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Exp4 Crazy Saw

Unique EA using smart martingale!

The strategy is based on Moving Average signals utilizing a unique position entering algorithm.

For convenience, all Expert Advisor parameters are set in spreads.

The Expert Advisor can work on absolutely any currency pair. All parameters of the trading system are calculated automatically and depend on the current spread of the currency pair.

Strategy Description

Trades are opened at the intersection of MA.

  • If a signal is received from the indicator and there are no open positions, the RA opens a BUY or SELL trade.
  • For an open position, a take profit equal to General_Profit_SPREAD*Spread points is set.
  • For a series of positions, a common take profit is set at General_Profit_SPREAD*Spread points.
  • All further actions of the EA are a connected with leveling of profit and loss in different proportions.
  • The main algorithm of the EA operation is hidden.

Customizable EA parameters

Attention! All parameters are set in spreads.

The system calculates the current spread and uses these data to generate the values for all parameters.

This universal Expert Advisor can work on any currency pair with the default settings.

  • Distance_Loss_SPREAD - the number of spreads against the trend, after which the opposite order is opened
  • Distance_Profit_SPREAD - the number of Spreads in trend direction, after which additional orders are opened
  • General_Profit_SPREAD - the number of profit spreads, after which one or all trades in the series are closed
  • Magic - magic number
  • Lots - fixed lot
  • MaxLot - maximum allowed lot
  • OpenHour - trading start hour
  • OpenMinute - trading start minute
  • CloseHour - trading end hour
  • CloseMinute - trading end minute
  • Standard settings of two Moving Averages

Important Note

  • Does not use the EA for a rapid deposit boost. A small deposit can lead to money loss.
  • Use a large enough deposit for the system.
  • Open a Cent account and use a large leverage.
  • On average, $300 per pair is needed. Starting lot is 0.01
  • Martingale is used.
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Version 17.731 2017.08.03
Improved the MaxLot option