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Accurate MA Expert

The Expert Advisor enters the market based on the signals produced by 6 indicators. It analyzes MA crossover on timeframes М1, М5, М15, М30, Н1 and the MACD indicator values. When all the indicators show the existence of a trend, the EA enters the market in the trend direction. The EA includes a Stop Loss function, but riskier traders can use the integrated Martingale system, which takes a position to profit. Since the EA is trend-following, large drawdowns are very rare. Indicators can be customized in the EA settings.

You can also set the Expert Advisor to trade on the selected days of the week and hours. It is advisable to set the EA not to trade during important news releases and on Friday. Test the EA with various settings on various currency pairs to select the best settings. Avoid ricking too much, since risks in the Forex always lead to fast deposit loss! Good luck in trading!

The Expert Advicor price can be increased after a few copies are sold!

The Settings of the Trading Robot:

Basic settings - the basic EA parameters

  • Lot - initial order lot.
  • Step - step for position increase. When set to 0 no position increase is used.
  • Auto_lot - aгtomatic lot calculation. It is calculated by the following formula: balance*Auto_lot/100
  • Martingale - the martingale option settings. Multiplier of the next lot in case of drawdown. No martingale is used if the parameter is set to 0.
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss.

The settings of the MA indicator - MA settings

  • MA_M1 - turn on the signal from М1. When turned off, the EA will ignore this signal.

Next come the setting of the fast and slow MAs. The same settings apply for timeframes М5, М15, М30, Н1.

The settings of the MACD indicator

Enabling and configuring the indicator.

Time settings - EA operation time settings.

  • Monday - enables trading on Monday. On/off.
  • Hour start - start hour.
  • Minute start - start minute.
  • Hour stop - trading stop hour.
  • Minute stop - trading stop minute.

The same settings apply for each day of the week.

Additional settings

  • Magic number.
  • Info - show details. To increase testing speed disable the information output.
  • Color_Info - the color of the displayed information.
  • Color_buy - the color of buy orders.
  • Color_sell - the color of sell orders.
Muhammad Farrukh
2016.05.30 12:32 


It has been a week now I am trying to contact the seller and ther has been no response nor any manual. The ea is just opening trades since last whole weeke even though there is a tp target embedded in settings. Currently i hvae 10 trades opened one in profit and 9 in loss with swaps chgs on top nd note sure what the aim is coded.

Fallet Willy
2015.12.13 22:26 


Version 2.0 - 2015.09.14
Improved graphics.

Added option Trailing stop (not visible for broker), the value is specified in the Deposit currency.

The value of take profit and stop loss points are used in the Deposit currency now.

Added automatic detection of five decimal places. The option Step needs no changes, it will be automatically multiplied by 10 when you trade on the chart with 5 decimal places quotes.

And most importantly, in this version added a trade filter, which allows the EA to monitor the rollback on lower timeframes and trade with the trend growth after a correction. This will significantly reduce drawdowns and reduced the number of loss-making single trades.