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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 41

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Stochastic Rsi Style
Javier Morales Fernandez
Because style matters I know how annoying it is to click properties every time to change the candle’s color, the background to light or dark, and put or remove the grid. Here is the solution with one click: Three customizable buttons to choose the candle style that traders want. One button to switch between Day and Night mode. One button to show or hide the Grid on the charts.  *****On the settings, you can choose where the buttons should be displayed on the screen***** Please consider checking
Smart Keys Sniper Entry
Stephen Sanjeeve Sahayam
This 2 in 1 trade manager is ideal for trading candle breakouts. It can cost average a trade by placing additional limit orders on pullbacks. This ensures you get the best price on all your positions and a higher RR on your wins. Risk is calculated by the most recently closed candle height. The trade assistant buttons help manage all manually placed orders. Use it with any entry method; price action or indicators and for any trading style; scalping, intraday or swing trading. Features: Trade ca
60 USD
Trend Switch by LataLab
Olena Kondratenko
3 (2)
A unique author's strategy that simultaneously determines the trend reversal, entry points and estimated profit levels for each transaction. The indicator can determine entry points on any trading period, starting with the M5 chart to W1. At the same time, for the convenience of the user, an arrow is always drawn at a certain point and the recommended profit levels (Take Profit1, Take Profit2, Manual Take Profit) the Stop Loss level is also displayed. A great advantage of the indicator  Trend S
79 USD
Paulo Martins Barbosa Junior
Concept Crypto Trend  is a system that identify the safest cryptocurrency price trends. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth . It does not need to be constantly updated as it adapts naturally to varied market conditions. No martingale, no grid, no hedge, no other dangerous strategy. Only strict rule-based approach to trading, allowing to maximise return while having risks under control . As a free version, this EA just opens sell orders and the lotsize is limited to 0.01.
Dart X1
Jorge Eliezer Gaitan
Scanner type indicator, allows you to view information about all the active symbols in metatrader 4. You can see the size of the spread, trend in M5, M15, M30, H1, H4. It also allows to open a chart on the selected symbol and timeframe. Also, you can see the time left to close the current candle. Finally, you can view the value of the indicators: RSI, CCI and Estocasty. But the green color indicates a possible uptrend and the red color a possible downtrend.
This is a user-defined algorithm based on MACD, which adds a signal line to make this indicator look like the MACD style popular in mainland China. At the same time, a pop-up box is added to indicate the buying or selling signal when two signal lines cross. The yellow signal line shall wear the pink signal line, the pink signal line below, and the yellow signal line above, indicating long. Under the yellow signal line, wear the pink signal line, under the yellow signal line, and above t
About Scanner: It will show you the Higher/Lower Highs and Lows of zigzag price. Use it to keep track of best ongoing trends and price ranges. Detailed blog post with free 2 weeks demo (till Sep-2,2022): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/750232 Symbols: HH: Higher Highs HL: Higher Lows When price makes higher and higher Highs or higher Lows: It will count Zigzag in reverse and find total number of last "Higher Highs" and "Higher Lows" or "Lower Lows" and "Lower Highs". LL: Lower Lows
32 USD
Loop Pattern EA
Alexander Chertnik
5 (1)
Loop Pattern EA is an automatic long term strategy trader. Minimum trading account 10,000. Best performance on GBPUSD 1h. This EA calculates amount of candles back controllable by the user and applies certain function:     if   (calculate_Green_Body()>calculate_Red_Body() &&       calculate_Green_High()<calculate_Red_Low() && newcandle())      {  buy(); } ...           There are no stoploss or takeprofit and the trades closes then the opposite signal arrives. this EA operates only once per ba
Thomas Bradley Butler
IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE TRYING,BUYING. This is an indicator requiring higher faculties of the mind and is not a plug an play.  There are no short cuts in trading. One hour time frames are used or if combined with market profile, 30 minutes is used.  This indicator is for trading the highs and lows of the day.  Take one or two trade per day.  A low area node traded to a high area node and exit is an example.  Volume nodes are indicative of much accumulation or a sharp move.  Accumulation
Vino Free EA
Dorian Baranes
4.12 (17)
This EA is a free version of Vino EA . Unlike the full version, the parameters cannot be changed and the lot size is set to 0.01. Description Vino EA is a grid Expert Advisor using mainly customized oscillators to analyze the market prices and volatility in order to identify trend reversals. It uses a grid of orders which increases the lot size only after the stop loss is reached. It includes an automatic stop loss, which computes the stop loss value based on the volatility of prices. Requi
Introduction to GARCH Indicator GARCH is the short initial for Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity and it is the volatility prediction model commonly used in financial industry. GARCH model was first appeared in the work by Danish Economist, Tim Peter Bollerslev in 1986. The 2003 Nobel Prize winner, Robert F Engle also added much contribution for the refinement of GARCH model with Tim’s work. Our GARCH INM predictor took the original method of Nelder Mead for GARCH model bu
Roman Lipatov
4.33 (6)
This panel is designed for quick visual search for the price action patterns on several instruments simultaneously. It is possible to add and remove instruments. Clicking the signal button allows you to quickly move to the chart with the identified pattern and timeframe. The panel searches for 8 candlestick patterns: PIN-BAR, EXTERNAL BAR, INSIDE BAR, DOJI, LEVEL, HIGH/LOW OF N BAR, FAKEY, ONE-WAY N BAR. Any of the patterns can be disabled by clicking its title. It can also search in history (by
75 USD
The STP Trade Manager is a utility tailored to the ST Patterns strategy by Vladimir Poltoratskiy ( www.stpatterns.com ) While specifically made for this strategy, it can also be used for other trade management. Especially when you have a need for quickly making trades and risk management. It is a huge time saver and helps in quickly drawing the different ST Patterns corridors. People familiar with the ST Patterns strategy will recognize and above all; appreciate the functions of this EA.
70 USD
Elite Renko
Jermaine Wedderburn
5 (2)
Renko Charts with Heiken Ashi Filter now have the alerts and the    Win-rate . Now you can know which signal will give you that edge your trading needs. Risk to Reward Settings  Wins versus Losses Count There are four alert types to choose from for notification on screen, email or phone notification. The alert types also have buffers for use with automation. This indicator can be incorporated with any system that requires renko charts. The four (4) alert types are: Three-bar Formation ;  Pinbar
35 USD
Ska ZigZag Line
Ska ZigZag Line indicator determines the overbought and oversold regions within a trend. The indicator determines the overbought region by the candlestick high and the oversold region by the candlestick low in a form of a line. To utilize the full strategy i recommend using "Ska ZigZag Line" together with "Ska ZigZag BuySell". NOTE: This indicator is a line based indicator. HOW TO USE: Sell Signal; Place a sell trade when the Ska ZigZag BuySell indicator arrow appear on top of the Ska ZigZag Lin
Download the free version here. Scalping Strategy BUY    SELL   Having a strategy in the market is one of the main conditions for trading. The presence of various and complicated indicators and tools sometimes makes trading difficult, and the user gets confused after trying various methods and gets stuck in a loss cycle, the result of which is usually clear. This indicator is a simple strategy based on the detection of pivots and short-term trends, which helps you to easily trade in trend
30 USD
[ Introduction ] . [ Installation ] Introduction Python is a high level programing language with a nice package management giving user different libraries in the range from TA to ML/AI. Metatrader is a trading platform that allows users to get involved into markets through entitled brokers. Combining python with MT4 would give user an unprecedented convienance over the connection of brokers and the freedom of library utilization. The potential of your EA now becomes unlimited as you can create
The Variations Moving Average indicator has eight types of non-standard moving averages. Double MA - DMA Triple MA - TMA Hull MA - HMA Jurik MA - JMA Adaptive MA - AMA Fractal Adaptive MA - FAMA Volume Weighted MA - VWMA Variable Index Dynamic MA - VIDMA Works as a trend indicator. Indicator settings Type MA Shift MA Show Trend Period MA Method MA Applied Price MA Color MA
MA Line MT4
Erwin Rustandi
3 (2)
MA Line   A cross between the candlestick and the moving average line. MA Line is Expert Advisor which is very simple by working as below: Buy Condition 1. Perivious open candle bellow MA Line 2. Previous close candle above MA Line Sell Condition 1. Perivious open candle above MA Line 2. Previous close candle below MA Line EA Parameter - Time Filter - Lot - MA Period - MA Method - Stop Loss - Take Profit - Trailing Start - Trailing Step - Trailing Stop - Magic Number
NOTE : This Free version only works for the EURUSD & AUDUSD Symbol ! MT4 Version Available Here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/48040 MT5 Version Available Here:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/50538 Telegram Channel & Group :  https://t.me/bluedigitsfx V.I.P Group Access:   Send Payment Proof to our Inbox Recommended Broker:   https://eb4.app/BDFXOsprey * Non-Repainting  Indicator To Trade Divergences for any Newbie or Expert Trader ! BlueDigitsFx's OBV Divergence
Harmonic ABCD Universal
Mihail Matkovskij
5 (2)
The indicator displays harmonic ABCD patterns, as well as the market entry points, which allows the trader to make trading decisions quickly. Harmonic ABCD Universal is one of the few indicators that predict price movement by determining pivot points with a rather high probability long before the pivot itself. It supports sending push and email notifications, as well as alerts. The indicator scans all possible combinations on the chart for the current moment, and also in history, with the help o
99 USD
aleksandr butkov
5 (1)
Free version of BBarsio Expert Advisor, which is intended only for AUDCAD pair. Works with a fixed minimum lot ! The Expert Advisor uses a weighted scalping strategy. Currency pair: AUDCAD. Timeframe: M5-M15. The advisor's strategy: the advisor finds possible reversal / trend continuation points; filters out some of the false signals; entry into the deal with only one order !!! exit from a trade by take profit or by a signal of a possible reversal; Default settings for M5. The Expert
Der Ichimoku EA handelt vollautomatisch  Du bekommst hier einen tollen EA mit extra Zubehör, Kostenlos ! Er verwendet keine gefährlichen Strategien wie Martingale oder Gritter usw. Bei diesem EA kannst du vieles nach deinen Wünschen, oder nach meinem Set einstellen. Zusätzlich hat er einen News Filter, er pausiert die trades während der eingestellten Zeit. Zusätzlich erhöht er auf Wunsch die lots Grösse automatisch. Der Backtest und die trades wurden mit IC Markets gemacht Hebel 1:500 Zer
If an Expert Advisor cannot make profit on any instrument or any timeframe, it is a bad Expert Advisor. This algorithm used the regularities inherent to any market. You can adjust this EA for working on virtually any instrument, or even on all of them at once, it all depends on your trading style. The algorithm determines the reversal points with a certain probability based on the statistical data. The market is considered to be a random process. A random process has a normal distribution of pro
Cross MA
Cumhur Yugnuk
2.5 (2)
Expert advisor based on your own personal moving average strategy. Whatever your strategy is, it's him. You can use it on all parities. No restrictions. Settings : Buy Settings 1.Moving Average Period 1.Moving Average Method 2.Moving Average Period 2.Moving Average Period Buy Lot Size Buy Stop Loss Level Buy Take Profit Level Sell Settings 3.Moving Average Period 3.Moving Average Method 4.Moving Average Period 4.Moving Average Period Sell Lot Size Sell Stop Loss Level Sell Take Profit Level
To download MT5 version please click  here . The Volume Oscillator measures volume by analyzing the relationship between two Moving Averages. The Volume Oscillator indicator subtracts a fast MA from slow MA. The fast and slow MA periods are configurable via input tab. Volume indicators are an ingredient of trading systems to avoid entry in thin liquidity markets. Having set a threshold on Volume Oscillator you can avoid entering chop. Buffers are available to access via EA.
Blahtech Better Volume
Blahtech Limited
5 (1)
Was: $49    Now: $49   Blahtech Better Volume provides an enhanced version of the vertical volume bars. Each bar is compared to the previous 20 bars. Depending on its volume, range and volume density it will be assigned a state and colour. Low Volume – Minimum volume High Churn   – Significant volume with limited movement Climax Neutral –   High volume with unclear direction Climax Up   – High volume with bullish direction Climax Dn   – High volume with bearish direction Climax Churn – High vo
49 USD
Iurii Tokman
5 (2)
ChannelRSI4   The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator with dynamic levels of overbought and oversold zones. Dynamic levels change and adjust to the current changes in the indicator and prices, and represent a kind of channel. Indicator settings period_RSI - Averaging period for calculating the RSI index. applied_RSI - The applied price. It can be any of the price constants: PRICE_CLOSE - Closing price, PRICE_OPEN - Opening price, PRICE_HIGH - Maximum price for the period, PRICE_LOW - Minim
Trade Report
Stanislav Shtiliyanov
5 (2)
Very good tool for statistics, shows the moment and history, you can observe instant profit, profit - loss in pips, money, etc. I still have a lot of useful indicators for free, if anyone wishes you can write to me. You can keep your records by magic number, also only for a specific hour or year or day. For more information, welcome to our Telegram Group.  https://t.me/InfinXx
Channels Indicator
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
4 (1)
Channels indicator does not repaint as its based on projecting the falling and raising channels. As a trader you need a path to be able to place your buy and sell trades such as: Supply  and Demand , Falling & raising channels. Falling and raising channels can be in any time frame and also can be in all time frames at the same time and the price always flows within these channels. Experienced trades will draw the key levels and channels around the timeframes. But, they will not be able to draw
Heikin-Ashi-Sniper is a perfect addition to your portfolio. It is meant to be traded on EURUSD on H1 Timeframe. It uses Heikin-Ashi High and Low/High of Monthly timeframe to determine optimal entry signals while having a reasonably low drawdown More EA´s will be published shortly to complete the Portfolio. The EA Trades not very frequently it waits for the right chance and places the order. The rest of the time, your capital is free to be traded on other strategies Please see backtest results
If you like this project, leave a 5 star review. Follow on instagram: borelatech As institutionals trade large volumes, it is not uncommon for them to try to defend their position at specific percentage levels. These levels will serve as a natural support and resistance which you can use either to enter a trade or be aware of possible dangers against your position. This oscillator will show you the percentage variation for the: Day. Week. Month. Quarter. Year. In a subwindow where you trace yo
Averager NEW
Oleg Popov
3.29 (7)
Expert Advisor Features trailing profit in the deposit currency (Trailing Stop Money) closing by a profit or loss in the deposit currency opening orders at a specified time managing positions opened manually or by another Expert Advisor calculating initial lot based on the current balance limiting the maximum lot volume choosing trading type several types and methods of averaging visually displays the current breakeven price, draws horizontal lines "Line break even BUY"-blue, "Line break even
Aragorn mt4
Valentin Markelov
1 (2)
Aragorn mt4 Aragorn mt4 is an Expert Advisor that includes trading, it can be used on any currency pairs Aragorn mt4 uses take profit and stop loss to hedge our trades Aragorn mt4 was tested for a long time in the strategy tester, and it also showed positive results in real time. This Expert Advisor includes the interaction of several indicators at once   According to numerous tests, the best periods for trading are: M30, H1, H4, D1   Symbols that are preferred for trading EUR/NZD,
100 USD
The 'Open Price Range' MT5 Indicator is a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading experience by automatically tracking market openings, custom ranges, sessions, and Asian ranges. This dynamic indicator is perfect for price action traders, offering unparalleled precision and accuracy without any manual effort. Key Features: Asian Range Visualization: The indicator automatically visualizes the Asian range. London Open Price Range: Automatically displays the London open price range. New Yor
59 USD
Telegram MT4 Order Channel Manager is a tool to manage order and send text message to channel through Telegram chat app . Attention: This EA can only work for One Telegram Bot in One MT4 Account . If you want to attach to another account, you should make new Telegram Bot and use new token for that account . It does not work in backtest. Watch the video to see how it works. There are 9 menu to choose: 1. Account Info - Gives information about Balance, Equity, Profit, Order List. 2. Quotes - Gives
65 USD
Arrows appear after Reversal-Pattern and when the confirmation-candle reaches its value, it won't disappear (no repaint). but with fix settings no additional settings necessary Entry : immediately after arrow Stop loss : a few pips above the high of the arrow - candle / below the low of the arrow - candle Take Profit : at least the next candle / move to break even after candle closed / trail the SL works on : Major Forex-pairs / M15 and higher time-frames The Value of the  confirmation-candle =>
69 USD
Predict the future
Tat Dat Nguyen
5 (2)
Future prediction is something any trader would love to know, through this simple prediction algorithm can give a picture of the future. This algorithm is based on past data and the average prices of the data to simulate future candles. This is an indicator that will be redrawn. This indicator is completely free, can be used as a trend reference but absolutely do not use for trading.
Blahtech Moving Average
Blahtech Limited
4.5 (6)
Blahtech Moving Average indicator is a multitimeframe version of the standard Moving Average indicator. It is also enhanced with customisable alerts, period breaks and other configuration options. The 50 day and 200 day moving averages are widely followed by investors and traders, with breaks above and below the MA lines considered to be signals of interest. Links [  Install  |  Update  |   Training   |   All Products  ] Feature Highlights Up to three timeframes Configurable calculation variab
Paul Reymkhe
4.63 (8)
TradingInfo shows you detailed Information about your Account. It also shows you your Profit, Trades, Ratio and the Spread of current Chart. With integrated function "Draw Profit" you will get all your Orders drawn with Profit on the Chart. You can use it on any Chart and any Timeframe, also for manual Trading or an EA. With this powerful Tool you have a great overview of your Account. TradingInfo Inputs Menu Background color - the color of menu Manu Label color - the color of the font Menu in
This indicator calculates gann support and resistance prices with use gann pyramid formulation and draw them on the chart. And If you want, Indicator can alert you when the current price arrive these pivot levels. Alert Options: Send Mobil Message, Send E-mail, Show Message and Sound Alert Levels: S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 Inputs:  GannInputPrice: Input price for gann pyramid formulation. GannInputDigit: How many digit do you want to use for calculation formula. (The number and the
Time Frame Changer
Seamlessly switch between 13  (9 mt4 default and 4 popular custom)  time frame with this tool. Real ease of switching between default and custom time frames. Note indicator does not create custom time frame chart data, it only enables you to switch to and from them. Creating a custom time frame can be done using the default mt4 period converter script attached to a lesser default mt4 time frame. Example attach period converter on M1 and set period multiplier to 10 to have a custom M10 chart. 
Three Soldiers
Nedyalka Zhelyazkova
The three white soldiers and the three black crows candlestick patterns are reversal patterns that predict a change in the direction of a trend.  The pattern consists of three consecutive long-bodied candlesticks that open within the previous candle's real body and a close that exceeds the previous candle's.  It's important to note that both formations are only valid when they appear after a strong uptrend or a downtrend, while their efficiency decreases in choppy markets. Inputs AlertOn   - e
MT4 to Tlgrm
Fernando Morales
4.6 (10)
Do not use Windows 7 with this EA MT4toTLGRM EA only sends text messages from Metatrader4 to a Telegram group or channel of your choice. From version 4.23 it sends messages to Discord, Twitter and Facebook. The messages are customizable to show information about any trading activity in the account. Also it shows a daily PnL report. Several instances of this EA can be used simultaneously in the same MT4 terminal for sending messages to different Telegram group/channel but ensure that each one ha
Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, channel trend trading Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT4 Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT5 Local Trading copying Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 Local Trading copying For DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 DEMO Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 DEMO Can set the cycle for other varieties of K line graph covered this window, fluctuations obse
Get FREE Advanced Online Course and Learn About Our Advanced Trading System, Link in the Bio!  Click Here.  Our Mission and Vision: Why Am I Even Here? Here is The Deal Brother, We Offer: Premium Quality Indicators: The Highest Quality Possible Algorithms. Unlimited Activations: Can be used on Unlimited number of Computers, MT4s and MT5s for lifetime. Inexpensive Prices: 30$ is the lowest price possible, Knowing that more than 50% of our Indicators are 100% FREE. But Why Am I telling You thi
This semaphore indicator is based in the standard RSI, which is applied over the Envelopes indicator that shows an envelope or envelope fluctuation borders. This is a version of RSI vs Envelopes drawn in the symbol window . A sell signal emerges when the upper envelope/border is broken by the RSI indicator from top to bottom. A buy signal emerges when the lower envelope/border is broken by the RSI indicator from bottom upwards. The indicator can draw arrows on the indicator, draw vertical lines
Issara Seeboonrueang
Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope the above is useful to you. MT MERIT OBOS (Over Bought and Over Sold zone) : It is an indicator created to find reverse signals of over bought and over sold zone. Suitable for people who trade by yourself, do not use with ea  (non auto trade) manage risk management by yourself (Stop Loss,TP, Risk Reward, Martingale technique, ...) and fundamental analysis help to choose a
30 USD
The indicator shows the channel in which the price moves The algorithm for calculating the indicator is based on Fibonacci numbers, and also depends on the volatility of the instrument. Corrections and price reversals are most likely near the channel borders. Allows you to conduct trend and counter trend trade within the channel It works on all timeframes, on any currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrency Can be used when working with binary options Distinctive features Shows clear boundaries o
Telegram Alerts
Gad Benisty
4.8 (25)
This application is now replaced by Ofir Notify Light Edition (Free) or Ofir Notify (paid). Thank all for your positive feedbacks. Ofir Notify is a tool which send alerts on trades to Telegram Alert on any event concerning a position : Opening, Closing, modification (SL, TP) Send alerts to Chats, Groups and Channel Alert on Equity change Display Risk, Reward and progress of profit/lost for each position Customization of alerts ( only in full edition ) Sending charts screenshots with alerts 
ST Engulfing
Curtis Daniel Jr -
Engulfing candlestick patterns are   comprised of two bars on a price chart. They are used to indicate a market reversal. The second candlestick will be much larger than the first, so that it completely covers or 'engulfs' the length of the previous bar. By combining this with the ability to look at trend direction this indicator eliminates a lot of false signals that are normally generated if no overall trend is taken into consideration
2 EMA Color Alerts Indicator is a powerful tool for any trader looking to stay on top of market movements. By using exponential moving averages (EMAs), this indicator can provide early warning signals for potential market reversals and trend changes. One of the key features of the 2 EMA Color Alerts Indicator is its customizable alerts. With this feature, traders can set their own parameters for receiving alerts, such as the EMA periods and the type of alert (e.g. sound, pop-up, email). This al
Anchor Trading S.R.L.S.
3.5 (4)
Simulator for Risk / Reward ratio calculator We-RiskReward is a MT4 indicator made by the We-Trading team to simulate an order with Risk / Reward calculator. Horizontal Lines This indicator show you 3 horizontal lines that are: Open line Take Profit line Stop Loss line You can move the lines and you will see R/R and Lots calculation in real time. You can use it to simulate Long and Short positions. Indicator parameters As input parameters you need to check only the Risk for trade. For e.g. y
Dmitriy Sychev
4.42 (12)
DStochastic is an improved version of the classic Stochastic oscillator with an added moving average. The indicator dampens the market noise, determines the direction of the market and reduces the number of false signals. We have also added a function of multicolor signal line display of increase and decrease by means of dots. The blue dots indicate the development of an ascending trend, the red dots - descending. Similar to all standard oscillators, DStochastic can be combined with all trend in
Vladimir Gribachev
4.75 (4)
Innovative Grid Advisor. Applies a strategy based on price volatility. Trading begins when the price rises by N points from the close price of the previous bar, for N minutes from the time the current bar opened. If during the allotted time the price has not exceeded N values ​​from the average price volatility (ATR) in% / pips, then trading is suspended until the start of the new bar. MT5 version of the adviser  link Applies dynamic levels of stop orders, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop
45 USD
Giordan Cogotti
NEW VERSION 2.0 What's new: -Improvement and variation of the input logic -Added input trigger filter option -Added Martingale option -Variation and improvement in cross correlation -Bug fix that prevented opening on some brokers -Bug fix that prevented opening on CENT accounts -Information panel color change THE BACKTEST REFERS TO THE SINGLE CURRENCY AND DOES NOT TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE CORRELATION WITH OTHER CROSSES NUKE is a Forex robot that can simultaneously trade up to
30 USD
ZigZag New
Navdeep Singh
5 (3)
Informative & optimized Zigzag, Accumulated volume, Price change   A rewrite of the traditional zigzag tool with new additions. Features:- Optimized code Displays accumulated volume between peaks Displays price change between peaks Usage:- Identify trend swings Identify high volume swings Compare price changes between swings Drawing Fibonacci tool on strong price change or high volume swings
This indicator offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for traders seeking optimal entries in scalping strategies. Leveraging moving averages and stochastic indicators, it employs a systematic approach to identify favorable trade opportunities. The indicator goes beyond mere analysis, actively drawing clear and actionable entry points on your chart, denoted by arrows. Moreover, it provides the convenience of alerts to ensure you never miss these potential setups. Key Features and Benefits:
Pointer Sync
Sergio D. Rocha
4.29 (7)
This indicator plots a crosshair pointer in all charts of the terminal in the position relative to the active chart. To activate the Pointer Sync, just press the "+" button that will appear in one of the 4 corners of the chart where the indicator is added. To deactivate the Pointer Sync, just press the "+" button again. Once Pointer Sync is deactivated, the cross lines will disappear in all charts as well. You can adjust the color of the pointers and the button, the corner where the button appea
30 USD
Breakout Trend Lines
Alexander Nikolaev
5 (2)
The indicator draws lines based on the price Highs and Lows, as well as slant trend lines. Break through the trend line, High or Low usually indicates trend change (or continuation). Once the price moves through a line, and the candlestick closes, the indicator draws an appropriate arrow (also, you can enable alerts). This indicator is easy to use, but nevertheless, there are many trading strategies, which are based on a breakthrough of the trend lines. The number of candlesticks used to determi
30 USD
KN13 Ind
Yriy Doronin
The uniqueness of the KN-13 Ind indicator allows you to see order books on the chart. It is based on the algorithm for order book traders. The MT4 terminal chart displays the depth of the order book and the time of its formation. The direction displays the color, this allows us to understand the market mood in the most informative way. The settings allow you to dynamically adjust to any trading mode both for scalping and for medium and long-term trading.
30 USD
Yriy Doronin
The indicator is created using a unique algorithm that has no analogues. Based on the calculations, the contract price itself and the percentages displayed in it are calculated, which are displayed in the indicator in the form of histograms in two drawing options, as well as in six options for displaying prices on a chart in various combinations, which allows you to accurately see the interest of all trading participants in the form of drawing levels support and resistance. Trading decisions can
300 USD
The indicator works on calculating the price delta. Most likely determines the direction of the market. It works in two modes, calculation for each candle and total calculation of a group of candles. It is used for MT4, works on all instruments. It does not require any settings. Easy to use for all even beginners. Market assessment can be done on all timeframes from 1 minute and above. Instructions for use in the video. Current issues can be discussed in telegram chat, link under the video. Good
30 USD
The XAU/USD Expert runs on MT4, 1 hour timeframe and can also be used as a scalper on 5min. Higher timeframes are not suggested. The standard setting for 1H timeframes are TP=2000 and SL=1000 1:2 RR ratio. The standard setting for Lot size is 0.01. These settings can be adjusted according to your risk management. The Ea was tested on 1year data with a $10k initial deposit and turned out over $500k.  To further improve trading quality, Run this in the optimization to see best parameters that fits
230 USD
Price Matrix
Shellard Securities (Pty) Ltd
The dashboard indicator has been designed to quickly show the trader the price movements of various currency pairs.   The user is able to select 3 different timeframes to analyse. When the pip difference for each respective timeframe is either positive or negative, the pair block will be coloured green or red respectively. This allows the trader to view which timeframes are in agreement, as well as the pip movements therein.   A good visual tool to view multiple pairs and timeframes at once.   T
60 USD
The indicator can display Stop Out, Free Margin and Margin Call lines on the chart. Y ou can also set your own line at the custom level. Displaying these lines on the chart is especially useful for people who trade with high leverage or go all-in, where the risk is very high. You can adjust the line color, style, thickness and visibility ( for each one separately).  The last parameter that can be changed is the refresh interval. If you have open orders on several stocks, the line levels will c
30 USD
Introducing Daily Hedge - Your Advanced Custom Hedge System for Forex Trading Unleash the Power of Daily Hedge - Your Ultimate Trading Companion Experience the next level of trading sophistication with Daily Hedge, an advanced custom hedge system designed to revolutionize your Forex trading experience. With its cutting-edge features and intelligent algorithms, Daily Hedge empowers you to make informed decisions and seize profitable opportunities like never before. Unlocking Advanced Trading Str
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Alberto Cejudo
Indicador basado en ADX que permite apreciar fácilmente las señales de entrada y salida (cruces de D+ y D-) y si se producen en tendencia o sin ella. Además informa del spread actual y del tiempo de barra restante, en la ventana principal del gráfico Los inputs, time-frames, etc  y la configuración es sencilla para el usuario. Muy útil por su aspecto y colorido, diferente al habitual de este indicador. 
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PRICE WILL BE RAISED EVERY MONTH... Scalp Assistant is a support EA that simplifies trading process. - Place multiple order at desired position  - Auto pending order chasing to price current - Auto Trailing Stop - Auto TP on profit - Set TP and SL at one click - Simplified Information - Get started easily I will post more assistant series EA in the future, drop me a message if you have any question or suggestion at pipsstalker1507@gmail.com
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Hey, It's Jannie here (pronounced Yannie). This is a Lot Size EA calculator and not a manual calculator where you need to manually type in the numbers.  It will automatically calculate your lot size based on where you put your stop loss. It will also calculate your risk Reward ratio based on where you decide to take profit.  The moment you click on "Buy" or "Sell" on the calculator; two lines will appear on the chart. One for your Stop Loss, and one for your Take Profit.  The lines will be cle
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