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Crypto Bull

Welcome the Crypto Bull!

Have you ever watched those massive trends in cryptocurrency and somehow wanted to take advantage of them?

That's why I came up with Crypto Bull. This bot automatically follows the trend, buys on dips and panic sells and adds exposure if the dip gets deeper.

It is only to be used on currencies that has a bright future. Like EOS, BITCOIN, NEO, LITECOIN and many others.

Instead of putting alarms and watching the computer screen all day, the bot will do the rebuy and the trading for you. It has a function to increase the size of rebuys like a professional would do when watching the charts. The default setting of the bot enters on dips, adds 20% to every new rebuy and takes profit when the point sum for all orders equals the distance of the initial drop required for entry. Thus does a lot of trades in a year and as long as you use a modest risk the bot has good chances of surviving even extended bear market periods.

You can alternatively increase take profit or just turn it off and HOLD the coin if you rather want that. The bot can also be inverted and sell on spikes for coins that has a dark outlook.

Warning. To avoid unnecessary draw down or account crash don‘t put it on average coins. The Crypto Bull was created for people that want action not 0% risk. Adding positions is considered risky if you don’t know where things are going.

Crypto Bull comes with good settings out of the box and can be dropped and then forgotten about on any good coin. The only thing you need to care about when getting up and running is the risk level. If you use a BIT account, 10 000 per 0.01 lot is considered very high risk, but if you use an USD account 10 000 per 0.01 lot is considered very low risk instead. Make sure you chose wisely according to the conditions your broker has provided for cryptocurrencies. Also monitor your first trades on a demo account to make sure what you expect happens.

Input parameters

  • Chose trend direction - Long, Short or Auto. This is the overall outlook for the coin. (Auto uses slope direction of the last day of the 50 day moving average).
  • Trading mode - Normal or Active. Normal is in line with the description and uses trailing stop. When set to normal, all settings can be changed. Active is pre programmed settings. Everything "active mode" is doing, can be configured manually in normal mode.
  • Max spread(H1 ATR200) - Put a max spread to not open trades during wide spreads. 0.5 means a half ATR (Period 200) on the hourly timeframe is max.
  • Lot size - Set a fixed lotsize.
  • Automatic lot size - ”True” - to size lot after account equity.
  • Chose account equity per 0.01 lot - Chose how much balance to be required per 0.01 lot step.
  • Use ATR_(instead of percent) - If you would like to use the EA on normal currencies, ATR is the way to go. Everything (TP, trailing and entry) is measured in ATR instead of percent.
  • AutoEntry - Ignores the next setting and puts an automatic entry.
  • Entry fall/raise (ATR or %) - I.e if the price falls 2% or 2 ATR under the line, open an order.
  • Use take profit - If you don't want to hold a coin but rather trade, set this one to true.
  • Trail profit - Trails profit with the TP as trailing distance.
  • Take profit(ATR or %) - Sums the profit of all orders and exits on profit equal to specified percent or ATR.
  • Lock trail and tp length - Keeps the distance constant no matter how many orders are open. If true, trailing will always be 5%, for example.
  • Use rebuy orders - Add to position if currency continues to fall.
  • Multiply new rebuy with - New order will be this ”factor“ times bigger than the last opened order.
  • Rebuy step length(%) - Length between orders in percent. For example, if the price falls 10% more, buy again.
  • Automatic rebuy steps(ignores above settings) - Sets the rebuy length to automatically adjust to whether we're on all time high or in a dip, based on how many trendlines between 20 and 200 we have crossed on the daily timeframe.
  • Act after candle close only - Only add orders after candle closes (to avoid opening multiple rebuy orders during news spikes).
  • Alert on big moves(phone notification) - Get a push notification if the market makes a big move. Your phone app code must be added in MetaTrader. Tools>Options>Notification. Code in phone is under Settings>Chat at the bottom of the screen.
  • Candle size to alert(ATR300 H1) - Alert if a candles is this many times bigger than a normal candle.
  • Show comment - Show trend direction and lot size in graph.
  • Magic number to serve(0 for manual trades) - You can have the bot to take care of manual trades and trades from other EA's. Choose 0 for handling manual trades in addition to the bots own trades.
  • Magic number for bot - Set a unique number for the EA to not collide with other bots.
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Version 1.3 - 2018.03.21
- Bug fixes.
- A new trading mode, inline with the description.
- Old trading mode is improved and can be chosen by a switch (active).
- A trailing stop has been added.