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NightCrawler EA MT4

NightCrawler EA works based on zones of support and resistance, specially during the first hours of trading of each day. The most important indicator for this EA is the NightCrawler Indicator. You can find more information about its working on the link below:


Trades duration depends on many factors ranging from minutes to days. Trades can be exited either by Take Profit, Stop Loss or by a custom exit strategy developed for this system.

The only currency recommended for this system is EURCHF and it is designed for M5.

As always, it is advisable to work with a broker with good spreads even though it is not mandatory since some sets are designed to avoid working during periods of low market activity.

You can follow our results on the link below:



  • Indicator Period: Number of bars used for the indicator to look for support and resistance
  • Past Bars: Lagged period used to identify support and resistance
  • Trough Value: Parameter to reduce trading operation. The bigger the value, the less active the EA will be. Range (0 - 100)
  • Points Between: Parameter to control pending orders. The bigger the value, the less active the EA will be. Range (0 - 100)
  • Points Pass: Wiggle room for the entry points. Range: -50 to 50
  • Hour to Start: Time to begin trading
  • Hour to Stop: Time to stop trading
  • GMT Broker: GMT of your broker is located. Default: +1
  • Threshold Points: Distance from support and resistance to generate entry levels
  • Stop Loss: Proportion used to calculate Stop Loss value. Range (0.1 - 1.5)
  • Take Profit: Proportion used to calculate Take Profit value. Range (0.1 - 1.5)
  • Trailing Stop: Trailing stop in points
  • Points to Activate: Points to activate trailing stop
  • Account Percent: Account percent used in each trade
  • Fixed lotsize: Set to 0 if you want to use account percent
  • Number Magic: Magic number. If you want to use multiple sets in one account, set different values for each strategy
  • Spread Filter: Spread limit
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