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Veles Pro100 Trend

The indicator shows the exact price position in the current market on any symbol. It shows the trend direction on the current chart as well as on the two subsequent higher timeframes at the same time (from top to bottom). For example, you can observe the trend direction on M5 and M15 without leaving the M1 chart. The indicator switches all trend depending on the market conditions preventing you from entering against a trend or allowing you to exit a position in a timely manner. The indicator is good during roll-backs when there is no trend change allowing you to hold a position or increase a lot size.

The indicator has only two parameters for managing the movement change rate. However, I recommend leaving the default values. The most accurate calculation results are obtained on the chart's current timeframes up to H1 inclusive. The indicator does not redraw its values ​​even on the current bar, so you can use its data to open a new bar.


  • Period_Fast - fast trend calculation period
  • Period_Slow - slow trend calculation (filtration) period
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