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All Day Scalper

All Day Scalper is a fully automated Expert Advisor that has two methods of fund management, based on secret algorithms and RSI filtering for all-day short-term, ultra-short-line trading – depending on the parameter settings to determine which style. There are many nighttime scalp EAs in the market, but not much in the whole day. Using this EA with other night scalp can enrich your strategy and increase your capital utilization so that your funds are not idle during the day. The figure is a backtest in the most recent year.


Please download the correct parameters in the comments for backtesting and making money. (SET1 is a balance between risk and profit, the author's favorite; SET2 is a high accuracy setting, many people prefer the trading method, but the stop loss is relatively large. Both are EURUSD_M5)

The new 1.30 version with specially crafted parameters has a lower DD and a smoother profit curve.

No Martin strategy, no hedging strategy, will not lead to a burst.

You can trade multiple currencies to share the risk of loss, you need to explore the parameter settings yourself.

All orders have a stop loss.

Flexible and intelligent risk management system.

Advanced entry and exit strategy algorithm.

Not an Asian scalp, don't worry about the spread of the spread.

It's best to use a low spread + low commission + high quality executive broker, which will significantly increase profits, such as ICMarkets, which is the IC's discount account opening link: https://icmarkets.com/?camp=7149


Comment-order note

MAGIC - Order Magic Number, used to identify orders to distinguish them from orders placed under other EAs

Slippage - Maximum Allowable Price Slippage (PIPS)

MaxSpread - Maximum Allowable Spread (PIPS) for Open Positions

Mm-automated fund management

Risk-automated fund management factor

Lots-fixed one-handed number

Takeprofit-Pension Point (PIPS)

Stoploss-stop loss (PIPS)

MAXtrades - Maximum number of open positions at the same time

RSI_period-RSI cycle

Overbought-RSI indicator overbought value, the smaller the value, the more single (recommended 68)

Oversold-RSI indicator oversold value, the greater the value, the more single (recommended 32)

use_MA_close- whether to use the moving average intelligent closing function

MA_period-mean period

Timeout_function - Whether to use the time limit closing function

Timeout-time limit closing time (minutes)

start_hour-EA run start hour

start_minute-EA runs start minutes

end_hour-EA running end hour

end_minute-EA runs end minutes

WinterGMTshift-Server Winter Time (set by your broker)

SummerGMTshift-Server Summer Time (set by your broker)

NY_SummerTime - Is New York Daylight Saving Time (as set by your broker)

The trailing stop function can only be turned on. Can't open at the same time.0 means closed.

The mobile stop loss can only be selected one by one, and cannot be turned on at the same time. Set to 0 to turn off.

Trailing_start-start stop loss point (Point)

Trailing_stop-following points (Point)

Trailing_step-following step (Point)

Unidirectional_overall_trailing_start - the starting point (Point) of all orders in the same direction

Unidirectional_overall_trailing_stop-following points (Point)

Unidirectional_overall_trailing_step-following step (Point)


If you don't know what you are doing, then it's best to use EA as described.

Use risk sharing with other EAs, pay attention to setting different magic numbers.

Be patient, don't panic if you break the damage, this is not Martin EA, damage is inevitable.

Farooq Majoka
Farooq Majoka 2018.11.29 02:27 

Great developer, very attentive and open to suggestions, bugs are corrected promptly. I must say I am impressed by Backtests and Real results.

--- Read first comment to see real trading comparison to backtests!

--- Updated 2018-11-23 Great Real account results

*** IMPORTANT: Author signal's DrawDown obeys to a higher risk setting, you can adjust it to your liking (higher and lower) with ease***

Testing conditions include (but not limited):

- 99.9% tick data quality

- Floating variable (non capped) spreads.

- Swaps costs.

- Latency simulations up to 350 ms.

- ECN database.

- Expensive 8 USD per lot per round commissions.

- Realistic market hours simulations.


- 15 years BT with stability above 0.9

- Ret/DD metrics above 50.

- High resemblance to forward trading on signal.

- High resemblance between control points and tick data.

- Passes time shift anti-cheat tests.

- Passes multimarket data swap anti-cheat tests.

- Passes multiple timeframe robustness tests, being

Tom sheep
Tom sheep 2018.11.23 00:08 

Have good prospects of gain. In the actual test.

RomanKurz 2018.11.19 20:42 

I am giving this EA a for star rating mainly caused by the very good and active support from the developer.

Backtest with 99% tickstory historical data confirms shown performance.

Will do an update once i have sufficiant proof on real account

Version 1.30 2018.11.25