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Spread Display

Spread Display is a simple but very helpful indicator allowing live monitoring of spread in chart window. Using this indicator, there's no need to distract attention never again, seeking current spread value somewhere else. From now on, everything is clear and at the height of your eyes, in chart window of selected currency pair.

Indicator has many settings. We can choose any font we want and we can set 3 spread levels (Spread_Level_1, Spread_Level_2 and Spread_Level_3) between which will change size and color of font of displayed spread. We can set 4 different values of font size and font color. First are related to values of spread lower than Spread_Level_1, second - between Spread_Level_1 and 2, third - between Spread_Level_2 and 3, and, of course, fourth for values of spread higher than Spread_Level_4. You can also set position of indicator by selecting corner of location and shifts in x- and y-axis.

2016.08.08 11:32 

Very useful tool with many configuration options!