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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 126

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Introduction Multi Virtual Assistant -  This order management utility tool (expert adviser) manage your existing open positions made by another expert adviser or your manual opened orders and closes them with virtual take profit and stop loss levels. This expert operates in complete stealth (virtual) mode. How to use this utility? It's very simple,open up one chart - any chart and time frame is fine as monitoring controlled from one single chart only. Attach this adviser to it,specify symbols
40 USD
Viktor Shpakovskiy
MartexPO is a moderately aggressive advisor working on a martingale strategy and with the ability to hedge unprofitable positions. Uses pending orders for opening the first order and for hedging. With an asymmetric "lock" - the MartexPO EA is able to independently exit the "lock" with a profit. The MartexPO EA can average orders manually opened by a trader and orders opened by another EA. The EA will be of interest to both beginners and experienced traders. A set files and a complete guide to th
169 USD
Order Squeeze
Sara Sabaghi
5 (1)
Order Squeeze Easy to use indicator to predict the market movement with calculated HIGH important levels. These levels are calculated in the lowest time frame with candle details. Ind calculates the quantity of market tick, volume per tick, and orders per candle. So with this statistical data, you catch the important price levels that supply and demand in the market are attractive for sellers and buyers. Institutes and banks trade with huge order lots and they need a lot of sellers for their BUY
138 USD
1.这是一款趋势ea,目前主要应用于交易黄金,其他货币有待跟进。 2.通过强大的算法尝试计算出行情的高胜算部分进行重仓交易,当胜算较低时,系统会采用轻仓交易,当然也有可能计算失误,造成一定损失,但是在大量的交易中,损失的交易数量会低于盈利的交易数量,从而得到正收益。 3.订单本身没有设置止损,但是有严格的逻辑止损,当逻辑达成时不管当前订单如何,都会进行平仓。 4.偏向于高频交易,一天可能会交易几十甚至上百单子。 5.本EA加载于H1图表。 6.本系统的参数仅需设置最低基础Risk 以及最大的重仓Risk即可,简单易用。 7.如果有什么好的建议或者意见可以联系我,我会尝试加入到系统当中进行测试,最后希望各位都能赚到钱。
300 USD
Auto Scalper 13 - professional automatic scalper for GBPUSD, M5 timeframe. This bot automatically analyzes the market using 13 analytical indicators and trades completely automatically. Each time after the orders are closed, the robot can send you information about the state of the balance by email and push. 3 full-time programmers and 10 freelance programmers worked on the creation of this robot, which is a total of 13 people. The number 13 was mysteriously encountered throughout the developme
69 USD
This indicator is used to show the PERFECT TREND . All Time Frame charts are available. The trend is determined based on the Cycle, Price and Volatility. This Trend Indicator will give 5 output values: Cycle Period: 48 is default Graph Place: 0  Means Main Windows  - 1 means Sub Windows (you can use in your indicator) NumBars: you can decide how many older Bar use Short Trend Color : You can decide which color to use for Short Trend Long Trend Color : You can decide which color to use for Lo
349 USD
Smart Pullback System
Paulo Martins Barbosa Junior
Offer Special price for short term: $30,00 Concept This EA is a professional trading system based on pullbacks and trend-following multicurrency that uses principles of volatility and support/resistance levels.  Monitoring:            https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/913370 Advantages: It is not a curve fitting, not a tester grail (like most scalpers) and not a system on overoptimized parameters of indicators. The systems are based on fundumental principles which work on many popular in
30 USD
Fast Quantum AI Expert Trading Robots EVERYTHING IS SUCCESSFUL Launch promo: Only 8 left at 30$,For 1 month 60 USD,   For 3 month 120 USD Final price 30$   ,For 1 month 60 USD   ,   For 3 month 120 USD Fast Quantum   AI   Expert   Trading Robots   is a   innovate initiate     SSC model   Real time tracking  pursuit  trend traded  system, based on innovate SSC model and Real time tracking   pursuit  the breakouts of support and resistance levels.  It's a innovate initiate traded on all types of
99 USD
Amyr Shryf Mhmd Salh
The Cycle Identifier MT4 indicator is a great choice of custom indicator for both short-term and long-term traders. The Cycle Identifier MT4 generates filtered price action signals to assist traders to identify when the conditions are right to open buy and sell positions. How it works The Cycle Identifier MT4 indicator displays on a separate indicator chart below the main chart where it draws an oscillating gray line. This gray line is characterized by upward and downward spikes that are accompa
50 USD
Robo =Crisis=   is a completely new unique approach to trading in the "swamp" of trading. Trading in automatic and semi-automatic mode. The robot works according to the current market situation, no stories, redraws, grids and other things. One of the main advantages of the robot is the love of strong volatility. He's not afraid of the news. Absolutely any volatility in the market is our friend. Features of trading: - The adviser includes -  Robo =Crisis=   - 7 currency pairs are strictly used in
59 USD
Grid Panel Allows you to :  Set the number of levels (trades). Lot size and you can do Martingale to raise the lot size for each level. Set distance between levels, and you can manage the distance for each level using   Distance Q. Static TP and SL for each level. You can open : BUY STOP / BUY LIMIT / SELL STOP / SELL LIMIT   (levels in one click). Close all buy orders. Close all sell orders. Close all winning orders. Close all losing orders. Close all orders. Close all Pending BUY orders. Clos
45 USD
UR FrontEndBackEnd
Krzysztof Jan Debski
UR FrontEndBackEnd   UR FrontEndBackEnd   is my favorite formula for finding the most accurate levels of support and resistance. I have also splitted those into different categories (dashed lines, solid lines and areas) to mark how strong they are. All is stored in buffers so they are easy to access and implement within other tools. Addition : The tool may need to be adjusted to the asset it is applied on - asset's differ in terms of nr of digis in the price which affects the tool. The needed
49 USD
Market Reversal Catcher Dashboard indicator looks for market reversal points or major pullback. To do this, it analyzes previous price movements and using a flexible algorithm for estimating the probability of a reversal, also gives recommendations on entry points and sets recommended profit targets for positions opened on a signal. The dashboard is designed to sit on a chart on it's own and work in the background to send you alerts on your chosen pairs and timeframes.   Dashboard does not requi
49 USD
DESCRIPTION Investing indicator help you get signal like Technical Analysis Summary of Investing.com When have signal strong ( Strong buy or Strong sell) at Time Frame M5, M15, H1, The Alert will announce to you HOW TO USE When have signal , you can entry Order and set TP & SL appropriately Recommend : This indicator also Technical Analysis Summary   of Investing.com is  suitable for medium and long term trading
50 USD
Две простых симметричных пробойных трендовых системы для лонгов и шортов, которые работают абсолютно независимо друг от друга. В основе алгоритма открытия позиций пробой ценой по тренду мувинга, сдвинутого по вертикали на фиксированное в настройках эксперта количество пунктов. Входные параметры эксперта разбиты на две большие группы: Для лонгов с префиксом "L"; Для шортов с префиксом "S". Поскольку в данном эксперте две торговые системы, то оптимизировать и тестировать их сперва следует отдель
50 USD
ForexRobot v1
Ulugbek Sadullaev
Представляю Вам полностью автоматизированного торгового советника ForexRobot v1. Данный советник работает круглосуточно. Рекомендую торговать на индексе NASDAQ (#NQ100_m) у брокера Freshforex и на счетах Market Pro, Classic  и ECN. Также можно торговать на EURUSD. Ниже представляю Вам параметры настройки для EURUSD и NASDAQ (#NQ100_m): Для  NASDAQ (#NQ100_m): Переменная  Значение StopLoss                9000 TakeProfit                9000 Order slippage                4 Distance from the price t
669 USD
HEIKEN PLUS is the only indicator you really need to be a successful trader , without in depth knowledge of the forex trading or any tools.  Also there is automatically trading  MT5  EA available   now:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/89517?   with superb SL/TP management!  and sky high profit targets !    MT5 ONLY ! For Metatrader5 version visit:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/83761?source=Site Very suitable tool for new traders or advanced traders too. HEIKEN+ is a co
30 USD
Note: The PRICE IS SUBJECT TO INCREASE AT ANY TIME FROM NOW!! DON'T MISS THIS BEST OFFER. Dear traders once again I am very glad to introduce to you my another trading tool called "Trend Hunter Indicator". This indicator is designed to help traders capture the trend from the beginning or the end of it. It is one of the indicator that if used wisely may  help you improve in your trading decisions. Timeframe   The indicator is for all timeframes Pairs The Indicator is for all pairs. Mar
135 USD
Tron Scalper is indicator designed for scalping. An indicator that gives signals based on the readings of a whole range of standard and proprietary tools. Main Features of Tron Scalper: Analytical functions It can be used on any currency pairs and time frames; The indicator does not redraw; Graphical capabilities Occupies the minimum number of places on the chart; Flexible tinctures; Easy to learn; Tron Scalper consists of The blue line is the RSI indicator; The orange line is a consoli
44.99 USD
Hello; This product creates a scalping strategy using the signals of the cci indicator by determining the strength and direction of the trend with the macd indicator with different period options (mtf). Parameter descriptions: Low lot: Indicates the lowest lot amount. High lot: Indicates the highest lot amount. Stop loss: Calculates the stop loss level in pips. Take profit: Calculates the earnings level in pips. Trailing stop: Calculates the trailing stop level in pips. Trailing
36 USD
The trading strategy used by this EA product comes from the traditional and effective PASR strategy, which includes candle pattern judgment, support pressure level judgment, trend judgment under the currently loaded time frame, and weekly and monthly time frames; the product contains An automated trading system with functions such as multi-currency pairs, trends, trend reversals, etc., no Martin, no grid, no hedging, no scalping; it has a clear stop loss level, and the stop loss method is based
2 398 USD
Hello; This product creates a grid strategy by using the signal levels of the adx indicator. It aims to close the trades with the total profit, thus closing the loop with the profit in dollars you have determined. Parameter settings: Lots: Indicates a fixed lot amount. Lots Margintale: Indicates the lot amount coefficient to be opened in the next trade. Distance Pips: Measures the distance in pips between the next trade and the previous trade. Adx Period: It expresses the number of
41 USD
A technical Indicator Providing Price Convergence Signals along with value. Easy to comprehend, Easy to understand.  This is a helping tool provides best signals. This indicator is designed based on the fundamentals of trade. A very good indicator you can customized its color. A best tool to find trade direction. An adaptive indicator. It constantly adapts to the trade.
30 USD
A basic tool for traders to trade percentile of the value. It indicates both values in the form of digits appeared on the left corner of the screen. Instructions Manual : First choose your desired symbol and then select this tool. Please be remined that this tool is just a helping tool. its upon trader what he chooses. The function of this tool  is just to provide a help in trading. 
30 USD
A value indicator. It is helping tool to indicate the direction of value gain. A best helping tool to trade value. This indicator is equipped with a colored line and a digital tool to indicate value numerically . This indicator also helps to indicate value during trends. A study based on this indicator shows value of trade significantly changes during trends best tool to chase the trends.
30 USD
A very Simple Indicator. It indicates direction of trade and provides signals of best deals. Signal is referred here a point on chart where indicator line turns its direction or converges. This indicator finds underlaying trading asset trade direction and indicates best scenarios of trade as described in screenshots. Where it has run for a period of time and converges to best deal scenarios.       Have a Look!
30 USD
A Good , Easy , Readable and handy indicator. It gives bounded signals between zero and one. Easy for investors to comprehend. It gives near and longer trading outlook to investors and helps them to find good opportunities. Indicator gives zero signal on price downturns and signal value equals to one on price upturns.   Once again a new type of indicator and rangebound between zero and one .
30 USD
Gold Scalping Pro Signal Indicator Pairs : XAUUSD, XAGUSD, Crude OIL , BTCUSD, ETHUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, GBPJPY Setting : Once Market Are Up And Down Side , The Indicator Are Provide Buy And Sell Order Push Notification Time Frame - 5 Mins, 15 Mins, 1 Hour, 4 Hour Additional : You Have Also Trade Manual , Once Trend Power Is Up , Enter Buy  Or Trend Power is Down, Enter Sell 
1 000 USD
Elan is a very powerful auxiliary system that can greatly improve your trading efficiency. It has six unusual systems. 1. Market price Trading system: This trading system enables you to execute market price orders easily, thus achieving very fast order execution. 2. Post management system: Post management system allows you to understand the profit changes of your post in the first time and manage the operation of orders. 3. Order management system: Order management system allows you to trac
500 USD
One of the number sequences is called "Forest Fire Sequence". It has been recognized as one of the most beautiful new sequences. Its main feature is that this sequence avoids linear trends, even the shortest ones. It is this property that formed the basis of this indicator. When analyzing a financial time series, this indicator tries to reject all possible trend options. And only if he fails, then he recognizes the presence of a trend and gives the appropriate signal. This approach allows one t
30 USD
Pro Gold
Ronald Kurniawan
Trading robot for daily profit on XAUUSD market Features: > EA will stop if it has met the daily target, and try to avoid high news , but still finish the position that is still there > scalping > hedging > averaging  works with XAUUSD. Fully automatic adviser, with a system for recovering from losses.  minimum balance $10 (Cent) / $1000 (STD) can use for all broker, but it is advisable to look for a thin spread and no tax contact me to get the best set file
500 USD
Black friday This type of trading attempts to take advantage of speed and computing resources. The operational strategy of the EA is based on the use of an input with signal from the Bollinger Bands, ADX, and CCI with an output on the signal of the Donchian Channel, ATR and Alligator. These parameters are fixed and cannot be optimized. You can optimize money management depending on the capital you have. ====================================================================================
39.99 USD
Golden Scalping & Day Trading Signal Indicator  You Can Enable Or Disable Scalping Signal Option Once Enable For Scalping More Order Signals Option Or Disable For Scalping Option Intraday Signal Option Pairs :   XAUUSD, XAGUSD  - EURUSD, GBPUSD,USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, BTCUSD , USDCHF, GBPJPY Time Frame : 15 Mins, 30 Mins , 1 Hour  5 Purchases left & The Price Increases
1 000 USD
Crypto Guru
Steve Zoeger
Crypto Guru ++++++++++++ Welcome to the Crypto Guru  EA ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My recommendation: use it on very long down trends. The logic behind this robot is....... Check the day trend, and if it’s down for very long time then connect the robot on that chart.(1m/5m/15m/30m/1H/4H up to you). When all signals are in place the robot then opens only buy trend.  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Ea has the following settings: Recommended Pairs all of in a long down trend R
40 USD
Andrey Kozak
Fenixoom is a professional investment robot. This bot can trade both low spreads and high spreads. Trades with all brokers without exception. Main requirements for trading accounts: minimum balance from $1000, ECN account type, we recommend trading on VPN. Install the robot on a trading account that will meet these conditions and it will do the rest of the work automatically. This is not a grail robot that makes millions of dollars a week in the tester. This bot opens 1 to 5 trades every day. E
69 USD
Bayraktar MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
There are 10 copies left - the next price is $600. The price will increase until $2500 is reached. Message me after purchase if you want to receive a gift! Bayraktar is an innovative overnight scalping EA The Expert Advisor is designed for trading currency pairs. Description of parameters: START_LOT - initial lot for N balance units (FROM_BALANCE). If FROM_BALANCE = 0, then a fixed starting lot is used; STOPLOSS_PCT - maximum loss; TAKEPROFIT_PCT - take profit; LOT_MULTI
40 USD
Easy Bands Mt4
Nikolay Kositsin
В основе индикатора EasyBands лежит тот же принцип, что и при построении Bollinger Band. Однако, данная модификация индикатора использует вместо стандартного отклонения средний торговый диапазон (Average True Range). Соответственно, с данным индикатором абсолютно аналогично можно использовать все стратегии, которые применяются с Bollinger Band. В данной версии индикатора используется двенадцать уровней и средняя линия (белый цвет). Индикация тренда выполнена в виде окраски свечей в зависимости
50 USD
Master Trend Signal Indicator TimeFrame - 15 Mins & More Pairs  - All Forex Currency Pairs , Gold , Silver , Crypto, Stock Once Trend Is UP Cross The Yellow Line, It's Show Colour For Green Once Trend Is Down Cross The Yellow Line, It's Show Colour For Red Easy TO Identify Trend Strength ON Trading For Scalping, Intraday Trading 5 Purchases left & The Price Increases
150 USD
Balance Weighted Moving Hedge System- is the trend following manual system for forex/crypto market. Indicator represents custom balance-weighted moving average indicator. The main advantagies : very stable moving with really early signals, defines current trend power, ignores market noise. The more width of indicator line - the more expressive trend is. On the other hand thin moving line shows unstable / choppy market. Indicator can be used as single b alance weighted moving or with hedge strate
1 199 USD
ConquerorEA WTI
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
This Expert Advisor is a specially designed version of my previously published ConquerorEA product for WTI Light Crude Oil CFD. As you know, since CFDs have slightly different features than other forex parities, not all Expert Advisors give exactly the desired results in CFDs. For this reason, I have decided to republish the algorithms of my ConquerorEA product with the most appropriate optimization possible for WTI Light Crude Oil CFD.   Although this EA can be used on all instruments (it ha
50 USD
Support And Resistance Screener is in one level indicator for MetaTrader that provide multiple tools inside one indicator. The available tools are :  1. Market Structure Screener. 2. Bullish Pullback Zone. 3. Bearish Pullback Zone. 4. Daily Pivots Points 5. weekly Pivots Points 6. monthly Pivots Points 7. Strong Support and Resistance based on Harmonic Pattern and volume. 8. Bank Level Zones. Key Features All in one level indicator. All types of alerts ( Pop-up alert, puss notification aler
30 USD
NEWS Executor
Taufik Kurahman
Several indicators are summarized in one display conclusion. Highly recommended indicator for all traders even beginners. You only need to make transactions according to the recommendations displayed by the indicator. It's obvious for trading news with big effects though. Trading is all about money, so love your money and make a profit with our tools. Trading recommendations on news on major currencies
99 USD
Hi Trader
Thanat Thitithammaphong
Hi Trade EA is an EA facilitating hand trading. Features of EAs Fix lot or Money mangement .Calculate Lot from Risk and Stop loss. TS = Trailing stop with separate stop loss, individual orders. AVR TS = Trailing stop with combined stop loss, individual orders, based on the average of the price and the total lot. Place pending orders according to the number of orders and increase lots. Close all orders according to the set Profit and Loss amount. Close Buy, Close Sell, Close profit + , Close Prof
99 USD
The Alligator
Kenneth Parling
Introduction The Alligator - a mighty trend-following indicator following the premise that financial markets and individual securities trend just 15% to 30% of the time while grinding through sideways ranges the other 70% to 85% of the time. The Alligator indicator uses three smoothed moving averages, set at five, eight and 13 periods, which are all Fibonacci numbers. The initial smoothed average is calculated with a simple moving average (SMA), adding additional smoothed averages that slow dow
40 USD
This Expert Advisor uses trend following strategies to trade. It is designed to have a relatively low drawdown as it does not use any dangerous strategies and always opens only one position per symbol. The strength of this EA lies in the fact that it can be used on all symbols. It would be best to set the risk of the EA to 1 or 2 and use it on as many symbols as possible. Symbols: All Timeframe: M1
400 USD
Hello; This product aims to open trades in the direction of the trend by using moving averages and thus increasing the number of successful trades. It forces the system to recover lost trades by using a margintale system. It also has the feature of using equity management. Input parameter descriptions: With Lots Auto:True-False options, it enables the use of equity management to be activated or deactivated. Lots Auto Divide: Sets the equity usage limit. Lots Fix: Determines the fixed lot amoun
34 USD
Hello; The product offers high quality trend tracking. Thanks to the arrows on the graph, you can easily follow the entry and exit signals. It provides ease of use thanks to a single input parameter. You can easily follow the signals thanks to the alarm options. Moreover, trend color lines provide convenience in determining the trend direction. Input parameter setting: Periodic: Indicates the number of bars that need to be calculated.
30 USD
Radar Fibo 123
Carlos Augusto Cedeno Rocha
https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/1654340 He applies automatic closing and locks automatically. Where you are looking for minimum and maximum earnings per month. With this tool it will help you automatically run SL that are winners Form a Fibonacci Radar Fibo 123 strategy with minimum lottery entries as support and resistance Get aggressive on everything that is in that support and resistance. Active in the following month.
1 200 USD
LuxTrade EA
Samandar Huseynov
Trading robot LuxTrade EA   is a professional and stable robot for the Forex market. The robot buys when the market is oversold and sells when the market is overbought. To open a trade, the robot uses filters from a unique indicator. Telegram :   https://t.me/poladov13 CHARACTERISTICS: SYMBOL: (at the same time you can connect the robot to ( EURUSD / GBPUSD / USDJPY / USDCAD / EURGBP / AUDUSD ) PLATFORM: MT4 TIME FRAME: H1 BROKER: ANY MIN. CREDIT SHOULDER - 1:100 and more MIN. DEPOSIT
1 000 USD
Multicurrency Expert Advisor works on the basis of determining several candlestick patterns, which should simultaneously form on several trading instruments. This Expert Advisor is similar to the MT5 version (  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/62515  ). For quality testing of this EA, please use the version for MT5. Please test the Expert Advisor with 100% quality of quotes! Built-in hedging system allows you to increase the stability of the work, reduces the drawdown and greatly increa
159 USD
Automatic Expert Advisor. Night scalp system, with trend detection and pullback entry. Dynamic exit signal, for SL or TP. Every trade has fix SL. No usage of risky strategies like martingale, hedge, grid etc. About EA Scalper strategy Technical strategy Can use with small deposits Pairs with best rezults: AUDNZD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, EURAUD, GBPAUD, USDCHF, CADCHF, EURNZD, EURGBP, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, EURCHF Time Frame: M15 Recommendations Broker account with ECN and low spread Test it first to find out
49 USD
Heist supply demand
Heist is a comprehensive set of tools that allows you to trade with more accuracy and ease. In this version of Heist I have eliminated instant market execution orders hedging candle support and resistance when running in profits with aligned pending order flow through the Daily or weekly candlesticks trading the consolidation at the open. Recommended for trading on daily and weekly timeframe. The strategy is aimed at targeting a few trailing pips at the open, resistance and support levels ens
999 USD
ADX Pro Indicator This Indicator Are Advanced Pro ADX Indicator  Multi Time Frame Are Same Window Multi Currency Are Same Windows All Time Frame And All Currency ADX Strenght Are Same Window Monitring  You Will Add Manully All Currency Pairs , And Metel , And Also Crypto Currency Pairs : EURUSD , GBPUSD, USDJPY .... Etc , Metel : XAUUSD , XAGUSD ... Etc , Crypto : BTCUSD, ETHUSD... Etc
500 USD
Adequate ind
Murodil Eminjonov
My indicator is a great helper in the forex market. It shows possible market reversals with absolute accuracy. My indicator does not redraw and does not change values when switching timeframes. It works perfectly on all timeframes and can become a key indicator in your strategy. I would like to note that flexible indicator settings allow you to adapt the indicator to your strategy and can make a big contribution to your profitable strategy, although everything is already laid down in this indica
50 USD
MTF Order Blocks
Muhammad Arslan
5 (1)
Cheap Rate limited COPIES HURRY UP! 5 LEFT COPIES Very precise patterns to detect High Accurate Order Blocks: It Draw zone after market Structure Breakout  with a high Accuracy, institutional orders with the potential to change the price’s direction and keep moving towards it, have been placed.   Features Auto Order Blocks Draw MTF Order Blocks Double Signal One Alert Signal Second Long Wick Rejection Signal Market Structure BOS LINE  This Indicator is limited features if you want full Feature
30 USD
Laguerre Osc 2 AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
The presented indicator uses the Laguerre filter to build an oscillator. The indicator has the possibility of double additional smoothing, which can be useful for small values ​​of the Gamma parameter. The indicator gives three types of signals: Exit of the oscillator from the overbought / oversold zone; The oscillator crossing the middle of the value between the overbought/oversold zones; The oscillator enters the overbought/oversold zone. On fully formed candles, the indicator does not redraw.
35 USD
EA Calmed Pro
Jennifer Afi Azasoo
EA Calmed Pro Gold We have tried to optimise Calmed Expert Advisor  for Gold but works with any other forex pairs and stocks. This expert uses  martingale (optionally) for recovery. Please, backtest for at least 1 year and run a demo for at least one whole month before going live; that way, you will know how the Calmed Expert Advisor behaves across the various markets. Please do not just purchase and start using the EA, as past performance cannot guarantee future results. Backtest results may be
499 USD
Dark Holder
Dmitriy Kashevich
Simple Dark Holder Tool Arrow indicator for Forex and binary options Already tuned for the best signals Multicurrency and multitimeframe Works on all currency pairs as well as raw materials, etc. Works on the author's strategy and combines 3 indicators that show good results Does not draw or redraw The signal appears clearly at the opening of the candle blue up Red down Alert is also built into it for your convenience. Test and watch a video on how it works
950 USD
Forex Indicator HTF RVI Oscillator for MT4, No repaint Upgrade   your trading methods with the professional  HTF  RVI  Oscillator for MT4.  H TF means -   H igher Time Frame RVI is one of the best oscillators for trend change detection and entry from Oversold/Overbought areas This indicator is excellent for   Multi-Time Frame trading systems   with Price Action entries from OverSold/Bought areas . HTF RVI   Indicator allows you to  attach     RVI  from Higher time frame to your current chart    
39.99 USD
LIVE SIGNAL MAGIC NUMBER https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1653932 11111 Hello Traders, I hope you all Perfect. This is my new Expert Advisor -      ALGOBOX SCALPER M1 . This EA works only on instrument   EURO USD (EURUSD) . It shows stable trading during the last 5  years. EA doesn't use's the dangerous Strategy  like martingale, grid or any other account busting strategies. each entry is perfect takeprofit and stoploss. The Expert Advisor is very simple to use. You don't need optimization for i
500 USD
OneClick Screenshot MT4
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
Description : A utility to create and save screenshots automatically and send to a chat/group/channel on telegram. The saved/sent image file will include all objects that exist on the chart and also all indicators are displayed on the chart. Features: Save screenshot of chart including all objects, indicators, ... Send screenshots to a telegram chat/group/channel Wide range options to select when create screenshots Logo and text adding feature Inputs and How to setup the EA : Vari
30 USD
LIVE SIGNAL MAGIC NUMBER https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1653932 55555 HIGH RISK SET FILE :  https://c.mql5.com/31/763/HIGH_RISK.set MEDIUM RISK SET FILE :  https://c.mql5.com/31/763/MEDIUM_RISK.set LOW RISK SET FILE :  https://c.mql5.com/31/763/LOW_RISK.set STRATEGY WORKING ON THE PRINCIPLE OF SWING HIGH LOW , AFTER FINDING THE HIGH LOW IT WILL DETECT THE DIVERGENCE OF CCI, HULL MOVING AVERGES, SUPERTREND FILTER , HIGHER TIME FRAME FLTER. Hello Traders, I hope you're perfect.  This is
500 USD
The NO_LOSS_STRATEGY_EA is the EA that is not accepting loss by hedging the position of trade direction, it doesn't matter what direction the market will go if the market goes up it will hit the take profit or when the market will go down it will also hit the take profit by regulating the amount of lot size used, in the end, the trades will close in total profit. The EA is suitable to trade on all pairs but the most tested pairs and is very suitable for a good profit are GBPJPY, GBPUSD, USDJPY,
300 USD
EA One Hit One Kill
Tran Quang Trung
1 (1)
This is a price action trading robot, the EA will stick to the medium term trend and price to deliver trades. Orders are always protected by the user set stop loss points. With the capital management system, it will help that EA operates in accordance with its purpose. Telegram : https://t.me/trungtqIT Timeframe is H1. Minimum account balance: $30. Attention is Important: EA only test live on demo or real accounts. Backtest results are just random and inaccurate. Features: Every trade is pro
40 USD
Trend Shift
Tatiana Savkevych
Shift Trend is a forex trend arrow indicator for identifying potential entry points. Determining the market trend is an important task for traders. The Shift Trend indicator implements an advanced algorithm for visualizing the market trend. Shows the opening points of transactions for sale or purchase, and also indicates the direction of the trend on: short-term and long-term periods. Suitable for trading on low timeframes because it ignores sudden price spikes or corrections in price action by
129 USD
Smart Soldier
Maria Rosaria Stradiotti
SMART SOLDIER  is a multi-currency EA, works on 9 pairs ,It can work at any broker, with any spread. EA does not use martingale. It has high accuracy, 98% of all orders are profitable. This EA has a weekly account growth of around 10% and it is a low-risk system because the bets are made only and exclusively after an accurate and studied trend research. Before opening any position, the expert checks that most of the timeframes indicate the same trend. If a trend change occurs, the expert
350 USD
Welcome to Upside Down ! Upside Down   is a   powerful   indicator that gives   the perfect   trading opportunities and a clear indication of the market. Upside Down   has been created to be as simple as possible. Arrows are calculated based on   ASC Trend   and   customs indicators . Signals appear without delay at the end of a candle, if it has tested the level.  The signals do not overdraw. THE BENEFIT: Easily to enter in buy position/sell position Intuitive directional arrows by co
49.99 USD
Royal Luxuri Queen
Black friday Another EA from the quantum series.This type of trading attempts to take advantage of speed and computing resources. ====================================================================================================================== The strategy makes elaborate decisions to initiate orders based on information received electronically and which is getting better each time. For use on     GBPUSD only M15 . The EA takes computerization of the order flow in the financial market
39.99 USD
BSA Indicator
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
BSA indicator is a ZigZag based indicator. This indicator is used to find the reversal level of the price. You can use the existing risk ratio and calculation timeframe in the entries by optimizing them according to your usage preference.  In lower time frames, the indicator can repaint. For healthier results, you can detect the least repainting by observing for a while according to the graphic you will apply.
390 USD
Black friday This type of trading attempts to take advantage of speed and computing resources. The strategy makes elaborate decisions to initiate orders based on information received electronically and which is getting better each time. For use on   EURUSD only Daily . The EA takes computerization of the order flow in the financial markets of this currency. Program trades were preprogrammed to automatically enter or exit trades based on various factors of quantum mathematics calculatio
39.99 USD

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