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Crypto Bull

Have you ever watched those massive trends and constant waves in cryptocurrency and somehow wanted to take advantage of them?

That's why I came up with Crypto Bull. This bot has two modes that automatically exploits two kinds of moves in the crypto market.

The default mode is an INVESTMENT mode. It waits for big daily dips and panic sells, and makes sure it never enters when the coin is in an overall high place. It also continues to add exposure if the fall is prolonged. The user of the bot will have to take profit after some weeks or months, when he's satisfied with the result.

The second mode is called ACTIVE, and is for day traders that want's to catch every wave of the market. It wait's for the coin to be in an overall low price, and then starts to scalp every move from that point. So instead of you putting alarms and watching the computer screen all day, the bot will do the fill and take profit(daytrading) for you.


Due to the unpredictable short term nature of crypto, it does not use stop loss, and requires the user to make sure to only trade it on coins that will be up in the long run. Do some research.

Input parameters

  • Chose trend direction - Long, Short or Both for still. Pick your overall prediction for the coin.
  • Trading mode - Investing or Active. Investing helps holder to get good entries (in line with the description). Investing requires the user to exit manually. Active is a bit more aggressive, and tries to extract as much as possible. Investing and active are pre-programmed settings. "Custom" lets you configure manually.
  • Max spread - Put a max spread. 0.5 means a half ATR on the hourly time-frame.
  • Lot size - Set a fixed lotsize.
  • Automatic lot size -  Set Lot size depending on account equity.
  • Chose account equity per 0.01 lot - Chose how much more balance to be required per 0.01 lot increase.
  • Measure with ATR or Percent - If you would like to use the EA on normal currencies, chose ATR. TP, Trail and entry are measured in ATR instead of percent.
  • Enter on bollinger bands - EA enters on Bollinger bands as initial fall instead of percent or ATR.
  • Entry fall/raise (ATR or %) - If not using Bollinger bands, pick an initial fall for entry.
  • Filter entries with daily moving average - Use the daily moving average for discerning whether the price is low enough to safely enter or vice versa. Beginner crypto traders usually enters at the top, this setting prevents that.
  • Moving average periods - Pick a period for this moving average
  • Use take profit - If you don't want to hold a coin but rather trade, set this one to true.
  • Trail profit - Trails profit with the TP as trailing distance. Only works on collective order take profit. Not on individual orders take profit.
  • Take profit on each separate position - Sets a separate target for every position.
  • Take profit(ATR or %) - If not set to separate tp, the EA sums the profit of all orders and exits on profit equal to specified percent or ATR.
  • Keep profit distance when open orders increase - Keeps the distance constant no matter how many orders are open. If true, trailing will always be 5%, for example. If false, the more open orders, the shorter the target will be, as the points add up.
  • Use rebuy orders - Add new positions at better price if currency continues to fall.
  • Multiply new rebuy with - New order will be this ”factor“ times bigger than the last opened order.(risky, 1.0 is recommended)
  • Rebuy step length(ATR or %) - Length between orders in percent or ATR. For example, if the price falls 10% more, buy again.
  • Act after candle close only - Only enters and rebuys after candle closes (to avoid enter or opening multiple rebuy orders during news spikes/falls).
  • Alert on big moves(phone notification) - Get a push notification if the market makes a big move. Your phone app code must be added in MetaTrader. Tools>Options>Notification. Code in phone is under Settings>Chat at the bottom of the screen.
  • Candle size to alert(ATR300 H1) - Alert if a candles is this many times bigger than a normal candle.
  • Show comment - Show trend direction and lot size in graph.
  • Magic number to serve(0 for manual trades) - You can have the bot to take care of manual trades and trades from other EA's. Choose 0 for handling manual trades in addition to the bots own trades.
  • Magic number for bot - Set a unique number for the EA to not collide with other bots.

Al Bundy
Al Bundy 2018.04.17 10:52 

Really bad performance and busted account - maybe new version has this problem no more...

No remedial action or compensation so far.

Version 1.8 2018.11.09
-Improved the "Active" strategy
Version 1.7 2018.07.06
-Improved the active trading mode, now trades also during draw down.
-Normal mode is renamed to Investing. Take profit is removed on investing mode.
Version 1.6 2018.05.22
- Tuning and improved trading
- Bug fixes
- Users can now make entries with Bollinger Bands and set the daily moving average filter
Version 1.4 2018.03.26
- Some code rewritten in a safer way
- A bug that left taking care of manual trades on by default, fixed.
- Default settings updated to bigger max spread to work with more brokers
Version 1.3 2018.03.21
- Bug fixes.
- A new trading mode, inline with the description.
- Old trading mode is improved and can be chosen by a switch (active).
- A trailing stop has been added.