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Infinity Forex

Infinity Forex is a Forex Expert Advisor designed for EUR / USD using a 5 minute timeframe.

Infinity Forex NOT use Grid or Martingale.

Infinity Forex is based on the reverse breakout of highs and lows, a trend filter and  % stoploss.

The results are excellent and the every tick 99.9% backtest from 2013 shows very good results.

It is possible to use a money management method and set it's intensity (Low, Medium, High, Super_High).

Infinity Forex parameters can be modified, but the preset parameters have been chosen with the intent of obtaining the maximum ratio between  profitability and stability.


  • lots = lot size (default: 1); --> only if "automatic_lots" is set to "OFF"!
  • magic_number = unique number for each chart (default: 19028);
  • comment = order comment (default: "INFINITY_FOREX");
  • average = length of simple moving average for trend filter (default: 100);
  • second_average = length of simple moving average for second trend filter (default: 250);
  • max_min = period of bars considered for the breakout level (default: 32);
  • sl = stop loss, % (default: 0.008 = 0,8%);
  • automatic_lots: "ON/OFF", for allow the reinvestment of profit.
  • risk: if automatic_lot is set to "ON", you can choose the risk for the reinvestment of profits between: Low, Medium, High, Super_High

LogansRun 2019.10.19 10:10 

I use Lion and Infinity together with 50% / 50% lotsize each and this smooths the profit curve significantly. If performance stays at the current level this is an amazing solution.

Phi19 2019.09.23 11:19 

I purchased Infinity Forex 2 months ago, it's the second Ea I buy from the same developer. The results are the same as the backtest, recently there have been losses, but since I started using the Ea I made money. Developer support is excellent.

Happytraderww 2019.08.30 11:23 

Entries are highly accurate. Very pleased with its performance over the 1st two weeks. Thank you for this great EA.

Andre Gomes
Andre Gomes 2019.08.17 12:26 

Totally recommend it! Entries are very precise. Most trades in profit.

PeterSwaby 2019.08.13 10:08 

I use this expert advisor and it is very good. I make money using it.


This ea has been losing money recently.



plentypvp 2019.07.28 14:36 

Two weeks, 5 trades out of 8 closed in profit. Profit factor = 3. With the risk set to low, I got 86$ profit on 5000$ demo account: 40$ in the first week, 46$ in the second. The only negative side is large stop loss. The entries are so precise that stop loss should be much tighter. I will post the screenshots in the comments section.

Update: the support and resistance levels strategy has long term perspectives, it's used by experienced and famous traders. That's why I trust it.

Update: the third week of testing went on without even a single losing trade!

Update: the fourth week ended in a loss.

Update: the fifth week ended in a profit which covered the loss.

Update: the sixth week ended in a profit.

Update: after 7 weeks still happy.

Update: September 26, it's probably not profitable anymore

ivan 2019.07.26 12:34 

Great EA, safe and stable, the strategy is very good and results are same as in backtest, Great support too, five stars !

DarkSpectrum 2019.07.11 13:26 

Infinity Forex EA has proven to be a very safe and stable addition to my EA portfolio. My personal approach to automated trading is to select EAs where I can maintain a very safe level of drawdown (2-5% max) and Infinity Forex gives me that ability by selecting a fixed lot per $X balance. By running a portfolio of safe and stable EAs and I can relax and know that my account balance is not in any significant risk while it grows consistently each month.

I've run extensive backtests on Infinity Forex since 2010 using Tick Data Suite and the strategy is definitely long term with no optimisation required. Any EA that requires ongoing optimisation is not a solid strategy in my opinion. A solid strategy should stand up in any market condition and so far Infinity has done that.

It is also very difficult to find products on the MQL5 market which don't use highly risky strategies like martingale, grids, averaging, recovery or arbitrage. Infinity Forex doesn't use any of those things, instead, it appears to use a variety of proven technical indicators to take high percentage trades at opportune moments. Infinity always uses a set SL and TP so even if something goes wrong on my VPS, my account balance is protected. Michele is also very open to my communications and responds to my enquiries promptly.

Considering the low cost of Infinity Forex and the long term safe nature of the trading strategy, this one was a no brainer for me. Thank you Michele, keep up the great work!