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Pips Average Range

This indicator compares the pips of the current day with the average of pips made in the previous three days.

The "Percentage today range" is red if today's figure is less than the range of the previous three days, but turns green when the percentage exceeds 100%.

When the range exceeds 100% there are good trading opportunities because we are in the presence of increased volatility of the past three days.

Best use with Banks Day Levels indicator.

Parameters settings

  • corner (indicator display position): 0 - corner upper left; 1 - corner upper right; 2 - corner bottom left; 3 - corner bottom right.
  • Alert_Notification: Alert when the percentage exceeds 100%.
  • Push_Notification: Push notification on mobile device when the percentage exceeds 100%.
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Version 1.3 2020.03.24
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Version 1.2 2020.03.24
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