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MT4 EA 2 ways TradeCopier

This is the ONLY Trade Copy EA that can copy TO and FROM many slave account.

Trader can choose EA to work in ONE WAY (server => slaves) or TWO WAY (server <=> slaves) mode.

The copy process is done without leaving magic number or any infomation in the comment field of the orders. Very clean.

Order can be partialy closed on both server and slave account.

EA only work with 28 currency pairs because CFD and metals sometime have different names on some brokers.

EA has ability to protect account by stop placing new orders when some account condition is satisfied.

Each MT4 need only 1 chart opened to run the EA.

EA Input descriptions:

-Mode: choose EA to work as server or slave mode. In a group of MT4 account, only 1 server is needed.

-Include pending order: choose to copy pending orders or not

-Way: choose to work ONE WAY or TWO WAY as previously described

-MasterAccountNumber: when EA work as slave, you must set this input for it to know which master account to copy from.

-FixLots: EA will copy all orders with fix volume. Set 0 to be disabled.

-CopyRatio: volume ratio of copied orders compared with original orders.

-Prefix/Suffix: symbol Prefix/Suffix on some brokers. These inputs are case sensitive (for example: .PRO is different from .pro)

-Last 4 inputs: to keep account safer. 

This is an example :

You have a group of 5 accounts and you need to copy orders from 1 of them to the rest 4. The account you place orders may be any of this group. Then, you should use one account as a server and the rest 4 as slaves. When done, you can place orders on any account and the orders will be copied to others. You can place order on this account and close it on other account. 

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