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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 43

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Sergey Malysh
4 (1)
A ready-made trading system based on automatic construction and maintenance of Fibonacci levels for buying and selling on any instrument (symbol) and on any period of the chart. Determination of trend direction (14 indicators). The display of the trend strength and the values of the indicators that make up the direction of the trend. Construction of horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, channels. Choosing a variant for calculating Fibonacci levels (six different methods). Alert system
84 USD
Fractals MT4
Mikhail Nazarenko
The Fractals MT4 indicator displays on the chart only fractals with the specified parameters in the indicator settings. This allows you to more accurately record a trend reversal, excluding false reversals. According to the classical definition of a fractal, it is a candlestick - an extremum on the chart, which was not crossed by the price of 2 candles before and 2 candles after the appearance of a fractal candle. This indicator provides the ability to adjust the number of candles before and aft
34 USD
Super Trend Pro  Its simple. as you see in product picture you can find out how it work. We Use Several MA and use Statistics and Probability inside the code to draw nice, great and pure Trend Detection. Do you like it? Yes me too Here, Super trend pro with 100% non-repainting indicator Input Parameter is clear and simple. Inputs Period 1 --------------------------->>>> Use for mathematical calculating Period 2 --------------------------->>>> MA Period Indicator Type ------------------->>>>
68 USD
Displays a digital clock in the chart in realtime. Benefits: Current time always in sight for market open/close, economic data, etc. Displays accurate time (server/broker time) Clearly visible (set color, size, font, position) Always runs/refreshes even without new price tick Hint: To display the most accurate time, use the server (broker) clock setting combined with the time (hour) offset for your time zone.
Trend Support Resistance Demo
ISO Financial Services
4 (3)
Smart Trend Line Alert Demo is a unique professional Trend Line, Support Line and Resistance Line Touch and Break out Alert with awesome Alert History feature, designed to help traders easily manage many charts and symbols without staring at the monitor. Note: This a Demo version operating only on USDCHF . Full version link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/3085 Features Candle Break Out Alert, Price Touch Alert and Time Line Alert; 1 click for converting any drawn line into an alert lin
Simple Bollinger Bands
Teng Qi Sheng Joshua
This is a simple Bollinger Band EA This works by activating a trade whenever the input parameters are met, including the Bollinger Band parameters The Bollinger Band Parameters determines when a buy or sell trade is opened: If the price is outside the lower bounds of the activated bollinger bands, a buy trade is opened (given that all other criteria are met) If the price is outside the upper bounds of the activated bollinger bands, a selltrade is opened (given that all other criteria are met)
Liner Moving Average
Ahmad Aan Isnain Shofwan
The linearly weighted moving average is   a method of calculating the average price of an asset over a given period of time . This method weights recent data more heavily than older data, and is used to analyze market trends. this indicator use Liner Moving Average  method PRICE_WEIGHTED. period 7 Simple and good for scalping, just follow the line color.  Suggestion to combine with other "volume" indicator to make sure or confirmation for execution open order.
Semi Sweet
Alexander Nechaev
3.83 (6)
The Expert Advisor trades where the signal for opening a new order or restoring order is an indicator strategy, which is defined by the user in the input settings. You can choose indicators, their timeframes and the number of signals sufficient to open an order. A total of 29 trading indicators are available, on the basis of which the user can form his own trading idea without using programming. Signals monitoring ->  HERE  / Problem solving ->   HERE   Expert Advisor modes: Hedging Auto mo
75 USD
Bermaui Manual EA
Muhammad Elbermawi
5 (9)
This is a semi-automatic expert advisor that trades the grid system. The idea is to gradually take different positions in the market, then to calculate the break-even level for them. When the prices pass this break-even by a predetermined distance all opened orders are closed. Important Information Here is the user's guide:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/730567 You can try this EA with any of my other products, here:    https://www.mql5.com/en/users/bermaui314/seller Important Featur
50 USD
Best SAR
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
Description :  we are happy to introduce our new free indicator based on one of professional and popular indicators in forex market (Parabolic SAR) this indicator is new modification on original Parabolic SAR indicator, in pro SAR indicator you can see cross over between dots and price chart, this crossover is not signal but talk about end of movement potential, you can start buy by new blue dot, and place stop loss one atr before first blue dot, and finally you can exit as soon as dots cros
BuySell Volume
Muhammad Robith
4.2 (5)
BuySell Volume is an indicator that approximates Buy and Sell volumes based on price movement. Input Description: applied_model: Choose the applied model. In low reversal mode, price is considered receive low bearish pressure during bullish candle's creation (high bearish pressure on high reversal model. In other words, Bullish Marubozu candles has really high Buy Volumes in low reversal model than in high reversal one. Output Description: Buy and Sell Volume: Determines how many Buy and Sell v
Scalp R
Bogdan Mihail Moise
3 (2)
Hi and welcome to Scalp R,  The EA   does not use martingale or grid.   It only enters a trade with   active orders  and  uses a stop loss   for each trade! Time Frame :   This expert advisor works on all timeframes, but it’s build with the 15M in mind; Account balance:   it doesn't matter, but I recommend at least 1000 EUR or 1500 USD; Currency pair :       Doesn't matter as can be optimized for all;  This expert advisor uses signals from Moving average indicator, more specifically the r
PZ Timeframe Overlay
5 (1)
This indicator displays the price action of several timeframes on the same chart allowing you to evaluate different timeframes at a glance from the same chart, without the need of switching between timeframes. The overlay can be displayed totally or partially on the chart, making it easy to separate price action from the trading chart from the reference timeframes. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Stop browsing through timeframes! Plot up to four timef
Ivan Krutskikh
ProNewsTrader Expert Advisor features various strategies and the built-in economic calendar. In addition to trading news, the strategies can be used independently. The economic calendar is capable of dividing news into four groups according to their importance. The trading time is set automatically but you can also set it manually or disable trading by news. In that case, the EA works autonomously according to the selected strategy. The EA features virtual take profit, trailing stop and stop los
ZO Trend MTF
Trung Le Hoang
1 (1)
Important!! ZO Trend MTF can't work on MN and W1 timeframe. /*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZO TREND :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/49138 ZO Trend MTF an indicator used to search for entry point. With the session candle algorithm on many timeframe, ZO Trend creates an area for traders find good Entry Point. ZO SYSTEM BASIC SET
37.50 USD
NeuralBot Pro
Gabriel Selegean
NeuralBot Pro Hi :) Before asking yourself if NeuralBot Pro is the expert advisor to suit your needs, buy it if you find yourself among the following: - you are in the Forex market for the medium and long term (at least 1 year) - you are looking for balance growth on a yearly basis - expect on demand customer support (and for that, don't hesitate write me for more details about the EA, or if you need sets file, I will respond asap) - you are looking for an honest EA with honest backtesting
67 USD
The Complex Chaos EA is an automated system that uses a pair of exponential moving averages to detect the market direction and opens trades on candle open. If the market moves against a trade it will at a set distance open another trade in the same direction to move the take profit of the group of open positions closer to the current price and make the group of trades winners overall once the price reverses. If a change in direction is detected then all trades are closed and it starts trading in
Balance Equity Graph
Aldo Marco Ronchese
5 (1)
Graph shows your balance and equity in real time similar to the tester graph which is nice to see your real progress vs tester graph. This code was copied from mql5.com, it was free and it works im just putting it here to make it easier for us :-) https://www.mql5.com/en/code/13242 https://www.mql5.com/en/code/8454 .. original code //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Equity Monitor                                                          | //| Monitori
Bar Size MT4
Mikhail Tcvetkov
5 (6)
The technical indicator, in real time, searches for candlesticks that exceed the size set in the settings and gives signals about them. As a rule, such abnormally large candles appear either at the beginning of strong impulses or at the end of a directional price movement. At the beginning of the pulse, the signal can serve as a basis for searching for an entry point, at the end of the movement, it is a sign of a climax and may indicate the near end of the trend. The reference size for filtering
All Trades EA
Simone Gargano
4 (1)
This robot can trades any Forex pair as well as commodities, CFD and anything else. Best timeframe to use is Daily . Aug. 2016, I strongly believe that, in the end, the market moves randomly. Last events shows us that this is the truth. All traders, banks and analyst predicted a strong bearish move but happened exactly the opposite. Should they change their job and start to bet on horses? No, but basically, would be the same thing! Well, if you bring two inexperienced traders and each of them ta
--------------Welcome to use [MQL5 Signal Analyze Master]------------------  Function: Draw order tracks of MQL5 MT4 and MT5 signal on MT4 chart. Other products form author  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/chenshaofei/seller [Using guide] 1.Use it as Experts. 2.Download history record from MQL5 signal.  3.Paste history record file below "MQL4/Files/" 4.Load [Signal Analyze Master] on the symbol chart what you want to analyze. 5.Paste the history record file name to parameter 'FileName'6.Click
68 USD
Breakout Arrow
Thomas Bradley Butler
Breakout Arrow trades the breakout of a support or resistance.  The SR input is for the support and resistance number that the breakout will show.  Smaller time frames are recommended for this indicator.  Using other indicators and filters can help to determine  direction.  Scalp trends while adhering to stop loss money management.  Leave some reviews and stars. NOTE: ARROWS WILL RECALCULATE IF TIME FRAME IS CHANGED BACK AND FORTH AS IT IS BASED ON PRICE.
TDI Signal
Devy Tanusukma
5 (1)
Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) Signal  Input parameters: signal mode: set it to true if you want to plug it into   STAT (Signal Tester and Trader) arrow shift: distance between fast EMA line to arrow on chart middle band filter price line filter RSI period RSI price method Volatility period MA period 1 MA period 2 Averaging method You can find the best setting for 4 hour EURUSD on  this video
Tonny Obare
3.58 (12)
Free RSI expert advisor is a completely free expert advisor that trades using rsi level crosses. You can set which levels the Ea should use to open and close trades. The various settings are explained below. NOTE: The default settings are just place holders and not necessarily the best. Use the settings that best suites you or your strategy. Lots - This is the lot size of the EAs trades. 0.1 is the default setting. AllowBuy - Set to true to allow buy trades. This setting is true by default. Allo
Strategy for trend trading. The indicator shows entry points and displays TakeProfit and StopLoss levels on the chart, as well as calculates the overall result. ATTENTION! TI Opti Pro – a powerful tool for testing the input parameters for the TrendImprovement indicator will allow you to quickly find the most profitable options for the input parameters. New project. Description. It is no secret to anyone that there is no universal indicator that would be profitable on all currency pairs and
Lisek Waves
Darius Hans Lischka
1 (1)
Search for an entry with low risk for trading by Lisek Waves Indicator. Using Lisek Waves Indicator can improve your trading performance. In it’s simplest form, this trading tool make it easy to s earch for an entry with low risk   and to manage your trade and risk. Lisek Wave analysis is based on the notion that markets follow specific patterns called waves which are the result of a natural rhythm of crowd psychology that exists in all markets. You can avoid the loss from taking trades that are
Pips Calculator
Ezinne Judith Orji
A simple Utility Trading Tool for calculating your profits automatically. once your  orders are active, it calculates your profit or loss in pips value and displays it at the bottom right corner of the screen. ADVANTAGES - shows order movement graphically - Helps you calculate profit and loss percentages per trade in each asset. - Shows progress of each trade - Easy trading  - Helps you meet daily profit targets - Professional trading
Panel Display
Mohamad Zulhairi Baba
4.29 (7)
Panel Display is a free utilities indicator, to display basic account information, in a beautiful way. This indicator is a plug and play, where the is no input required except for display corners. User can quickly engage how much profit/loss for current day / week! This Week's Performance - This week closed order for all pairs. Today's Performance - Today's closed order for all pairs. Current Floating Profit / Loss - Current Floating Profit/Loss (all pairs) in the account
Riviera Systems
5 (4)
The GTAS BSI is an indicator designed to provide the trend direction and buy/sell signals, using combination of momentum indicators. This indicator was created by Bernard Prats Desclaux, proprietary trader and ex-hedge fund manager, founder of E-Winvest. Description The BSI indicator is represented as a histogram under the price chart. +100 (green) value indicates a bullish trend. -100 (red) value indicates a bearish trend. When the BSI turns to +100 (green), it gives a potential buy signal. W
The indicator trades during horizontal channel breakthroughs. It searches for prices exceeding extreme points or bouncing back, monitors night flat and defines targets using customizable Fibo levels with a sound alert, which can be disabled if necessary. The indicator allows you to create a horizontal channel between the necessary extreme points in visual mode quickly and easily. It automatically applies your selected Fibo levels to these extreme points (if the appropriate option is enabled in t
69 USD
Scalping Enki
Jorge Gabriel Antonio Ochoa Mercado
Is an advanced speculation system developed by 8aSistemas that uses intelligent entry/exit algorithms and management with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during periods of calm in the market, this system avoids moments of high volatility and uncertainty. This system is focused on stable long-term growth. It is a high-performance professional tool developed by me years ago that is constantly updated, incorporating all the latest news in the trading area.
30 USD
Indicator support for only: Entry Point to Trend Pro Link indicator  support   :   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/70867 Supports all currency pairs declared in the definition. Help investors do not need to open many charts. Notice the DEAL:  multiple time frames confluence   M15, H1, H4. Entry Point to Trend Pro The indicator helps investors to identify the earliest and perfect reversal point. Easy to make decision to trade with the trend   Price action trading. support resistance
You Can Instantly Copy All the Trades from one account to another account in MT4. It only copy inside the same computer or same VPS. This is a free version  will copy only one (latest) trade every time. To handle multiple trades at the same time use the full version. Why Use IT ? 1. It can copy both Pending Orders and Market Execution Orders across multiple Accounts.  2. If the Trade is modified or partially closed in the sending account, the receiving accounts also successfully modify tat parti
RSI Scanner, Multiple Symbols and Timeframes, Graphical User Interface An indicator that scans multiple symbols added from the market watch and timeframes and displays result in a graphical panel. Features: Multi symbol Multi timeframe Alerts and Notifications Live Monitoring Sorting modes One click to change symbol and timeframe Inputs for RSI and scanner settings
As the name implies, TIL Daily OHLC is a simple, straightforward yet effective tool to keep track of yesterday’s last Open, High, Low and Close prices. Any experienced trader knows the importance of these price levels – they are often used to navigate and predict the current day’s trend and price action as strong support and resistance. When applied to a chart, the indicator shows 4 plots that projects the 4 price levels from the previous day to the next one. Each price level is color coded and
White Shark
Elie Almachaalany
5 (4)
White Shark is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders when the requirements are met. It uses an advanced technology to place orders in the right time with the right lot. This robot is designed for beginners yet expert traders: Most of the inner parameters are hidden from user so that even a beginner will not mess up. You can download this Ea and back-test. I personally used a 99.9% real tick data for back-testing for an accurate result.
899 USD
Just Currency Strength
Pankom Sriboonlue
5 (1)
Just Currency Strength is a simple, and easy to use as a market analysis tool. It could helps trader to understand the broder view of the market and forcasting the movemt of each currency symbol and trend direction of each specific currency pair. Parameters Timeframe (Move Timeframe box to move the pannel) Currency (Must NOT be less than 5 currencies) Refreshtime in second Colors Strong//Weak//Neutrial Alerts setting Alert On/Off Push notification On/Off Happy Trading...
Breakout Signals tools with  Targets to predict next Support and Resistance value to exit and enter reverse trade..A unique and common used formula with breakout filters.Best for day trading and any time frame>please test before trading live accounts . Note :- Trade with first 2 arrow on same direction most of experience 3rd and 4th directional breakouts failure.
120 USD
Swing Angle
Naveen Saroha
5 (1)
New idea to finding Reversal by angles/reflation angle Market moments.I found some studies when market moved with high angle its turned back to there origin.We developed  a MT4/MT5 tool to finding recent swing angle and expected reversal to minimum 50% of last swing or last swing high/low--to major last target point download free tool- https://trading-go.net/strategy/vr-cub If swing angle more then 75 Degree and hold close for next 3-4 candle market turned back to last low/high lots of studies o
66 USD
Upgraded version 1.5 , Arrow added on to indicate Buy and Sell Signal,  The indicator is an ossicaltor that targets  the highest buying and lowest selling levels , the signal indicated by the two lines crossing  above and below zero line 0 HOW IT WORKS? Buying : you want to place your buy Entry when the yellow line is above the blue line ; stop loss just a few pips below the swing low , take profit when the lines cross again  - A Buy arrow will also appear when the crossing appears Selling:   yo
33 USD
MACD Trend Follower
Mohamed Amine Talbi
3.75 (4)
The "MACD Trend Follower" is an indicator based on the MACD oscillator. It serves to spot the trend direction by giving it a fixed color until the trend changes (the trend direction colors are customizable). The default MACD settings for the indicator has been changed to adapt to the fast moving Forex market, but they can be changed to suit the trader. Recommended settings for the indicator : - MACD Fast EMA : 8 Periods. - MACD Slow EMA : 13 Periods. - MACD SMA : 5 Periods. Indicator inputs
Scalping Sakurai PRO
Volodymyr Zubov
5 (1)
Extended version of the indicator of the same name. Optimized work order. Added settings to the indicator menu for finding accurate signals. There are separate settings for Buy and Sell. Scalper indicator designed for accurate entry into trade transactions. Designed for intraday and medium-term trading on any instrument. The indicator does not redraw and does not lag. There is the possibility of visual and sound notification of the appearance of a signal to enter. The indicator also sends sig
44 USD
Exclusive Trend
Evgeny Belyaev
5 (2)
Exclusive Trend is a trend indicator that can be used for scalping, as well as intraday trading. Advantage of indicator: Generates minimum false signals. Perfect for scalping. Simple and easy indicator configuration. Recommendations on usage It is recommended to use the indicator during session movements to reduce the likelihood of falling into flat. Period M1 to D1. Trending currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD. Signals for Position Opening: Open Buy when the indicator is blue. Open Sel
35 USD
Full Info Pro
Aleksei Semenko
4 (2)
Informational indicator to aid in trading English and Russian version Balance Equity Drawdown Margin level Opened orders Spread Total profit Profit for today Profit for yesterday Profit for the week Profit for a month Detailed statistics for 5 pairs Detailed statistics on the current pair ATR MarginCall quote and distance to it Breakeven quote and distance to it Minimum margin level Maximum drawdown Maximum possible lot to open Displaying the breakeven line Displaying MarginCall and Stopout lin
Trend Change Alert
Matthieu Jean Baptiste Wambergue
Never miss a trend change again! This indicator uses various calculation methods based on price action to detect changes in the direction of the trend. It can be used on high timeframes (from H1 to D1) and is most suitable for H4 and Daily timeframe. This indicator is compatible with all broker symbols (forex, indices, CFD, commodities, crypto…). It is also possible to open the indicator on several charts to follow several symbols at the same time. In addition, you don't have to stand by your
A triangular arbitrage strategy exploits inefficiencies between three related currency pairs, placing offsetting transactions which cancel each other for a net profit when the inefficiency is resolved. A deal involves three trades, exchanging the initial currency for a second, the second currency for a third, and the third currency for the initial. With the third trade, the arbitrageur locks in a zero-risk profit from the discrepancy that exists when the market cross exchange rate is not aligned
299 USD
Adaptive RSI
Rasoul Mojtahedzadeh
5 (2)
Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most popular and accurate oscillators widely used by traders to capture overbought and oversold areas of price action. Although the RSI indicator works fine for a period of market, it fails to generate profitable signals when market condition changes, and hence produces wrong signals which results in big losses. Have you ever thought about an adaptive RSI indicator that adapts its period of calculation based on the market conditions? The presented indi
33 USD
Convenient drawing of parabolic channels by four points (two lower and two upper extremums). Additional control keys: N (New) - Start drawing a new channel. C (Clear) - Deletes the current channel. By default, the current channel is the last channel. But you can click on the line of any channel to make it current. Click on the gear in the upper right corner to set some parameters for all channels or the current channel. All work is visible from the animated Gif. Do not forget to express your w
PipExpert Test
Josemar Pinheiro
Description PipExpert is a fully automated forex robot that detects entry points and seeks to close with some profit. Profit optimized technique. Does not use Martingale or grid system. Easy to use. Parameters Expert ID: - Unique expert number. Lot Order: order lot Maximum spread in points: Maximum spread allowed. Maximum slippage in points: Maximum slippage. Stop Loss in Pips: - Stop Loss in Pips. Take Profit in Pips: Minimum profit to close the position in Pips (realization will occur wh
Adaptive Stochastic
Rasoul Mojtahedzadeh
5 (4)
Stochastic Oscillator is one of the most popular and accurate oscillators widely used by traders to capture overbought and oversold areas of price action. Although the Stochastic indicator works fine for an interval of the market, it fails to generate profitable signals when the market conditions change, and hence it produces wrong signals resulting in big losses. Have you ever thought about an adaptive Stochastic indicator that adapts its period of calculation based on the market conditions? Th
33 USD
Smart Safe Steady Free
Yaser Sabbaghi
4 (9)
This SMART Expert Advisor trades SAFE and STEADY a nd manages all position's risk. This is why we call it Smart Safe Steady . Features Scalper: It is Scalper EA, but does not accept risk a lot to trade over sized, although you can bypass it's default setting in your own risk. Conservative: It is not going to keep trades open in high volatile market so it is SAFE and would close the trades even in zero profit. Martingale: This is not loss accepting so in case of loss, it runs special type of M
EA Bravissimo XAUUSD h1 MT4  Made for optimization. At the request of some professional traders. EA Bravissimo XAUUSD Live results     XAUUSD . Timeframe   H1 The minimum deposit is $ 1000 when trading 0.1% per trade.  The Expert Advisor is based on   classic, time-tested indicators . Also, some strategies use     Price Action . Every trade is protected by a stop loss    No   martingale,   no   grid,   no   high risk strategies. All strategies used here are trend following and reve
170 USD
Highly configurable Bollinger Bands indicator. Features: Highly customizable alert functions (at levels, crosses, direction changes via email, push, sound, popup) Multi timeframe ability Color customization (at levels, crosses, direction changes) Linear interpolation option Works on strategy tester in multi timeframe mode (at weekend without ticks also) Parameters: Bollinger Bands Timeframe:  You can set the lower/higher timeframes for Bollinger Bands. Bollinger Bands   Bar Shift: Y ou can set
Mommentum Channel
Nesimeye Oswald
5 (1)
Momentum channel is a simple momentum based system yet with a great degree of accuracy in detecting turning points. The market momentum are defined by Average True Range Channels . When price breaks these channels most times , it is an indication of a shift in market momentum and thus a possible new trend formation. The system can be traded on any time frame and symbol and can also be used to trade commodities and stocks. INPUT MENU ATR_Period :  Average True Range Momentum Period ATRMultip :
Round Number By Pips
Nguyen Thanh Sang
5 (2)
Indicator draws Round Number lines by distance of pips. 1. You can enable / disable indicator to show / hide the lines. 2. You can set distance of pips between the lines. 3. You can edit the number of lines.  4. You can edit properties of lines by inputs (style (DASH, DOT, SOLID, ...) , width (1 for DASH, DOT, 2 is not for DASH, DOT, it only SOLID), color). When indicator is deleted from the chart, the lines will be removed.
Update: For those who want to manually backtest this indicator, check this tool https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/59248 The indicator will help make your calculation of stop loss easier as it will be visually aiding you in choosing where to put your stoploss level on the chart by calculating the current value of ATR indicator. For those who are unfamiliar with ATR, it is a useful indicator to calculate stoploss for trend following strategy. If volatility is high, ATR stoploss level will b
Trend Venom EA
WebTech Media Ltd
The Trend Venom EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that trades based on Moving Average and RSI signals. The EA trades using market orders and uses averaging to safely turn otherwise negative trades positive. This EA works best on EURUSD using the M5 timeframe. A VPS is advisable when trading this system. Check the comments for back test results and optimized settings. Please note: I have made the decision to give this EA away and many more for free with limited support so that I can concentr
Индикатор iVeles_Perfect_Oscilator является опережающим и одним из самых лучших осциляторов на сегодняшний день,  использует специализированный расчет текущих цен графика.  Очень качественно и своевременно показывает смену направления, очень точный подход к уровням перекупленности и перепроданности, что позволяет своевременно принять решение по сделке.  Работает качественно на любом ТФ и с любым инструментом. Параметры: period_Osc - период расчетов average_Osc  - усреднение  МА method_Osc - прим
125 USD
External Bar
Georgi Gaydarov
Simple indicator that shows external ( outside ) bars. In certain cases, external bars can be seen as strong trend bars instead of range bars. This can be observed when a with-trend external bar occurs at a reversal from a strong trend. It will help you notice more easily different patterns like - Inside-outside-inside, Inside- Inside -inside, outside - Inside -outside, etc. Works perfectly with my other free indicators Internal bar and Shadows Inputs: How many history bars to calculate on l
automatically sets a pre set take profit and stop loss on all orders that lack the selected stop(orders without sl/tp or both). This enables quicker opening of orders especially if you use a common take profit, stop loss or both for all orders of a current pair. You only need to open orders without having to calculate your stops and no matter how many orders you have opened the EA will set stops for you as long as you have attached the EA on the currency pairs chart. For pending orders the EA
100 USD
This indicator is a free version of Double Top Tracker . Unlike the full version, some functions are disabled and the parameters cannot be changed. This indicator analyzes in parallel price charts for multiple currency pairs on all timeframes and notifies you as soon as a double tops or double bottoms pattern has been identified. The alert occurs when the the second peak has been reached. Double Top is a trend reversal pattern which are made up of two consecutive peaks that are more and less eq
Pavel Shutovskiy
4.25 (4)
The script sets Fibonacci levels on the chart using maximums and minimums visible on the chart. The script names Fibo with such timeframe on which it has been launched (Fibo D1 or Fibo M30, etc.), therefore preserving previously constructed levels on different time charts. This instrument will be useful for those who start studying Fibonacci levels and those who need to form these levels in a speedy fashion. The script does not have additional settings. Fibonacci lines can be amended in standard
Trend Mate Scanner
5 (1)
This product is based on the single indicator TREND MATE. Link: https://www.mql5.com/es/market/product/50082 The aim of this EA is to watch for all pairs in a single panel in order to have a quick view of changes or new uptrends/downtrends. It is possible to watch from your mobile by sending push notifications when changes appear. If you want to have all push notifications for even exit trends you may receive multiple messages.
FFx Money Flow Index
Eric Venturi-Bloxs
5 (4)
The purpose of this new version of the MT4 standard indicator provided in your platform is to display in a sub-window multiple timeframes of the same indicator. See the example shown in the picture below. But the display isn’t like a simple MTF indicator. This is the real display of the indicator on its timeframe. Here's the options available in the FFx indicator: Select the timeframes to be displayed (M1 to Monthly) Define the width (number of bars) for each timeframe box Alert pop up/sound/ema
This tool will remove buttons and text labels from the chart, after you remove Trading box Order management or Trading box Technical analysis. You just need to drag this tool to your chart and after cleanup of objects is finished, the tool will remove itself from the chart. Please check images below that present Before and After using the Removal tool. There is also a short YouTube video at the bottom to show how easy it is to clean your chart after using Trading box tools. - input variable "
This Expert Advisor constantly monitors the balance and P / L of your trading account to avoid costly withdrawals and / or taking profits. When a certain drawdown or profit target is reached, the EA will warn, close all trades. Very simple setting, set the Take profit and the stop loss (in money) and the expert will start to monitor the orders that are manual or from another expert, and once the profit or stop loss point has been set, the expert will close all the positions with the classic "Bas
Chart Drawing Cloner
Robert Gerald Wood
5 (3)
This Script allows you to copy drawing objects of any type, like trend lines, Fibonachi Retracements etc, to one or more other charts. By default, the script will copy all the objects on the current chart, that is the chart the script was applied to, to any other chart of the same Symbol currently loaded. Settings DestinationTimeframe When set to anything other than PERIOD_CURRENT, then it will copy the objects to any open chart of the same Symbol as the chart the script was applied to. If
Close Tool MT4
Iioang Cihiinihi Thlanhi
A utility to close all orders automatically.  There are simple options as follows: - Close orders created by EA . - Close manually created orders. - Close orders by Symbol . - Close buy order separately. - Close sell order separately. - Close all orders. Please refer to the video for more details about our products: We are ready to help you with the use of EA, Please contact us.
OsMA Arrow
Pavel Shutovskiy
4.5 (8)
The indicator displays crossing zero level by Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA) in the form of arrows. The indicator notifies about a signal by means of a pop-up Alert window, or sending notification to e-mail. Parameters Fast EMA Period - fast EMA. This is an exponential moving average from a price with a short period. Slow EMA Period - slow EMA. This is also an exponential moving average of a market price but with a longer period. Signal SMA Period - MACD SMA. This is a signal line which i
Binary options tester Trading panel to test your strategies according to the rules of binary options. Scope: Set the percentage of profit from the transaction. Set the expiration time in seconds. Set the bet size Set the Deposit amount. Make several deals in a row. Keep track of the time before expiration. The tick chart with trade levels is duplicated to an additional window for accuracy. It allows you to work both in the testing mode and in the real quotes mode. The program gives an idea of bi

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