please?

Thank you!

Roman Rudnev
Roman Rudnev 2015.02.10 21:13 

На мой взгяд достойный советник. Но хотел бы поробовать и версию 1.7. Спасибо.

Evgeniy Kuzevanov
Evgeniy Kuzevanov 2015.02.01 17:38 

Курочка на высоте если подбирать параметры, это в 1.8 а в 1.7 были автоматические настройки как бы потестировать ее?

ruht03 2015.01.26 14:42 

Terrible.....terrible......terrible Expert Advisor.

How can you make profit from this Expert Advisor.

Tried it on Live Trading account with ECN broker and seeing the balance going down steadily so I trash this Expert Advisor. Lucky I did not let it run for too long or my whole trading account will gone. Not profitable and not recommend so stay away from this Expert Advisor. Not worth $1 and not worth

wasting your time on this Expert Advisor.

This seller has a problem. Changing price constantly from $600 to $50. Is this a joke or what? It must be a toy not something that can make you money

Sayed Ahsanul Hoque Jewel
Sayed Ahsanul Hoque Jewel 2015.01.25 14:03 

The EA has good potential, but version 1.8 has problems, so i prefer version 1.7.

Ivan Filatov
Ivan Filatov 2014.12.20 22:42 

Пять звезд! Вполне заслуживает внимания, для любителей скоростной торговли, ЕСН или STP, все остальное не подойдет, конечно на демо и реале торговля отличается но параметры очень гибкие и исполнитель на связи всегда, по всем вопросам даст разъяснения, цена вполне оправдана, аналоги стоят гораздо дороже. Вобщем рекомендую.

Paulus Nangoy
Paulus Nangoy 2014.12.13 11:47 

Support from seller is excellent ..

BRADLEY PATRICK 2014.12.02 22:52 

I purchased version 1.6 of this EA and placed it on XAUUSD (Gold) on two demo accounts. The brokers are Armada (on my desktop computer) and JFD on a CNS VPS. These brokers were selected for their low XAUUSD spreads. Low spreads on XAUUSD are rare. Both accounts perform well with large wins and small losses whenever there is XAUUSD volatility. But Armada is the better of the two.

This review only applies to version 1.6.

gscjn 2014.11.20 03:50   

Parameters EURUSD???????

Roberto Canal
Roberto Canal 2014.11.17 08:15 

tested on an account of $ 10,000. to absolutely lost all the money in just 1 month.

Vasily Pererva
Vasily Pererva 2014.11.08 21:57 

Советник приобрел на днях. До покупки пытал на демо, сейчас поставил на реал с минимальным депо. Надеюсь курочка принесет золотые яйца) в целом советник хорош, поддержка оперативная и приятная.

Jeremy Roach
Jeremy Roach 2014.11.01 11:03   

Despite what everyone else is saying, I've had very little support since purchase, and the EA hasn't traded since I purchased: 12th October. Awaiting update to make it trade.

on-power 2014.10.20 17:26 

Приобрёл эксперта "Курочка Ряба" сразу скажу не жалею ,эксперт стоит своих денег .Моя оценка эксперта 1: Алгоритм защиты депо от слёта, это не сеточник не пересаживатель и тем более не мартин, депо защищено это главное +5 балов! 2: Моя оценка прибыльности, эксперт дающий 30% и более от депо в месяц, заслуживает внимания и достоин уважения автора создавшего продукт +5 балов! 3: Конечно это просадка, а просадка у него маленькая, т.е. не превышает 30% , +5 балов! Я вам скажу это шедевр MQL5 и я удивлён что он ещё в продаже, но я уже купил. Конечно эксперт своеобразный со своими требованиями к типу счёта, мощности компа и скорости инета, но это мелочи или просто условие для успешной торговли и деньги делают деньги !

Алексей 2014.10.20 17:01 

Поддержка разработчика на 5+, почти круглосуточно, всегда идет на встречу.

Riadh Fessi
Riadh Fessi 2014.10.14 13:59 

Vendor support is great!I'm glad that i wasn't influenced by the silly critics...

mrkarwaing 2014.10.04 07:43 

Support from seller is A+ but profitability wise I'm yet to make a decision. Will update this review in the near future.

easyForex 2014.09.20 17:55 

I just bought the ea. Support from the developer is great!

Version 2.2 2015.03.30
Fixes for work on time
Version 2.1 2015.03.25
Fixed a bug of recalculation of take profit and stop loss
Version 2.0 2015.03.17
Fixed a bug with the modification of take profit levels and stop loss.
Version 1.9 2015.02.13
Added function of the spread size limitation
Version 1.8 2014.12.04
Fixed problem with ECN accounts, now orders are first placed without take profit and stop loss. Take profit and stop loss are modified after placing the order.
Version 1.7 2014.11.24
Added options to close all market orders by the overall profit of the deposit or drawdown.
Added functions for limiting the operation by time and days of the week.
Completely re-checked the code, fixed bugs, improved algorithm for tracking open positions.
Version 1.6 2014.10.16
At your request, the expert is commented.
Added support for symbols with a prefix.
Added the ability to remove the opposite order if there is a market order.
Added ability to delete market and pending orders on Friday after a specified time.
Version 1.5 2014.10.08
Added input parameters, improved entries and speed of order modification.еров.
Version 1.4 2014.09.26
Now the EA calculates everything by itself. The risk has remained the same. If set to 0, fixed lot is used. BarHistory parameter makes the EA analyze last 'n' candles of H1 timframe and then set its trade parameters based on the analysis conducted.
Version 1.3 2014.09.16
Now it works on currency pairs as well.
Version 1.2 2014.09.10
Added visualization of the order modification channel. When the price leaves it or touches its boundaries, a countdown starts. Once the countdown is over, orders are modified.
Version 1.1 2014.09.10
Improved modification of pending orders.