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Mount Average EA

As the name indicates, Mount Average EA is a longterm Expert Advisor that uses the 'Moving Average' as the main indicator in its system. It´s designed for EURUSD on M15 Timeframe and uses different strategies to minimize the drawdown.

This EA does not use strategies like martingale, grid, hedging, position averaging, etc.

 Already well configured, so it´s easy to set it up as it only has MagicNumber and MoneyManagment for inputs. For MoneyManagment i recommend using AutoLotSafeMode or +0.01 Lots per 300 $.

Caution : This EA will use MagicNumbers from your input up to the following 200 numbers. So watch out to not interfere with your other EAs!


  • MagicNumber - unique identifier for this EA
  • LotManagment - Dropdownbox for different Moneymanagmentsystems
    • FixedLot - fixed trading lot
    • AutoLotSafeMode 
    • AutoLotLotStep
  • LotSize - lotsize used if FixedLot selected
  • LotStep - automatic lotsize calculation depending on Lotstep
  • OrderComment - comment your orders

Link to Live Signal: 

Eric Ruvalcaba
Eric Ruvalcaba 2018.09.18 23:05 

Great developer, very attentive and open to suggestions, bugs are corrected promptly. I must say I am impressed by Backtests results.

Read first comment to see real trading comparison to backtests!

Testing conditions include (but not limited):

- 99.9% tick data quality

- Floating variable (non capped) spreads.

- Swaps costs.

- Latency simulations up to 350 ms.

- ECN database.

- Expensive 8 USD per lot per round commissions.

- Realistic market hours simulations.


- 15 years BT with stability above 0.9

- Ret/DD metrics above 50.

- High resemblance to forward trading on signal.

- High resemblance between control points and tick data.

- Passes time shift anti-cheat tests.

- Passes multimarket data swap anti-cheat tests.

- Passes multiple timeframe robustness tests, being M15 the best Ret/DD metric.


Version 1.2 2018.09.20
-Added a manual LotStep option for AutoLotManagment
Version 1.1 2018.09.12
-Fixed Bug where LotSize had influence on TradeExit function
-Added AutoLotManagement
-Added OrderComment Section