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Heatmap 105

The Heatmap Indicator

This Heatmap indicator allows you to display a "heatmap" of all symbols selected in the Market Watch. In this version it shows the percent price change in relation to the last daily close, what can give a quick overview of the market.

This is a tool to help traders identify how strong is a currency in relation to all other pairs. This is a visual tool, and cannot be used inside Expert Advisors. In this sense, it's more a tool for discretionary traders, instead of automated traders. So, for those interested in using this tool for automated trading, unfortunately this is not possible.

It's particularly useful for Stocks or Futures markets, like for example Bovespa the Brazilian Exchange.


There are several settings to be customized in the heatmap indicator:

Setting Possible values 
Hide chart ? True/False
You can completely hide the chart or keep it as is. Chart will be restored when indicator is removed from chart.
Chart drawn in foreground ? True/False
If previous setting is True, you can choose to display the chart in foreground (true) or background (false).
Auto arrrange heatmap ? True/False
If true, all sizing and arrangements are done automatically. Otherwise further settings must be selected.
Refresh time (milliseconds) >=1000
Data is refreshed every 5 seconds by default. Minimum value is 1,000 (1 second).
Up Color any Color
Blue by default. This color is used to indicate the symbols with positive percent change.
Mid Color any Color
White by default. This is the neutral color, used for symbols with no increase or decrease (0%).
Down Color any Color
Red by default. The color is used to indicate negative percent change in price.
Space between panels (pixels) >=0
Space between 2 panels (symbols) of the heatmap.
Columns count (if not auto) >=1
Used only if "Auto arrange heatmap ?" is false. Indicates the column's count to be used to display the heatmap.
Dimension of a panel (pixels, if not auto) >=50 Used only if "Auto arrange heatmap ?" is false. Indicates the size of a symbol's panel on the heatmap.
Border width (pixels) >=0 Border size of a symbol's panel.
Border color any color
Border color of a symbol's panel.
Text color (true for automated, false for manual) True/False Color used for text labels (symbol's name and percentage). True=automated, false=manual (see next parameter).
Text color for panel labels (if not auto) any color
If previous setting is false, this color will be use for panel's text labels.
Text size (small, normal or big) enum Size of panel's labels (name and percentage).

Maximum allowed symbols is 200. If the Market Watch contains more than 200, only the first 200 will be displayed. Please note that you need sufficient resource (CPU, Memory) on your computer if you want to display a lot of symbols simultaneously.

Please contact me if you have any question, remark or suggestion. Good trading.

Evgeniy Ozhiganov
Evgeniy Ozhiganov 2014.09.22 11:40 

Отличный индикатор для торговли внутри дня, все инструменты как на ладони, единственное что не хватает это сортировки по ликвидности, чтобы отображались не в разнобой а по мере роста или падения.