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Wonder Tend Scalper

Wonder Trend Scalper a fully automated multicurrency trend scalper adviser using a sophisticated author's algorithm for price strong trends at key price levels and a formula for calculating the price speed for the most accurate entry points into the market.
Each market entry point is analyzed by an advanced selection algorithm.

After identifying the optimal entry price and strog trend, the advisor places a pending order, this allows you to open a transaction at the best price. Further orders are accompanied by an smart trailing stop.

The Expert Advisor is completely ready to trade; the only thing you need is to configure the lot that you want to trade.

Wonder Trend Scalper does not use a grid, martingale and locks! Always use a minimal and fixed stop loss.

Advisor is fully optimized for trading. The optimal currency pair EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD.

Also can be used for trading on other currency pairs. For best results, we recommend that you perform individual optimization.

We recommended:

Work with a broker with a minimal spread and use VPS.

Recommended leverage: 1: 500 or more.

Minimal deposit $ 100, with a micro account.
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Version 1.80 2019.09.12
Added ability to use in trade manual settings for Stop loss, trailing and Take Profit.
about traling:
use manual traling stop - enable the trawl manual or it will work as before (you want20 pips)
traling distance - is the size of the tral
traling step - is a tral step
start traling - when the tral starts to work, it needs to go to the plus of the opening price + pips (start traling) and starts to work
stop traling - is the same as the previous ones but when it reaches this price it stops working

still added TP can be used or not and the size of the TP itself.
it is logical to use it if you use such a tral