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A Black Box

This EA finds optimal buy and sell points using an optimized standard deviation from an optimized exponential moving average. It always buys when relative prices are optimally low and always sells when relative prices are optimally high. The EA then trails an entry point using an optimized ATR trailing stop and exits a trade when it:

  1. is trailed out or 
  2. reaches the opposing optimal cluster. 

See Comments for the latest test results.

It is more the way optimal points are analyzed and confirmed before a trade is taken that makes this system efficient. There is a methodology that has been used by the author for 21 years ( I am a real trader!) that is incorporated in the EA. The basic premise of this method is that the market tends to fluctuate between optimal points most of the time. While catching a trend can be very profitable, there are many opportunities for profit in the meantime. By using longer timeframes this system is also able to catch trends.

You can use the default optimization quite successfully on EURUSD H1. I can give you my optimizations should you require them. 

You can optimize any product on any timeframe before use (1 month to 1 year back). The process is simple as there are only 7 variables, only 4 to optimize. Use the tester select Timeframe and Product.


  • Lots : ( only 1 entry is made)
  • Stop loss : DO NOT OPTIMIZE ( you must put a start value i.e 150 and the ATR trail will adjust automatically)
  • Take profit: DO NOT OPTIMIZE ( I prefer to leave this at 0 and let the ATR trail maximize my profit or minimize my loss)
  • Bands Period : OPTIMIZE - usually between 15 and 25
  • Deviation OPTIMIZE usually between 2 and 3 ( in 0.1 increments)
  • ATR Period: OPTIMIZE usually high between 50 and 120
  • ATR Multiple: OPTIMIZE usually between 2 and 4 (in 0.1 increments)
  • Close on MA Cross: default is False ( you have the option to take profits at the MA)
  • Magic Number : any number you like
  • Write screenshot: arrow when a trade is made

Once you have your optimal points you can set your EA and go about your life.

Stops are not tight in this system. I recommend the virtual server.

If the system is not in a trade, turn it off on FED days and on ECB days.


Samuel Achenbach
2017.04.24 10:30 

This is a gem of an EA - it's making me money straight out of the box... soon it will have given me back its cost and then some.

Daniel Hoop
2016.10.02 10:23 

I have just bought this EA because backtests showed potential and the price of 30 USD is very good! It's trading reversals. I like the fact that trades are held over minutes or sometimes hours. So this is no scalper depending on low latency and high liquidity. Olivier is a really nice guy answering very quickly to all of my questions. He will send additional indicators to better understand the functionality of the EA. I will do my optimizations, run the EA on live accounts and give more feedback here.

Watch his YouTube videos. And be patient. I really likes to talk a lot. :-))

Update: I have tested this bot quite some time. If you optimize for the past it looks quite good. But using the sets for the future usually does not work. The only strategy that was profitable, was the this: Every Saturday, do the following: Optimize M5 EURUSD for the last 10 days (from Wednesday, 10 days ago, to Friday, yesterday). Then run the optimal settings with highest profit factor for the next week. Repeat this procedure every week. Quite time consuming... I tried it for 11 weeks with initial deposit of 10'000 USD, lot size 0.30, profit 1670 USD, max DD approx 7%.

Optimization settings (min, step, max):

Bands Period: 18, 3, 48

Deviattions: 2.9, 0.1, 3.6

ATRPeriod: 125, 5, 215

ATRMultiple: 10.5, 0.5, 23

Rest as default.

Sergey Genikhov
2015.07.02 21:43 

Both version not work at stand alone mode

Only chance , if news indicator will be integrated inside.

For these, that not traders and looking for fully autotrade systems,not recommended.

Both versions: This and "Self" optimized

Raphael Minato
2015.06.19 21:34 

Great EA! And along with the self optimizing version and amazing support from Olivier, it is one of the best trading tools you can have! Thank you Olivier!

Juergen Frank
2015.06.09 16:51 

Olivier is a good one, He has an exemplary service, offers products of high quality,

his self optimizing EA is a stroke of genius, with time and patience the product gives you a edge on the tradingfloor.

Dan Thompson
2015.05.29 16:42 

Well written EA and the support is top. You not only get support but expert advice along the way.

Anders Pilstrom
2015.05.19 21:38 

I have use the Black box in couple of weeks, the author has helped me with settings and trading tips to use the ea, the author is very helpful and fast in responding of my questions. Im very glad i have bought this ea, have tested at least 50 to 100 different ea´s.

Today im using black box together with an other ea what have been made on my trading criteria.

2015.04.03 21:07 

I have decided to buy this ea after trying out a variety of ea's on the marketplace in the backtester (4 year aud/cad). The ea was one of the very few that managed to come out on top, and after optimizing the settings on 99,9% tickdata for the period of three years with an initial account balance of 1000 and 0.03 lot size the the ea arrives at a total net profit of 484.2, maximum DD 12.12%. Olivier also supplied a lot of information on how to effectively apply the strategy semi-manually. I am looking forward to see how it performs on a live account.

Version 1.3 - 2015.04.20
Updated parameters for true plug and play on EURUSD H1 charts. Default lots - 0.03 (change if necessary)
Use wise money management and avoid investing more than 2% of your account on any trade
Version 1.1 - 2015.03.25
Updated defaults for EURUSD H1 charts for 2015.